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It’s turtles lies, all the way down

After a full year’s worth of balls-out examples that confirm their monstrous dishonesty, I’m suddenly expected to trust them on the Fauxvid “vaccine” now?

Yeah, no.

So You Want To Believe The So-Called ‘Experts’?

Let’s go down the list.

  • This virus was newly discovered in January of 2020. FALSE; Judicial watch has now proved that Fauci and the NIH knew that Covid-19 was diagnosed no later than December 2nd 2019 in Wuhan. This was deliberately concealed under confidentiality agreements between China and the NIH. In short Dr. Fauci and the NIH knowingly and repeatedly lied about the time of first discovery and diagnosis and it is documented that this was known in February and early March and not disclosed. We also now know with scientific certainty that the virus was in the US no later than the second week of December of 2019 because antibodies were found in about 1.5% of blood donations from that time. This, along with the sequencing back-computation I performed in early 2020 places the latest the virus entered the US as sometime in October of 2019 and from the blood bank data it is scientifically proved it had infected about 1.5% of the population, or roughly 4 million people in the US, by the second week of December 2019. This in turn means that we had widespread disease which was blamed on something else. Indeed we handled all 4 million of those cases just fine up until the hysteria started, didn’t we? You didn’t even know those 4 million sick people, and those who died of it, existed prior to the hysteria being ginned up.
  • 15 days will slow the spread. “If we all stay home and minimize contact for 15 days — including closing businesses, schools and not traveling — Covid will be under control and we can trace infections and stop it.” FALSE and we now know impossible because the virus was already all over the country on an uncontrolled basis by that time and the NIH knew the virus had been circulating for at least a month earlier than they admitted at the time. It is true that if you immediately slam your borders shut 100% you can trace and quarantine yourself out of a transmissible epidemic — at the cost of essentially all external trade, travel and tourism. But Fauci factually knew when we started that this was impossible because the virus had been spreading here for at least two months at the time and we hadn’t done a thing about it for those two months. We were later to learn it was four months and perhaps longer.
  • If you give us 30 more days (remember, this is now six weeks to slow the spread) it’ll work. FALSE AGAIN for the same reason; the NIH and Fauci knew there was no possible way to contain the virus when the original 15 days expired as he knew, factually, that the virus had been uncontained for at least three months.
  • But the lockdowns and restrictions worked to save lives! Nope; this is called the “exception fallacy” and now a peer-reviewed journal entry demonstrates it. We knew this early on too; indeed for five decades we’ve had “pandemic response plans” that make clear that once you have widespread community dispersion of an infectious agent attempting to lock down people or impose any other sort of non-pharmaceutical intervention is futile and causes harm. We ignored said decades of hard-won experience — intentionally.
  • Asymptomatic transmission is a major risk. FALSE. Over millions of contacts traced in China not one was ever proved to be from an asymptomatic person. There has never been scientific evidence that asymptomatic spread has been material in any pandemic through history and there is no documented evidence of material asymptomatic spread for Covid-19 in the US or anywhere else. Worse, symptomatic persons least able to afford to call out sick due to lack of paid sick time or even the threat of being fired are those in low-wage and high-contact jobs such as fast food, grocery, meatpacking and other “essential” service industries never mind care home employees who are poorly paid and often moonlight in home health care among extremely vulnerable people.

Far as I know, this is the first attempt at fully cataloguing the staggeringly numerous self-contradictions, reversals, backpedaling, blunders, nonsense, and blatant falsehoods pimped by government “healthcare” bureau-rats for the purpose of fueling a national panic. Karl has done the proverbial yeoman’s work here, and I humbly salute him for it. As the man says:

These are the very same people folks — the NIH, the CDC, State Departments of Health, Fauci, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, IHME, Vanderbilt and many more who now tell you after a solid year of unbroken lies and falsehoods that the vaccines are both safe and effective while at the same time our government has provided a 100% waiver of all liability to the pharmaceutical companies that developed and manufactured them.

I remind you that the false statements of alleged facts outnumber, by a wild margin, the true ones particularly when it comes to things you were told to do that “would work” to stem the spread of this virus. Every single one of those claims has been proved false over time.

In short you’re now being exhorted to believe a cadre of people and government agencies who are proved repeated liars and to trust them with your life after their previous lies killed your mother.

Given this record of falsehoods, actions and intentional refusals to act you’re willing to bet your life they’re telling the truth this time?

No. HELL no. No, I most certainly am NOT. That’s an important question, of course, but the REALLY big one pops up at the very end.

Update! A blast of reality, from a VERY unlikely source.

Wake up world, for love of God. As I’ve been screaming for a year, it’s not about virus, or even vaccine; it’s the data. The vaccine is an excuse, a Trojan Horse, to get you to agree to a platform that is ALREADY 360 degree surveillance, geolocation, turns society off and on. 

