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Overdue awakening

Welcome to the party, pal.

Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?

Talk about a question that answers itself.

Short answer–I doubt it. But it is a legitimate question to raise because there are still some patriots serving within the ranks of the FBI who are beyond distraught over the gross politicization of their once proud, respected organization.

Name three. Take your time, I’ll wait.

Some of the men and women with 20 years in are simply counting days and hours until they can punch out. There is genuine, deep seated hatred for Christopher Wray and his coterie of lackeys eager to suckle on the teat of the Deep State.

I never imagined the day would come where I would be serious about comparing the FBI to the GESTAPO. But that day has come. We already have clear evidence of their criminal conduct in the cases of General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopolous and Roger Stone. Now we learn that the FBI, without a court order, is seizing the phone records of private citizens and members of Congress without a court order. It is an organization out of control and must be reined-in.

It has been out of control since its very inception. It cannot, will not, be “reined in.” It’s a strictly binary choice: it can be either endured or dismantled. Sorry, but there is no Third Way here.

But that requires some legislators and judges with spine–a trait sorely lacking in Washington, DC at the moment.

Actually, it would require legislators and judges who weren’t fully-paid-up partners in the whole Deep State enterprise. As the USSC seems to be making a disgusting habit of confirming lately, those are mighty, mighty thin on the ground these days—avises most rara indeed.

When you have Republican Leaders like Liz Cheney endorsing this outrage and fueling the lie that Trump supporters are white supremacists that must be extirpated, how can you expect any Democrat to step forward and protest.

I leave you with one simple recommendation–if the FBI contacts you and asks to talk tell them “NO.” Refuse to cooperate in any way. The FBI is no longer your friend.

Always sage advice, but I must reiterate: the FBI NEVER WAS your “friend.” Since the days of J Edgar Hoover, it has been a wholly corrupt, massively overpowered and inadequately overseen agency. I’ve been saying so for many years now.

In fact, some of you greybeards may recall the shocked—SHOCKED!—reaction to the NRA’s fundraising letter accurately describing them as “jackbooted thugs,” among other things, in ’95:

A month after the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people and injured 680, the Wilmington Star-News published the following:

“The explosion brought out the best in many Americans. It brought out the worst traits in the NRA, especially its hotheaded hype.

“The most ill-timed screed was an NRA fund-raising letter slamming federal agents as “armed terrorists dressed in Ninja black…jack-booted thugs armed to the teeth who break down doors, open fire with automatic weapons and kill law-abiding citizens.”

Can anyone please tell me just what part of all that ISN’T true? Just asking for a friend.

Anyways, so high was the general dudgeon in the wake of that infamous NRA mail-out that Preznit George HW Bush himself felt compelled to very publicly denounce the NRA, resigning his lifetime membership to demonstrate horror most abject at the abominable “slur.” But I felt then, and still do, that the NRA mailing, if arguably ill-advised or impolitely expressed, did nothing more than restate self-evident realities with which too many Americans were already unpleasantly familiar. However uncomfortable they might be, however deep our reluctance to confront them, facts is still facts. By avoiding or—even worse, FAR worse—denying harsh truths, we grant a dangerous authority to falsehood and diminish ourselves in the bargain. No good can ever come from it.

“What steamed Mr. Bush was NRA President Tom Washington’s calling the 1993 Waco, Texas, raid an example of “black-suited, masked, massively armed mobs of screaming, swearing agents invading homes of innocents.”

And then incinerating the lot of them, to the last man, woman, and child. YMMV, but as far as I’m concerned jackbooted thuggery just doesn’t come a whole lot more thuggish than that. But Waco is hardly the only demonstration of the FBI’s soulless, wholly un-American corporate character in action. I’ve mentioned here before my long, deeply disturbing conversation with poor Randy Weaver at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot years ago. For any of you youngsters in need of a refresher on that:

Weaver bought an 8-acre piece of land in Ruby Ridge and began building his cabin. The family started learning how to live without electricity and would live on a more survival basis.

The children were all homeschooled, and soon the family moved to their cabin.

The Weaver’s neighbor, Terry Kinnison, and the family got into a $3,000 land dispute, which Kinnison lost and was to pay an extra $2,100 in damages and court costs.

He was the one who informed the FBI that Weaver had threatened to kill the President, the Pope, and the governor of Idaho.

In 1985, Weaver and his wife were interviewed by the FBI about belonging to the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist religious organization.

Weaver had previously attended some rallies of the Aryan Nations, which led the FBI to believe he attended the Aryan Nations World Congresses and the Aryan Nations Church.

The FBI then began probing further into the family and their whereabouts, to ultimately survey the cabin and prepare for a standoff.

