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All the marbles

Keep on truckin’.

Despite our frayed social fabric, there are signs that normal Americans value our constitutional republic over partisanship.

This happened Tuesday during a remarkable all-day state legislative hearing in Michigan, which followed similar hearings in Arizona and Pennsylvania. The purpose was to explore election fraud, especially in Detroit. It succeeded magnificently.

Dozens of credible witnesses recounted the same events. Trump ballots were left uncounted. Thousands of Biden ballots appeared via truck in the middle of the night. Ostensibly neutral vote counters wearing Biden hats used the coronavirus as an excuse to keep observers on the other side of the room or kick them out completely.

Observers were harassed and called “racists” and threatened with physical assault. They were hauled out of the counting room by police. One IT contractor for Dominion said she saw boxes of ballots repeatedly run “through the tabulating machines, being counted 8-10 times.” All of this was illegal. It does not matter. The criminals will go unpunished.

The most compelling witnesses were not fans of Trump. They were normal Americans, including Democrats, who volunteered as neutral observers out of a sense of civic duty. They were horrified by what they saw. One poor soul was a Canadian immigrant who was “very sad and disappointed” to realize that American elections were the stuff of a banana republic.

America’s long-haul truck drivers have stepped up. Thanks to the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, we have a sworn statement from Jesse Morgan, a Post Office subcontractor, alleging massive ballot fraud. Morgan said he transported nearly 300,000 completed mail-in ballots from Bethpage, N.Y. to Pennsylvania.

Morgan is a whistleblower, not a MAGA guy. He told Fox News on Tuesday that he didn’t vote in the election.

Another Post Office subcontractor, Nathan Pease, came forward to report 100,000 backdated ballots in Wisconsin. He is a libertarian, not a Republican. Nevertheless, he said: “I couldn’t go to the grave knowing what I knew and just keeping that to myself, knowing that something went wrong in this election.”

Something odd is afoot. The New York Times is too busy with hard-hitting investigative pieces on the Biden pets to pay attention to firsthand reports of illegality. Our cocksure overseers in social media have dialed down the purges. Twitter is neglecting to label true Trump tweets as false. They are ignoring the whistleblowers. They have forgotten the immortal advice to Tony Montana.

Somebody should maybe point all this out to Bill Fucking Barr, who appears to be blissfully unaware. Otherwise, things could easily go pear-shaped in one hell of a hurry.

If someone is a politician or public employee in on the Big Con, from any party, at any level above deputy assistant dogcatcher, after the coup is fully enabled, they’re going to be a high value target.

Nota bene: I’m not calling for this. That’s just what happens. It’s inevitable.

If someone is enabling the coup and gaslighting the reality of election fraud, via anything from twaddling on tweeter, to reading the nightly ABCNNBCBeeEss propaganda, they’re going to be a target.

If anyone gets between the Coup and The People, to defend the former from the justified wrath of the latter, they’re going to find out what feeding their jangly bits into a wood chipper – slowly – feels like, and deservedly so. (Doubt it? Go watch any number of videos of Ukrainian riot police getting hit with a shitstorm of Molotov cocktails in their APCs, and subsequently toasted alive, and get back to the class.)


Those desirous of collecting any pension should stand down, stay home, or switch sides. No warning shots will be fired. And after the first one, the rest are free, and there’s no point in moderation once that Rubicon is crossed. 

I’m nowhere near as confident as Aesop is that enough Americans are still anything like as doughty as their forefathers were, nor even the Ukrainians mentioned above. We’ll all find out soon enough. But the bottom line is still the part in bold:

Think Three Stooges pie fight.
With land mines.
In a gasoline refinery.

And it isn’t about who gets elected.
It’s about whether elections matter at all, or not.
It’s about whether the republic stands, or falls.

It isn’t Trumpistas against Never-Trumpers.
It’s not going to be Democrats vs. Republicans.
It’s going to be constitutional republicans vs. banana republicans.
And they won’t be Goldwater republicans.
They’re going to be LeMay republicans.

Like I said, we’re going to find out soon enough what Americans are, and what they are not. How hideous it is to realize that we all have to hope and pray that a fight IS coming—that enough of us are willing to risk absolutely everything in order to stop this crime. Otherwise, we end up in an even worse place.

Again, while it may be tiresome, the lesson we should have learned is that passivity against tyranny is a fatal mistake. In such a struggle, there is no neutrality, but only its illusion. The adage is true — that the only realistic hope, of those who yield to authoritarian rule, is that they will be eaten last. However, their children will not survive that long.  

We have ample warning of what the radical left will do to us should it prevail in today’s power struggle. Leftists have boldly announced it. They will trash our past; indoctrinate our children; and invite millions of noncitizens, who have no regard for our values, to vote. They will wreck our economy with predictably disastrous regulations in the name of saving the planet. Our enemies, correctly sensing weakness, will go to war against our national interests. Finally, the system will be rigged so there will never be another honest election. Having seized power, the left will never relinquish it without bloodshed. It never has. History testifies to it.

History also testifies that, bad as the above litany of abuse is, it’s still mild stuff indeed compared to what comes after.

What is more valuable to a free man than his freedom? Is it safety? Comfort? Love? His very life? Whatever treasures one can name, each of them, without freedom, is sooner or later forfeit.

Have we learned that?

I very much doubt we have, alas. Like I said, we’re about to find out. The one thing I’m sure of is that it ain’t gonna be fun.

3 thoughts on “All the marbles

  1. Right now, Mike, I’m at that awkward stage where I flip between thinking that everyone is holding their breath waiting to see what happens about the election fraud before hoisting the Black Flag, and being convinced that if the Dems are successful in stealing the election, no one will do anything.

    We’ll see.

    The one thing I am sure about is that if Biden/Harris do manage to steal the Oval Office, they’ll start ratcheting down on Trump supporters and voters almost immediately.

  2. It’s about whether the republic stands, or falls.

    I’ve long maintained that the Republic as the Framers envisioned it fell when they turned the Senate over to election-by-mob.

    What is at stake here is the American democracy upon which the Republic was supposed to find its foundation (every bit of American governance can be altered, in the end, by a majority vote of the people).

    That’s what’s at risk.  That concept of majority of the people.  If this election stands, we no longer have a democracy.

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