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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

82 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Scamdemic falling

    Just remember: Even after this COVID crap is finally over, I still want all of you assholes to stay the hell away from me.

    1. Hopefully next they’ll pass a law awarding a reward for hitting protestors of the Unconstitutional Variety.

      Like an Open Season license in hunting.

              1. I had a crush on Bardot
                Fell in love with Monroe
                Read about ’em in the nationals
                All the juicy little scandals
                But I never saw ’em dancin’ at the county hall
                with the short fat guy’s prematurely bald

                Dig this

                You can keep your black and your red heads
                you can keep your brunettes too
                Don’t wanna subservient woman
                Gimme a blonde that’s six feet two boy
                and that ain’t all

                1. Waved as I drove by this morning.
                  OK, what is that song? I *think* I recognize the end.

      1. I’m going to go with identifying myself as the child and my child identifying as my Mom. Just to mess with their heads.

        Then I can do Regular Show Musselman My Mom jokes.

        1. 🙂
          The truth is none of this is as bad as the real world where men (boys) identify as girls and compete in the girls sports. Really, the girls need to toughen up and embrace the power of the mob and throw some blanket party’s.

          1. Be embarrassing when one girl-with-an-outie subsequently beat the crap out of eight girls-with-innies, though.

            1. Just need a big enough mob…
              The insane boys that think they are girls aren’t the toughest of specimens, generally speaking.

              1. It’s a Mixed Up
                Muddled Up
                Shook Up World
                Except for Lola

                Except now Lola is a Girl that identifies as a Boy who is transitioning to a Woman.

                I guess some of the boys will be identifying as Lesbians as they compete in Girls Sports and go hit the showers together.

            2. Steve: If they weren’t embarrassed when a Women’s Olympian team was beat hell out of by a middle school all boys team, then they probably won’t even register it except to double down harder.

              You can’t shame the shameless.

              1. The cognitive dissonance of a certain subset of the populace is a wonder to behold.

                I’ve mentioned that, except for me, everyone at my employer is a liberal, most of them full into libtard territory. Casual conversations conveyed their bone-deep belief in such tropes as “believe all women” and many other mainstays of libtard dogma.

                But maybe not so bone-deep, push come to shove. When Kobe Bryant died I pointed out that he’d still be alive if he’d been thrown in jail after being accused of rape. That brought the conversation to a screeching halt. (I wasn’t a part of the conversation but it was taking place about four feet from me so I felt entitled to join in.) Then one guy, who a few minutes before had been proclaiming that some man in the news needed to be in jail because some woman had said he’d “assaulted” her, said, “Well, there are nuances…”

                Right, libtard, whatever you say.

                Tell you, I much prefer my job now that I no longer have to see or listen to those tools.

                1. But maybe not so bone-deep, push come to shove. When Kobe Bryant died I pointed out that he’d still be alive if he’d been thrown in jail after being accused of rape.


                  Well, unless he got shanked while he was in there.

                  Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. 🙂

  2. And he’s back online…
    Shout out to Spectrum as their activation function is a snap. I added another cable box and swapped 3 to newer boxes, and added internet/phone to the spectrum account, eliminating the DSL service we have currently out here on the coast.

    After getting everything wired/connected and moving my monitoring systems to their new location, I clicked the email link, said yes I agree to all the lawyerly gibberish, and 10 minutes later all cable boxes are functioning and the internet modem is sending things to my wireless device and here we are.

    Not bad. Much better than the old days.

  3. For those who like College Basketball my fave St. John’s won their last two. Completes two of three goals I hoped we would meet this year. A winning record. They are 16-10 as the regular season ends. They finished above .500 in the Big East at 10-9. A surprise 4th place finish for a team picked 10th preseason. Second goal accomplished.

    Now to make The Dance. Must win games coming up Thu.

    Barry must be happy UNC put the final nail in Dook’s at large bid hopes with a big win at Chapel Hill yesterday. Hooray!

    1. 🙂
      Twice. Beat the crap out of dook twice this year. Sweep.
      Successful year.

    2. Congrats on a good season for St John’s.
      Anything above 60% is pretty good this year with the emotional chaos, short practice, and screwed up schedules.

      1. He hasn’t been swimming in work since 2015 when his last TV Series ended.

        “Coming Out” in Hollyweird now means declaring yourself normal.

    1. Hey, you only need 50 cents, don’t go wild here.

      The “world’s first fully digital economy”. Laughing my ass off.

      1. Meh. I’m not going wild. They’re already planning to give everyone the $1400 check: I’m just saying that we should do something useful with that while we’re at it.

        Strike while the iron is hot and all that.