On August 21, 1992, U.S. Marshals were sent to the cabin and were under strict orders to avoid all contact with the Weaver family. But the marshals were detected by the Weaver family dog, and the barking attracted their attention.

Weaver’s son, Samuel, and a family friend named Kevin Harris, both took guns and went out to see what the issue was.

The marshals began retreating, but eventually took defensive positions behind the trees. In later reports, the question of who fired first is still disputed, as Harris and Weaver said that the marshals fired first without identifying themselves.

The standoff began, and the family and the marshals exchanged crossfire. The Weaver dog and 14-year-old Sam were fatally shot, and a federal agent named Bill Degan was also shot dead.

Incredibly, the story gets even more appalling from there, after the FBI’s over-ballyhooed HRT was called in. Murderous (and, of course, highly decorated) FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi wound up being lauded in the more demonic quarters of government as a “hero” for “courageously” shooting Weaver’s unarmed wife Vicki in the head from a safe distance. Bonus government Hero™ points were awarded for cold-bloodedly executing the guiltless woman while she held her 10 month old daughter in her arms.

All this, mind, after FBI goons had spent many months harrassing Weaver, tirelessly insisting that he procure illegal sawed-off shotguns for them in hopes of entrapping him. After Weaver had steadfastly refused their demands again and again, they finally wore their chosen victim down enough that he arranged an introduction to an acquaintance who could possibly supply the goons with the contraband they dishonestly claimed, as a subterfuge, to be seeking.

Weaver was indicted and tried on the grossly-inflated litany of charges now typical of the Amerikan “justice” system, later being acquitted on all but a minor bail violation and failure to appear in court—a “crime” not intentionally committed but due to a scheduling mistake. Weaver went on to sue the evil US government, which sulfurous entity quietly settled out of court for $3.1 million—inadequate compensation for the persecution he suffered, in my opinion. His profligately unjust ordeal cost him several loved ones and transformed Weaver into the quite obviously tormented shell of a man I spoke with at Knob Creek.

The pain in Weaver’s eyes as he told me his story was all too evident. Trust me, it was an awful thing to see. My longtime loathing for the FBI in particular and FederalGovCo generally grew immeasurably that afternoon. Certainly, I’ve seen no justification for moderating or reconsidering that opinion since. The only positive thing I can come up with to say about all this: the FBI will always be a bellwether, a handy way of evaluating the state of the nation. As long as the agency still exists, the US government will be out of all compliance with its Constitution—a tyrannous affront to liberty, the rule of law, and the Founding principles it has betrayed.

Update! More details on the Ruby Ridge atrocity can be found here.

18 thoughts on “Overdue awakening

  1. Waco, Branch Davidian compound:

    Seventy-six Branch Davidians, including 20 children and two miscarried babies, died.

    Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing:

    As a result of the massive explosion, 168 people were killed, including 19 children, and over 800 others were injured.

    Sounds even up to me.

    I’m sure this is going to be an unpopular opinion according to some on the Right, but in my opinion, once they murdered 20 children and 22 babies at Waco, they declared that women, children, and civilians were fair game. They got no room to bitch about the Federal Building.

    That’s said with the caveat that I have major doubts about the entire Narrative around the Murray Building bombing and Timothy McVeigh’s supposed involvement. For one, that was a hell of a bang! for Anfo…

    But – if McVeigh had masterminded the entire thing and pulled off the bombing, I wouldn’t condemn him for it.

    1. There were better targets he* could have picked.

      *yea, no fucking way McVeigh did it on his own. Too many loose ends in that “investigation”.

      1. Oh, agreed. Whole heartedly agreed. There were better targets he* could have picked. (If “he” picked the target.)

        That’s not the condemnation of McVeigh I usually hear from conservatives and “Conservatives”. It’s “But, the Murray Building had a Daycare!!!”

        Yeah? So? The FBI burned 20 children alive in the Branch Davidian home.

        But, of course, I’m the monster for pointing out that when the Feds are burning women and children alive, then the Fed’s women and children become valid targets. It’s never the Feds that are monstrous for setting the ROE.

        * I’m not convinced that he* did it. One of the “conspiracy theorists” types was an old acquaintance of mine who was an EOD man – Explosive Ordnance and Demolitions – a professional. I’ve never done EOD – I’m not stupid and I like all of my body parts attached to the original framework – but I do know how ANFO is made and how it’s used, and I’ve seen the results of truck and car bombs.

        We both saw the images of the destruction of the Murray bombing and damned near simultaneously went, “Boy, that’s a hell of a bang for ANFO. Hell of an odd bang for ANFO, too,” and then raised eyebrows at each other and started laughing.