Once this platform is ‘mandated’ you can no longer opt in or out of out as you do when you sign ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions on a website. You’ll be FORCED to ‘agree’ in order to work, socialize, travel. Then any functionality – social credit system that turns PayPal off.. 

and on based on your social media behavior, or restricts you to your home based on whether you saw ‘dissidents’, which it will know, or a forbidden play the night before, can be loaded onto it with NO PROBLEM, w/o any additional consent from you which you can’t revoke anyway. 

Lastly and as the granddaughter of a woman who lost brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, I don’t say this lightly: IBM is producing the NYS version. IBM’s German subsidiary in Nazi Germany built the forerunner of a digitized system like this, using punch cards, that … 

first did exactly what ‘Vaccine Passport’ proposes – it separated Nazi Germany into a two tier society, Jew and Aryan, using the technology of the day. Then IBM created the mechanized lists that allowed Jews to be rounded up swiftly, efficiently. Exactly same system, updated. 

But before that, Nazis created exactly what ‘Vaccine Passports’ explicitly promise: separation of society into two tiers: the ‘clean’ (privileged, with access) and ‘unclean (restricted, stigmatized, marginalized). There is no going back once this platform unrolls; no escape. 

Oh, I can think of one way out, Ms Wolf. But that route is difficult and dark; no reliable map exists, so nobody can really say for sure where it leads. In any event, our masters would like everyone to understand that they aren’t done with us quite yet.

Joe Biden on Monday said he “shares the sentiment” of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who warned of “impending doom” with the Covid case trajectory.

“We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential…and so much reason for hope, but right now I’m scared,” Walensky said of a virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

Biden also called on governors, mayors and local officials to reinstate mask mandates.

“I’m reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate. Please, this is not politics,” said Biden.

Well, could be, I suppose; is raw tyranny considered “politics,” or no? Thankfully, America’s Governor ain’t having any of it, bless his heart:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday railed against the idea of vaccine passports, pledging he would ban businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry.

This comes after New Yorkers starting last Friday were first able to use such a passport to gain entry to certain events and venues.

“You want the fox to guard the hen house? I mean, give me a break,” DeSantis said of allowing companies to have access to vaccination information, at a press briefing in Tallahassee, Florida. “I think this is something that has huge privacy implications, it is not necessary to do.”

“We’re going to have hit three and a half million seniors that have gotten shots sometime this week, likely 75% of seniors,” he continued. “It’s important to be able to do it, but at the same time we are not going to have you provide proof of this just to be able to live your life normally.”

SO, that’s one (1) state executive that retains at least a basic understanding of what the words “unalienable rights” are supposed to signify, then. No, DeSantis isn’t perfect. None but a fool would expect it of him, or of any other politician. But he’s sure grown into the role of late, wouldn’t you say? I for one am damned happy to have him, and wish there were more like him.

21 thoughts on “It’s turtles lies, all the way down

  1. Thankfully, America’s Governor …

    Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute there, Mike.

    Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Governor Stitt of Oklahoma *never* had a state wide mask mandate, and SD never had a shutdown to the best of my knowledge. And Oklahoma only had a three week shutdown, total, outside of OKC.

    So how did Johnny-Come-Lately-on-this DeSantis suddenly become “America’s Governor”?

    Because he’s the one getting all of the press from the MSM?

    He’s Florida’s Governor, not “America’s”.

    I for one am damned happy to have him, and wish there were more like him.

    I named two up above. They are damned scarce on the ground these days, but let’s not let DeSantis hog any more credit than he’s due.

    *snort* “America’s Governor” my narrow Texas ass.

    1. “Because he’s the one getting all of the press from the MSM?”
      The press the MSM gave DeSantis was all negative all the time. He stuck by his guns, told the press/left to go fuck theirselves, and he did this in a state full of the most effected and very large population.

      So he deserves a lot of credit. OK and SD are examples of very good Govs as well but they are not states with the same population of old folks like Florida.

    2. Republicans in the GOPe are pushing him rather than Noem or Stitt because of the amount of Electoral Votes FL has as opposed to SD or OK, and the fact SD and OK are decidedly not “swing States”.

      It’s pure Political Calculus of the worst Vote Harderer kind.

      Apres Trump we are done with that. We view things now not as a means to maneuver in the political battles that no longer matter since voting is over, but rather as a Show Me The Money calculus in which we say Talk Is Cheap, What did you actually DO for Liberty.

      From that perspective no one could deny your point. Noem and Stitt stood head and shoulders above DeSantis. The ugly fact though is that at least DeSantis is standing. The rest of the guttersnipes are slithering along in the gutter in comparison.

    3. I actually prefer DeSantis to either Noem or Abbott, both of which have shown some worrisome RINO tendencies in years past. If DeSantis has, which he may well have, I’m not aware of it anyway. So yeah, even though I do like Noem just fine and have said so here plenty of times, I still put DeSantis above ’em all.

