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49 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Thank you all for voting for me!

    Grrf. Need to proof better. Meh – I’ll call it a glitch. Works for the Democrats.

        1. Sounds like Biden.
          I visting the elelemenetoraterated people who crowed me King Empress Harris and my disease.

      1. Another, for me at least: I did a search and I can’t find anyone selling “BIDEN DID NOT WIN!” t-shirts.

        I was going to buy one to wear around town.

      2. It is interesting, but what is the significance of the Defense Business Board in the whole scheme of things?
        I can understand the part about keeping them away from US Military Intelligence.

        All along it has been said that US Military Intelligence were on Trump and Flynn’s side.

        1. I have advocated, for years, getting rid of the CIA and other assorted “intelligence” agencies, and assigning all duties to the military intelligence.

          Trump didn’t do what he did for no reason. You can search various opinions, but best I can tell the title and the actual are different. They may have a more important role than it appears at first blush.

          1. *nod* And get rid of the FBI, DEA, and other alphabet LEO agencies and shunt their law enforcement duties to the various State police and investigative agencies, and whatever applicable duties there are that can’t be, kick them to the U.S. Marshall’s Service.

            There’s no reason to have a dozen unconstitutional Federal LEO and intelligence* services except for them to serve as secret police.

            * The FBI has always primarily been a domestic intelligence agency from its inception. Look it up, and read through the FBI’s history during the early 20th century.

            1. I agree 100%. I have stated many times the FBI and other alphabet agencies should be disbanded. Leave the Marshalls for the minimum required at the federal level.

              The FBI started out corrupt, and nothing has ever changed.

          2. Can you give me an example of the Federal Marshall’s Service being on our side?

            I have only ever heard that Military Intelligence had been loyal to Flynn and helping Trump.

            I’d like to believe they are too, but they report directly to Barr and before that it was Sessions and before that it was… McCabe? Brennan?

            1. No. But unless I’m mistaken, the Federal Marshall’s Service is actually constitutional as opposed to the other Federal LEO branches – for whatever that’s worth at this point in time.

              Edited to add: For that matter, the various State LEO agencies aren’t necessarily on our side. But delegating the enforcement to them, along with to local Sheriffs, is at least constitutional under the Federalist principles.

              1. Yes, the Marshalls are constitutional.
                You know all about the perfidy of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc. How many stories about corruption in the Marshall’s service have you heard? They operate pretty quietly.


                1. Constitutionally, the Marshalls have limited jurisdiction, also.

                  Not that it matters at this point. The SCROTUS just declared the Constitution null and void.

  2. Dan Forest won Lt. Governor in 2016 by approximately the same amount of votes as Trump won NC. They both got close to 2.4 Million votes and Forest actually got 30k more votes than Trump.

    In 2020 Trump wins NC by 2.76 Million votes to 2.68 Million votes by Biden.

    Here’s the anomaly. In 2020 Forest gets 2.59 Million votes, which is 170,000 votes less than Trump. Cooper wins with 2.83 Million votes. 70,000 votes more than Trump but 150,000 more votes than Biden. It looks to me like about 150,000 votes were swung from Forest to Cooper.

    Convince me otherwise.

    One more data point saying the Ballot Box is quickly going to become irrelevant unless Trump, and WE, do something about it now. RFN.

    1. The number of votes Trump and Tillis got were the same as what Cooper got. No fucking way 250K North Carolinian’s voted for Trump and Tillis and then voted for cooper. No fucking way. It was fraud which is why Forrest hiding pisses me off. I haven’t heard a single word from him.

    2. Doesn’t matter, Kenny: All you need to know to render the Presidential election results invalid is that they kicked out observers from polling and counting places. That alone renders all of the election results suspect.

      1. I don’t disagree.

        Tell that to Alito that thus far signals he and thye others don’t care.

        I hope that changes and I hope the TX suit with 17 States joining does the trick.

        I WANT to be wrong.

  3. Seventeen States have joined the suit by Texas to the Supreme Court against the 4 Rogue States.

    Including Florida. So that’s 2 of the 3 largest States now involved.

    1. I’m still trying to find a list that is accurate. If you have a link put it on here please.

      1. Yeah, please do.

        I was trying to search to see if Oklahoma had joined in, and I fast got tired of wading through tons of “Dee-BUNKED!” hits without getting anything relevant.

          1. Cool. Thanks.

            My eyes glazed over as soon as I hit [Search] and got a ton of Debunked and “unfounded claims of voter fraud” results at the top of the first page.

            Glad to see my state is with the Good Guys.

        Amici curiae are the States of Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia

        1. Didn’t look far enough down before I posted. Thanks!

          Or probably I had this tab open since before you posted as I see there is another one that wasn’t there before.

          1. Someone caught it early and posted it on Insty. I guess they grabbed it before Fakebook, Google etc were able to change the algorithm to bury it behind “The Wall Of Debunked Stories”.

  4. With the Big Steal now a done deal, it is time to place bets!

    Date Joe Biden leaves the oval office to make way for the Glorious! First! Woman! Of! Color! to become president? My guess is second week of March. I had been thinking late March, but the official media allowing the Hunter and James Biden investigation stories through the blockade shows the Dems are moving up the time table.

    First “bold” economic initiative? My guess is national minimum wage to $20. The unions need to be paid for their assistance in the Big Steal, and their pay scales are mostly auto-boosting if the minimum wage goes up. And the Dems will argue that the whole 15 thing was several years ago and more is now needed.

    Over/under of supreme court justices impeached? My guess is every one nominated by Trump. All will be removed, and at least 5 new hard left justices added on top of that. Hello, Justice Merrick Garland, come on down!

    Life in the third world is going to suck. Especially because there won’t be much of a first world left to escape to or provide food aid.

    1. Forgot a big one: Date Trump is executed/dies in jail? Hopefully he has plans in place to get his family to safety outside the country, but there is no way the Dems will leave him alive as a rallying point for opposition. My guess: late April, once the Harris regime has consolidated its grip on the relevant government agencies (DoJ, etc.).

      1. I’m going with the date President Trump invokes the Insurrection Act, declares martial law, arrests Joe Biden, and the rest of the corrupt vote thieves, try’s by military tribunal then the firing squad.

        A fellow should be allowed to dream.

        Now since there is no more rule of law, I don’t care what laws President Trump breaks on the way to putting the treasonous bastards to death.

        Nuking Beijing a bonus.

      2. What does Trump have to lose now if he crosses the Rubicon then?

        It is actually exactly as history worked back then. Julius was told to return to Rome to face “questioning”. He was supposed to return and leave his Legions in Gaul.

    2. Speaking of bets…

      I know that I’ve been annoying everyone by adamantly maintaining that Amy Coney Barrett was going to Cuckqean on us at her earliest opportunity, but – DAY-um. Even I’m shocked by this one. She didn’t even make it a year before turning her coat.

      Fastest shiv in the East. Bitch didn’t even wait ’til the ink was fully dry on her confirmation before she stuck the knife in Trump’s back.

  5. Thanks to the Daily Mail, we now know who the Representatives on our side are:

    Named: the 106 House Republicans demanding Joe Biden’s victory is voided and back Donald Trump at Supreme Court – including members from states whose results would be overturned

    Of course, the ‘Mail makes it out to be a badge of shame for them, rather than a badge of honor.

    And it’s “be voided”, not “is voided”, you illiterate Sassenach son of a bitch.

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