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Reaping a most bitter harvest

The consequences of no consequences.

The matrix of interests, parties, and people styling themselves as The Resistance, who tried unsuccessfully to cough up Donald Trump like a hairball for four years, may finally succeed by harvesting the magical crop of mail-in ballots delivered by unicorns in the gathering darkness this post-election week of mathematical wonders.

America walked wide-eyed into this signal institutional failure, the one that lowers us to the level of places in the world where the loincloth is a business suit and the only instrument of persuasion is a machete. The Attorney General, Mr. Barr, warned the country months ago in so many words that mail-in voting would invite massive fraud, and so it has gone, but exactly as predicted, in plain sight, shamelessly.

The Resistance dared to work this operation because there were no consequences to their previous seditions and felonies. Nobody ever answered for the many crimes of RussiaGate (and possibly never will). The lying slattern Christine Blasey Ford slunk back to her cushy life in California with a big GoFundMe bundle after defaming Judge Kavanaugh. Eric Ciaramella and his UkraineGate accomplices, IC Inspector General Michael Atkinson and Col. Alexander Vindman, never even faced an inquiry over their janky scheme. Judge Emmet Sullivan still refuses to follow the DC Circuit order to close the General Flynn case. Rep. Adam Schiff never paid any price for knowingly lying his ass off, nor did The Washington PostThe New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg are allowed to suppress the news and deform the public conversation because they’re more important than the rest of us, and they know better, too.

No consequences for these actors in a rough and dirty game, but great consequences for the USA — a now lethal loss of faith in the essential fairness of American life and the institutions that were created to insure it. Shame on us for letting it get this far.

Indeed. And there’s no arguing that it is truly on us.

Really, the roots of our current fix can be traced to the 1960s. When normal Americans decided to sit passively back and allow the anti-American Left to use the First Amendment as a tool to destroy them—the self-same Commies, mind, whose seething hatred towards not only the 1A but the Constitution entire was openly and constantly declared—our war was already lost, our fate sealed. The filthy Reds demanded that their Constitutional right to free speech, protest, and dissent be respected even as they schemed to first weaken, then rend, then remove the Constitution entirely.

Everything else, all the dysfunction, depravity, and decay that besets us today, flows from that initial passivity, that collective shrugging of the shoulders. We denied the nature, the very existence, of a self-professed Enemy, Domestic, allowing him to flourish. As a result, he has overwhelmed us.

We overlooked Rule One for dealing with Communists: Thou shalt not suffer a Commie to live. Instead of letting our own principles be weaponized and then turned on us, we should have just been gunning the bastards down in job lots. We made a mistake, a huge and terrible one, when we so completely misread our Founding ideals as to become convinced that honoring them required us to tolerate the vipers breeding in our very midst—deadly, determined, coiling to strike—rather than obliterating them as we should have.

Now we get to pay for that mistake. The loss of our country is only the first installment.

7 thoughts on “Reaping a most bitter harvest

  1. The Attorney General, Mr. Barr, warned the country months ago in so many words that mail-in voting would invite massive fraud…

    Months ago? *scoffs* Newbie.

    Some of us were warning sixteen years ago that the Dems were visibly committing electoral fraud and that we were going to reap the consequences if they weren’t hauled up by the short hairs for it.

    Twenty-seven years ago since you really need to count back to Clinton’s Motor Voter Act of 1993 with which the Democrats embedded voting fraud into the law.

    John McLean sends a message for Kunstler: “Welcome to the party, Pal.”

    Y’know? Fuck it. That’s a huge part of why I’m exhausted and old and dispirited right now. I get so goddamned tired of having been a voice crying out in the dark on this shit when I realize that it’s been twenty-seven fucking years of calling out warning signs and having idiots like Kunstler refuse to see what’s been right in front of their fucking eyes.

    And I’m not the only one who’s been spelling it out for them.

    Screw it. I’m out. Out of fucking patience with these people. And out of the game.

    I withdraw any remnant of my sanction from the United States. It’s not only no longer my country, it’s no longer a legitimate nation.

    I owe the United States zero loyalty, because it has demonstrated that it has none for me and mine.

    I will no longer vote, because voting has become an obvious farce.

    I no longer support politics in any form, because it’s been demonstrated amply that there are no political solutions.

    I’m an American and a man without a country, because my country is dead and gone, and its successor has demonstrated that it is moribund and rotten to the core.

    1. I hear you. There is no institution of government that I trust or adhere to anymore. Police? You’re working for the state, and the state is corrupt. Judges? Nope, the judicial system is corrupt to the core.

      Armed Forces? No, this country is not worth fighting for anymore, and we don’t fight for it anyway, just battles in lands no one gives a damn about except the rich selling munitions.

      One hope left and it’s usually a disappointment.

      1. Rule of Law? What law?

        Unity? Between us and them? Not hardly.

        Best I can say is that it is awfully freeing to come to that Rubicon, finally.

        All politics now is personal, clan, and tribal. If/when I engage in politics from now on, it’s on a purely tactical and strategic basis: What benefits me and mine, my household and friends, my extended family, my tribe, and Right-wing Whites*.

        Nothing else. Don’t appeal to me on behalf of my country: I have none, my country is dead.

        * And Right-wing Cherokee, of course. No offense to any Right-wing Choctaw, Comanche, Latinos, Blacks, Orientals, or whatever, but they’re not my people. They can be allies if they wish. Or not.

    2. If you think about it, The USSR was formed in 1922 (after four years of various internal power struggles) and collapsed in 1991. Just about 70 years.

      FDR’s takeover was in 1933-34. 69-70 years later was 9/11 and the Patriot Act, thus ending the Republic but also ending the Soft Socialist Government of the Uniparty.
      We’ve been fighting an internal struggle since about 2003 for what succeeds our Socialist collapse.
      Notice in Russia the successor was a Tyranny of Putin.
      We fought hard for a return to Republic status but looks like, absent a Trump Win again, we are heading for a Hard Communist Government.

      It only took Putin 9 years to establish an Oligarchical Tyranny with himself as the Strongman.
      Americans desire for Freedom has made it tougher on them but 17 years later, absent a Trump Win, which can’t be ruled out (prayers to God), they look to be establishing an Oligarchy of Billionaire Tech people with a Figurehead Leader.

      It isn’t a perfect repeat, but it rhymes pretty well.

      PS it wouldn’t also be wrong to think the 2008 financial collapse wasn’t a line in the sand.
      Given it has its roots on the late 90’s CRA and Progresive Policy of forcing bankers to lend to bad credits, I think that has just been part of the struggle.

      PPS The PRC was not going to let any of that shit stop them. Hence the show of force at Tiananmen Square. Our “Elite’s” enabling them getting access to our OPM has kept them alive.

      1. I’ll have to mull that over, but it’s certainly analogous to the soviet state.

  2. My Grandpa and my father warned me back then never to trust a Commie, burning the flag was wrong because it wasn’t Free Speech as it was seditious (you can’t burn the symbol of the very thing that has been instituted to ensure your Rights, inalienable and from your Creator) and antithetical to ensuring that Government can’t take your rights away.
    It was disrespectful to the very system of Government that limited the Government’s ability to take your Inalienable Rights away.
    You can’t use Free Speech to destroy what stands for Free Speech.

    The Modern saying is “The Constitution is NOT a Suicide Pact”.

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