      The bad thing is, with any ProPol type that assessment is subject to change. It ain’t reasonable to expect perfection out of any of them, of course, but there’s a limit to the fuck-uppery I’m willing to let slide, and DeSantis to my knowledge has never come close to that line yet. Hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

      1. Abbot has repeatedly failed IMO. He’s OK, but just barely. Noem has hit some marks, and others maybe falling short. I’m still trying to figure out why on earth she vetoed the bill banning boys from competing in girls sports. Her “I’m afraid of the NCAA” doesn’t cut it.

        Maybe Ironbears gov is a good one, but there is a dearth of news about OK.

      2. I guess it’s all comes down to who will screw us least and how often.

        Never trust a politician, especially a lifelong one.

        Trump was the exception that proved the rule because he was going for the 8 years and done route right away and not making it a Social Security program after a life of business mediocrity. Like Truman.

  2. “<i>There has never been scientific evidence that asymptomatic spread has been material in any pandemic through history</i>”…

    Technically true <i>for pandemics</i>, but asymptomatic transmission is still a thing, and Zombie Typhoid Mary – who was an actual person – would like to have a few words with you.

    The rest is spot-on, and if anything, I would turn some of them up to 11, because this infection was widespread weeks to months earlier than revealed, and was exported worldwide far earlier than originally admitted.

    Once again, @$$clown Fauci got everything wrong, and yet continues to fail upward, instead of being drawn and quartered in public, as he deserves.

    1. Still clinging to the lies I see.

      It was a Scamdemic and everything they sold us was a lie, including masks and asymptomatic spread.

      1. “Once again, @$$clown Fauci got everything wrong”

        He does manage to get one thing right.

        1. He neglects to note that Typhoid is not a virus, but caused by salmonella bacteria. It is spread largely through the gastrointestinal tract. Typhoid is spread by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with the feces of an infected person. Therefore, unlike a corona virus, it’s transmission is different, and therefore easier to spread asymptomatically. An asymptomatic human carrier of Typhoid is an individual who is still excreting typhoid bacteria in their stool a year after the acute stage of the infection.

          1. You neglected to grasp the topic was asymptomatic transmission, not virus vs. bacteria.
            Another reading comprehension fail.
            Thanks for playing, but you’ll have to take your strawman and go home again.

            1. For someone who says he is so smart you fail to get the point I was making while most others did.

              Hint: The topic was how WuFlu spreads.
              Hint: It’s a virus. It spreads differently than Typhoid.

              So don’t be a pedant on Denninger’s point; WuFlu has been shown to have no asymptomatic spread. Bringing up Typhoid is irrelevant.

      2. Ditto. Aesop, you are a little bitch who keeps tripling and quadrupling down on your own lies. Go back to your little blog and write another 5000 word fable bitching about the ‘commenters at Mike’s place’ while not having the balls to take on Mike himself, despite the fact that he feels exactly the same way as we do.

        1. That’s because Mike didn’t try to ridicule him like you hosers did gilipollas.

          1. Aesop took a gratuitous and factually wrong shot at what Denninger wrote. I fail yo see that he is an idiot so I have to believe he has some other motive. I guess, but can’t be sure, that I he is unwilling to admit a mistake and will lie and attack anyone who points that out.

            So sorry if he has a thin skin. I wouldn’t even know him if Skeptic didn’t point him out. One comment about how he was wrong proved Skeptic was right.

          2. Hey henryKaren, fuck you. The bastard came over here and started insulting the intelligence of anyone that didn’t agree with his brokedick opinions. And he still can’t back anything he says up while pretending his opinions are golden science.

            He’s a filthy liar just like you.

        2. You exist here because Mike forebears to tolerate your ilk, while all you bring is playground ad hominem and insipid vitriol, unenlightened by knowledge of any topic.

          If you had the wit to write your own blog that anyone would read, you wouldn’t be forced to an existence as a mere fungus on those of all the teeming multitudes of people brighter and more eloquent than yourself.

          Save your retorts for your fellows, like Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-Dumber here.

          Mike and I have corresponded, and my blog is in his links, and frequently excerpted here. His choice. Which must distress you no end. If he and I disagree about some things, we don’t feel the need to be mutually insulting or gratuitously moronic.

          Your existence here is merely as a brown streak around the bowl. Walk tall, as it’s probably the highest you’ll ever rise in life.

          1. Stop by any time you like. We know you don’t allow criticism there and Mike tolerates it here.

            You’re wrong on WuFlu and it was used as an excuse to Steal The Election and Steal Our Country.

            Sorry if we’re angry about that. Mike is too and most of his posts show it. Notice how he DID link Denninger on this subject, not you.

            So like I said, stop by and call me mean names on the internet. Ouch oooh ouch mean ouch names oooh stop please stop, you’re killing me.

          2. “…while all you bring is playground ad hominem and insipid vitriol, unenlightened by knowledge of any topic.”

            Aesop in a nutshell.

            By the way, asshole, you were the one that started with the ad hominem. We just returned it.

            And you still can’t name one single mask manufacturer that states their mask will inhibit the transmission of a virus in any direction. Not one.

            And when you have henryKaren trying to help you, you know you’re one fucked up SOB.

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