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Spite is also great, and would suffice

This, times eleventy billion kajillion.

A young woman explained everything about this election in less than one minute. 
If you can’t stand Trump here is our reply:

If you are liberal and can’t stand Trump and can’t possibly fathom why anyone would vote for him, let me fill you in.  We can’t stand you.  You’ve done everything in your power by trying to destroy this country by tearing down our police, our borders, our history, systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into thinking socialism is the answer to everything.  Demonizing religion and faith and glorifying abortion, violence and thug culture.  And calling us racists…

We are voting for Trump because of you!

Joe says that really “says it all,” and it does in a way, anyway. Then again, it kinda doesn’t; I could add plenty of valid reasons for supporting Trump that have little at all to do with the Vile Left without breaking a sweat. Still, there’s no gainsaying that a tremendous aspect of Trump’s appeal is that he amounts to a huge FUCK YOU not just to the Left ancien regime, but to the Swamp entire. He represents Real Americans in a simple, direct fashion that traditional political animals have no regard for or interest in: more than just a spokeperson for ordinary Americans, he is the raised middle finger they’ve longed to wave right in their smarmy faces for so long now. Forget the mouse in the old posters and t-shirts you geezers may remember from back in the 70s; for Real Americans, TRUMP is “the last great act of defiance,” in the flesh.

ZMan has another rationale that works just fine for me too.

I’m voting for Trump for the same reason I voted for him the last time, spite. No candidate in my life time has made the ruling class so crazy with anger. Not even Nixon elicited this type of hatred. Maybe him winning leads to mass suicides. Fingers crossed.

T’is a consummation devoutly to be wished. But knowing how happy it would make us will probably be enough to dissuade the Left from any such beneficence, alas. No matter, though. If all we get out of it is more shrieking hissy-fits from barren bambinas like the anti-babes featured in the post below, what the heck, I’ll take it.

23 thoughts on “Spite is also great, and would suffice

  1. We are voting for Trump because of you!

    Admittedly That is my #1 reason for voting Trump. Probably 2 and 3 as well.

    Oh, and as I type the president is just a few miles away in Gastonia. HUGE crowd.

  2. I remember Nixon and the hatred for him and I agree. But I was young then when Nixon resigned.

    I do remember the utter nutcase levels as a reaction to Reagan as 1984 was my first vote and Reagan was my easy choice.

    The levels of TDS these past 5 years can not compare with the levels of bile thrown at Reagan and that was a vast amount.

    I never thought I’d see people literally praising a crackhead moron sex offender just because he is a Dem. Back in even 1990 even a sex scandal was enough to derail even a Dem campaign. Until BJ turned Denial into a might river in Politics. Even so, crackhead? Wouldn’t even come close. No politician could have survived a crackhead son.
    Look at Mario Cuomo. His sons may Be Fredo and Fredo at the time but eve he couldn’t get national traction.

    As a matter of fact before this year Biden couldn’t get more than 1% support in his own bids for President. Until he rode the 0’s tails as the Less than Zero Veep.

    1. Biden becoming the Dem nominee this year still puzzles me. It certainly was not due to any great ability by Biden; he was getting beaten in the early contests, just as he did in all his previous runs for the nomination. And then suddenly the path was cleared for him, Clyburn annointed him as the choice accceptable to black voters, and many rivals just dropped out. It was pretty clear that a decision had been made by someone and the word sent out that Joe was it. But why? My best theory is that the insiders (whoever exactly they are) knew about all of the dirt and figured Dementia Joe would be controllable and easily moved aside when the time came. Whether they can actually drag his brain-damaged carcass over the finish line with a combination of Trump hatred and ballot fraud remains to be seen.

      1. “My best theory…”

        I agree for what it’s worth. It became apparent to me early on that Joe was chosen. Blackmailable and of those running, the only one electable. That is how bad the marxist party is, that Biden is their best shot.

      2. They fear Sanders, Warren, DiBlasio and even Bloomberg as true believers. They’ll never let any of them win. They don’t mind stringing the BernieBros along every 4 years though.

        Meanwhile, the others were hopeless in their chances for winning.
        Kamala couldn’t get 1% and yet she’s the Veep pick. Because skin color and vagina. That and a miniscule amount of experience made her the only choice left.

        Either they really feel they’ll lose and are not willing to sacrifice anyone good, or else they feel they want to Puppets that can be controlled and hope the Fraud can be run up.