        Almost no one really looks at the logistics of the amount of fuel oil and fertilizer that McVeigh and his partner supposed to use, either.

        As Burt Gummer said, “Just a few household chemicals in the proper proportions”, but the proper proportions part is critical.

        You can’t just slice some cuts into bags of fertilizer and pour in some diesel and stack it up and stick in a detonator and expect it all to go bang!. It has to be mixed properly, and the proper ratios of diesel-to-fertilizer have to be used. Yeah, there’s some leeway for slop, but not that much.

        And the amount of bags of nitrate fertilizer and diesel that were supposedly stacked up in the back of that Ryder truck to make the bang! that supposedly did that to that building equals “a fuck of a lot.”

        It takes time and effort to 1) open each bag, 2) pour in the right amount of fuel oil, and 3) roll them around enough to mix them together properly. And seclusion: it’s not something you can do in a parking garage overnight without having someone ask, “WTF are they doing over there?”. Even if you do it at a rural property, it’s likely to get noticed.

        Plus, it smells. It’s warm in April in Oklahoma. A Ryder truck full of that shit stinks to high heaven once it gets hot. It’s noticeable. Hell, Tom Clancy had a plot point in one of his novels about a team of idiots getting busted because someone smelled the warm ANFO in the concrete mix truck they were using to mix and transport it.

        Then you have the blast pattern, which is odd…

        It just doesn’t add up to “They just mixed up a shitload of fertilizer and fuel oil and stacked it in a Ryder truck and parked it at the curb and walked off and set it off.”

        Not buying it.

        1. The question I always had, was why? If McVeigh did it then why? If someone else did it with or without McVeigh, why?

          I remember that at the time there were some possible middle eastern connections and I thought it was a terror attack. And the Clinton administration didn’t want to have to do something, so they just covered it up.

          1. Umm. Think back to those times and years, way way back in the Pleistocene…

            The one thing that *did* come out of that was a ready made excuse for the Clinton admin to continue to crack down on “Right wing” militia groups.

            Or, if it was McVeigh or some group using McVeigh as a patsy, it also had a side effect of completely ending Waco type standoffs – there were no more Waco type incidents after that, and you’ll notice that both the Bundy Ranch and Malheur had far different responses from the Feds and far different outcomes than the Branch Davidian compound did.

            1. I don’t recall much in the way of real crackdowns occurring, but it could just be poor memory.

              You are right though, that was the last of the Waco type operations.

              1. They were all over, but not as much media exposure/publicity after OKC. Really, not as much publicity after WACO – you had to be tuned into the dissident news network, generally via Usenet as the internet as we know it wasn’t really there until around 1999 or so.

                They still happened after OKC, as did the ATF raid abuses, but the speculation was that media publicizing of them was seen as counter productive by the Clintonistas so they memory holed them.

                Kinda the way that the Las Vegas shooting dropped off the radar almost immediately, for a modern example.

                I was a lurker and occasional participant on the various alt.Clinton.whatever Usenet groups, so I was tuned into a lot of shit that never really met the light of day elsewhere.

                Just as, circa 9/11 and Katrina, there was a LOT of stuff on the Ham radio network that you never saw in the MSM.

    2. It’s not as unpopular as you think, and it’s getting more “mainstream” every day.

      1. *nod* I’ve noticed that. I and people like me used to be “far Right fringe dwellers” on stuff like that, and now, suddenly, we’ve become mainstream somewhere along the way.

        Either the mainstream moved to the right, or the fringe moved a lot closer to the center at some point.

  2. I would only note that the problem is NOT just the FBI, bu tthe entire DoJ as well. The prosecutors therein have KNOWN how foul the FedPigs are, yet CONTINUE to go with the flow. Execute every one of them for their treason. Then put their heads on pikes around the Beltway. Pour encourager les autres!!!

  3. And once again we find out the people wearing tinfoil hats back then and seeing conspiracies just didn’t go far enough.

    I gotta watch that movie RED again. (Retired Extremely Dangerous with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich).

    I didn’t realize at the time it was a Documentary.

    1. Yea, I’m not sure I’m able t think up conspiracies as bad as what the actual ones are.
      But I’m coming along.

      1. I know I’m not. If I put some of this stuff in a novel, exactly as it occurred in the headlines, I’d have people reviewing it saying, “It’s just not believable that… “

        1. …and then the ChiComs stole the Election and installed a Demented Fool named Joe Biden as President of the United…

          NOT WORKING, NEXT!!!

    1. Far better to deal appropriately with the filthy sewage who FUNDED it all!!! Failure to do that will just get you a repeat!!!

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