  4. I saw this today and my reply. Somewhat inline with my thoughts and others here:

    Mad Max  9 minutes ago

    <blockquote>The leadership of the Red states and counties must unite, nullify unconstitutional Federal laws, raise militias to defend their states from Federal overreach, and organize enough Red State support (34 states to convene, 38 stats to ratify) to kick the Leftists out of the Union, county by county, and reorganize the Red counties into new states. Move the seat of the US government out of Washington, D.C. into the middle of the country.

    Don’t secede, turn the tables and kick the Marxists out.

    ReplyView in discussion

    kennycan  a few seconds ago

    Your Plan has merits.

    I am sure the other side will take counter steps against it and no plan survives meeting the enemies, but it is a solid Plan nonetheless.</blockquote>

  5. I saw this today and my reply. Somewhat inline with my thoughts and others here:

    Mad Max  9 minutes ago The leadership of the Red states and counties must unite, nullify unconstitutional Federal laws, raise militias to defend their states from Federal overreach, and organize enough Red State support (34 states to convene, 38 stats to ratify) to kick the Leftists out of the Union, county by county, and reorganize the Red counties into new states. Move the seat of the US government out of Washington, D.C. into the middle of the country. Don’t secede, turn the tables and kick the Marxists out. 1 ReplyView in discussion

    kennycan  a few seconds ago Your Plan has merits. I am sure the other side will take counter steps against it and no plan survives meeting the enemies, but it is a solid Plan nonetheless.

    1. Comports with my thinking. There will be blood along the way as the progs will send out their gangs like BLM to destroy and loot. And I say sit back and watch them destroy their own neighborhoods. If you live in one of those area’s, get out, like tens of thousands of others are doing.

  6. We’ve all been waiting, and not in vain:

    Razorfist on the Election Fraud: The Ballad of HR 1 – Election Fraud Eternal

    Money quote: “I wasn’t aware that the Grand Canyon was located in the fucking Congo!

    The two articles he referenced:

    The BBC in 2016: Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs

    1) Too many voters
    2) A high turnout in specific areas
    3) Large numbers of invalid votes
    4) More votes than ballot papers issued
    5) Results that don’t match
    6) Delay in announcing results

    The BBC in November 2020: “The November 2020 Election totally wasn’t fraudulent, guys, no matter that it hits all of the tell tale signs of election fraud! No, really! It wasn’t! Honest!

  7. *eyeroll* Somebody help me find my eyes – I rolled them so hard they fell out.


    “WELL, THAT’S THE GOAL: U.S. Democracy Could Be in Peril By Pelosi’s HR1.…”

    “Should this be enacted, it will be reasonable to regard the U.S. government as lacking in democratic legitimacy.” – Glenn Reynolds


    “At what point do we regard our political system as illegitimate? If this bill passes, we’ll be much closer to that point, if not past it?” – Glenn Reynolds

    1) The United States and America were founded as a Representative Republic, not a Democracy. You’d think that a Constitutional Law professor would know this, but I guess not.

    So, who gives a runny diarrhetic shit from a flying rodent’s rectum if our “American Democracy” is imperiled? Good, and good fucking riddance to it.

    2) The American Republic took a sucking chest wound from Lincoln’s War, along with the fatal coup de grace from Wilson and FDR, and everything’s been Cheyne–Stokes breathing since then.

    3) The Democrats successfully performed a coup d’tat against the rightful and legitimate government and elected leader of the United States on November 3/4 and January 6 and 20, with the full connivance of Congress and the Supreme Court.

    4) As a result of 3), our political system has been illegitimate since 11/3/2020 and January 6 2021, albeit a case could be made that the illegitimacy began a number of decades earlier. We’ve been past that point for quite a while now.

    But I guess that for Glenn, 11 3/4 and 01/06 don’t count because of the “but Trump!” exemption. This time it matters, goddammmit!

    As far as the current replacement for the Old Republic goes, we’ve established what she is, now we’re just bickering over the price.

    Oh, and 5) *BWAHAHAHA!” Are you fucking joking? When have the Republicans ever shown the gumption to fight anything that the Left has done 100%? Or even 10%?

    I think I’ve discovered a new purpose for InstaPundit: The Comedy Relief Hour.

    You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! And generally both at the same time.

  8. As I noted elsewhere the Founders created a Constitutional Republic whose legitimacy depended upon We, The People voting freely, fairly and equally.
    There are republics that had only certain groups allowed to vote, most an aristocracy or an oligarchy.

    So there is an element of demos underpinning every position in our Federal Government. Either direct representatives like the House, or indirectly like the Presidency via Electors, or Senators chosen by the state legislators who were chosen by direct vote. There were some restrictions to the defined term “citizen” when Founded, but it was still the widest democratic system of any at the time.

    I would say Wilson attacked the Republic with the Progressive Amendments and FDR killed it. When Nixon pulled the metal backing from the money can also be a turning point.

    But absent some limited Fraud, the democratic underpinnings of one citizen one vote for each election was adhered to for a while longer. I believe that died in 2012 but it definitely was murdered right out on Main Street in front of everyone on Nov 4.

    Now they are just Codifiying it for all 50 States forever now.

    Because they CAN.

    1. Yeah. Sarah Hoyt makes a case that Motor Voter and Fraud by Mail was a mortal blow, and I find it hard to gainsay that. That was 2012? I thought it was earlier, as in Clinton era earlier?

      1. I’m not sure, but I think there is legitimate reasons to vote Absentee Ballot. By proving that you will be absent on Election Day for business or government service (military). So Mail-In is just BS, and especially when there are now two week or more Early Voting.

        Early Voting is also a Fraud though. There is no way to ensure the integrity of the Early Votes in the polling places 24/7 for 14 days. Anyone can go in after hours and mess with them. It’s BS. Everywhere has polling places open from early AM until late PM to vote on Election Day.

        Motor Voter I assume is registering people when they get a Driver’s License? My State NC is good in that they ask for proof of citizenship to do that. A Green Card won’t cut it. Residency alone won’t cut it. They wanted to see my original social security card and birth certificate!!

        However, if other States just let you check a box and register well, who would know?

        This bill though will go even further. They will make the following mandatory in ALL 50 States.

        It will have No Excuse Mail-In. You can vote absentee by mail for whatever reason. They will force States to send out mail-in forms for every voter on the rolls. If they don’t get it back by Election Day, they’ll have them all filled out for you anyway. They’ll be doing that in the Blue Cities in Red States (like Dallas and Austin in TX for example).

        It will have same day Voter Registration. Meaning when they get an idea of how many votes they need they simply register 1000’s of names same day and fill out ballots for them. They’ll be doing that in Blue Cities in Red States too. Who needs “Motor Voter”.

        Early Voting periods of at least two weeks or more will be mandatory for ALL 50 States.

        There’s a lot more but those three right there are killer enough.

        1. Absentee voting: Yes, maybe, and very limited if at all.

          Military: US Military bases in foreign countries are considered US soil, unless I’m mistaken on that. So are US Embassies.

          Foreign bases or domestic bases, there’s zero reasons that a US military base cannot have a designated polling place set up and secured for military personnel stationed there to vote at designated times, and the votes then counted and the counts transmitted to a designated civilian polling center.

          If a military base polling place cannot be secured, then give it up: there’s no way to secure any polling place.

          For military personnel, the only reason then for voting absentee is if someone is in the field on election day and cannot make it to a base polling place.

          Embassies are the same: embassies are US soil, and there’s no reason a polling place cannot be set up at the embassy, on the grounds, and secured and the votes counted and sent in.

          Government employees: No reason that they can’t make it to a polling place.

          Besides: You’ll have to convince me that active, currently employed by the Government government employees should be allowed to vote at all while they’re in government service.

          Other reasons for absentee voting?

          Note: Absentee Voting does not equal mail in voting and motor voter, and shouldn’t even be counted and brought up in the same discussion.

          Motor Voter I assume is registering people when they get a Driver’s License?

          National Voter Registration Act of 1993

          (I was right: It was the Clinton era.)

          I’ll note that you also get offered the opportunity to register to vote when you apply for SNAP or other assistance programs. In Texas and Oklahoma, at least, you’re also required to have valid ID and prove US citizenship to apply for SNAP. Don’t know about other states.

          This is all academic: Elections became factually irrelevant on November the Fourth, 2020. We’re just jerking off at this point. My dogs might as well vote for all the difference it makes.

          November 3 & 4, 2020 just codified what we’ve been saying all along for decades prior: There Ain’t No Voting Our Way Out of This.

          1. I wholly agree.

            What this Bill does is make all reasonable things like you wrote moot and actually ILLEGAL VOTER SUPPRESSION.

            They make the Fraud System set up in places like PA Nationwide and in every Military Base everywhere.

            They are codifying it so that any Election that IS Free, Fair and its Integrity intact would be a FRAUDULENT ELECTION.

            They could then arrest people for Vote Fraud.

            It’s Orwellian. The more you try to protect the integrity of the Voting in your area or State the more Election Fraud you will be committing as per this Bill.
            Then the Feds can come and arrest you for it.

            1. No. It’s legal voter suppression. They passed a law making it such. See? Fully legal now.

              1. I am not sure you get my point.

                Voter Suppression is Legal but ALSO Vote Integrity has been made ILLEGAL. They can arrest you for not allowing them to cheat.

                1. Naw. Ensuring Election Integrity is Voter Suppression.

                  Speech is Violence.

                  Violence is Speech.

                  See? I’ve been paying attention. I know the New Rules!

                  You’re the one who has it backwards, you racist.

        1. Academic. November 4 made voting irrelevant. We’re just jerking off at this point.

          1. They want to make all 50 States have the same Vote Fraud Protocols as the Blue States and those Six Swing States.

            They want to turn Texas Blue by cheating in Congressional and Presidential Races.

            Plus, then watch the usual suspects start frothing about having the same rules for all State wide elections. IF this bill doesn’t do that already.

            1. Whatever. I’m finding it hard to get too worked up about it at this point. I mean, they cheated their way into the Presidency and a Congressional majority: What the fuck did you expect them to do?

              I’m more inclined to get worked up at people on the “Right” like Glenn nattering on about “Will our political system become illegitimate if this passes,” like they’re idiotic enough to still think it was legitimate at all after November 4th.

              There Ain’t No Voting Our Way Out of This.

              1. As I said above, The Feds can now arrest people for running a fair election as it would be Voter Suppression.

  9. As the nation starts heading into warmer weather (depending on location), a quick poll: How many times will major cities nation-wide burn due to Blamtifa “peaceful protests” between now and, oh, let’s say September 1st?

    We know it is going to happen. The money and logistics for the pre-positioned pallets of bricks, gasoline and bottles, and other riot materials are already flowing through Dem party channels. “Activists” have already been trained, bail money arranged, and excuses (the trials of police officers from the Fentanyl Floyd and Taylor cases) set up. The media has their stories written and ready to go. Congressional Dems already have “crisis” legislation drafted, waiting for the most opportune moment to introduce and demand an immediate vote.

    I am thinking 6 times. (This is nationwide rioting, not individual cities.) The Dems have been feeding the monster, thinking they are in control, but it is off the leash. I could easily be low. It is going to be an ugly summer.

    1. Wankin’ Hank joins in!! Spank that wank, Hank! 🐵

      Castin’ the line and…

        1. Says Barry’s poodle-balling partner. Does Kenny wait his turn, or is he content just to watch?

          1. But Henry you SWORE you never were hysterically in love with the masks and Lockdowns. Seems at Aesop’s place you have a completely different take on things. You’re all for them since Day One it seems.

            Oh and Daily Pundit has reversed itself completely on the WuFlu. Over there you pretend you were always against masks I bet.

            You’re a weasel.

            1. “You’re a weasel.”

              A KarenWeasel. They are all full of shit tripping over each other to suck dick.

            2. Over at Aesop’s place I never said a thing about masks, and you know it. I still remember you fake-quoting me a while back. That’s just more of your sub-zero level of honesty.

              As for Daily Pundit, you know what I say over there because you check it out. But still you insinuate.

                1. Christ allmighty. Can’t you pathetic twerps come up with some more imaginative insults.

                  1. I’m not insulting you. I am just telling it like it is.

                    You claim something different on each website. You make Aesop think he’s on your side. You make Bill think you agree with him. They both disagree completely.

                    You were hysterical on the WuFlu and still are. Just like Aesop the Fabulist who works with WuFlu patients but never got it himself. Yeah, right.

                    You try to weasel out of everything in each place.

                    You are a weasel. No insult. You just own it.

                    1. “You claim something different on each website. You make Aesop think he’s on your side. You make Bill think you agree with him. They both disagree completely.”

                      That’s quite the mind-reading ability you have there Chump.

                      Speaking of which, inquiring minds at Aesop’s place and Bill’s place want to know when you stopped banging your sister.

    2. I wouldn’t get my monitor dirty reading the shit that dumbass posts up. It probably requires practice to be that stupid.

    3. Since Aesops Fables will not answer the simple request to prove his point – Name a mask manufacturer that says it will help reduce virus transmission – I’ll just post up the link to the finest N95 mask available, manufactured by 3M: 8729332 3294795990&rt=rud

      You can read for yourself. No mention of any virus reduction to the wearer or to the no wearer in proximity. What does it do? Among others, its use in the medical setting is to prevent the transmission of bacteria.

      If you buy the hogwash sold by henryKaren and the fable teller, then you are saying 3M, the manufacturer, is too stupid to know their mask stops or inhibits the transmission of a virus. Now, consider what most people are wearing and how…

      Anyone that makes the claims these people make have responsibility to back them up. They cannot.

      End of story.

      1. Aesop is a little bitch. He went full Covidian at the start, and now he’s in so deep that he has to keep tripling down and pretending he’s smarterer than everyone else. He bleats about freedom while parroting his Governor Newsom when it comes to the scamdemic.

        Bill went full Covidian too – but now he just pretends that he didn’t.

        1. And henryKaren says he agrees with both.

          Like a Weasel
          Lying for the, well, all the time

        2. Aesop I don’t know other than what he said here, and that is all an outright lie. You cannot be in the medical profession as a candy striper level or above and not know the truth about masks.

          Bill, I think it frightened him terribly and I believe he thought he was doing the right thing in alerting people. All OK with me, sometimes you just get it wrong.

          It was the disloyalty that bugged me.

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