        I think the WuFlu helped too.
        No one can hold rallies! Here’s our chance to dump Bernie and anoint Joe, since he has a slight lead. Pay off Sanders and it’s a done deal.

        PS I think Cuomo and Newsom lead the pack for them in 2024.

        1. I forgot another reason – they cannot choose one from the group running because coattails would cause them to lose senate and house seats. Bernie would be rejected and in rejecting him they might lose 50 seats in the house. Same for the others. Biden was their safe bet, or so they thought.

        2. Only in leftist bizarro world are Granny-killer Cuomo and Gruesome Newsome prime presidential timber. “Vote Dem, and they’ll do to America what they have done to their home states!” That is going to be a hard sell to anyone not a true leftist believer. But they may be the best options the Dems have available.

          On Harris, it was clear that the Dem insiders decided they had to have a black woman as VP to “balance” old racist Joe. Mooch and Oprah apparently did not want the position, and Harris was the least bad option from their remaining choices. Susan Rice? Stacey Abrams??? As bad a choice as she is, Harris is better than those two.

          1. You said it better than me.
            I think Mooch and Oprah were smart too to turn it down.

            Oprah is smart enough in running her affairs and a good entertainer. I think even Dems might pause at her running the Country. Especially foreign policy. Putin ain’t Tom Cruise sitting on her couch for a squish interview.

          2. I do think Cuomo and Newsome figure Trump can’t run and so who’s going to call them in it.

          3. “…and Harris was the least bad option from their remaining choices.”

            I disagree with that. I think Harris is a terrible choice. No one, and I mean no one, even Willie Brown, likes that witch.

            There were better choices, just not well known. The HidenBiden handlers are just not very smart.

            1. Perhaps but they had to choose a black woman or the radical left would go crazy. So they promised that right from the beginning.

              Frankly when your pool of black women are Crazy James Brown and a woman who is 500 pounds and believes she is the Governor of Georgia despite losing badly, well Kamel Humper looks like an All Star.

                  1. It’s a very low bar. “They” picked Harris and then put her on ice just like HidenBiden. The expectation was that the fake pandemic and destruction of the economy would sink Trump such that he could be defeated by the hidden candidates, and Harris being a certified whore would do what she was told. She adds nothing to the ticket, doesn’t bring the winning votes.

                    So, remember, I’m naming black women that may have helped the ticket with the voters on the left, not politicians you or I would like.

                    Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator for Obama 2009 – 2013

                    Barbara Lee, California 13th
                    Terry Bellamy, Asheville mayor
                    Keisha Bottoms, Atlanta mayor
                    Karen Bass, California 37th

                    There are others, mostly low profile.

                    1. Everybody you listed is already so low profile as to be unknown to most of the country. The DNC needed a black (or at least sort of black) woman to check their victimhood boxes for identity politics reasons. But it had to be someone most of the public had at least heard of and would consider at least semi-plausible as president, given Biden’s obvious ultra-low odds of being able to finish a term. I think the DNC was really hoping they could get Mooch to do it. When that fell through they had to scramble to find someone, which is why we were hearing names like Susan Rice and Stacey Abrams tossed around publicly as trial balloons.

                      Much like Biden, Harris was nobody’s first choice, inspires zero enthusiasm, and brings little to the ticket in terms of campaigning skills or a critical state. It is truly remarkable that out of more than 25 candidates seeking the nomination, THIS is the ticket the Dems settled upon. (And “settled” really does seem like the proper word.)

                    2. I have to agree with HazHap.
                      Might be fine candidates but no one knows them and everyone knows they might be the next POTUS.
                      While no one thinks Kamel Humper should be the next President she was at least high profile enough that some yokums would think, “she could do it”.
                      None of those others would inspire any confidence like that.
                      Which makes Pence look even better. I mean, c’mon, I’d rather have Pence than Biden or ANY of the Dems that ran.

                      Like I said, I agree with HazHap. Do Dems know any of those black women?

                    3. I think y’all are missing the point. Harris not only brings nothing to the ticket, they have to muzzle the witch just like Biden.

                      She wasn’t chosen to help the ticket. Any of those listed would help Biden get a few more votes from now discouraged voters. That’s it, nothing more. Wouldn’t make biden a winner. What did HidenHarris do in the D primary’s? She didn’t even make it to a primary vote.

                      “There were better choices, just not well known.”

  3. (Hmmm, no reply link to Barry’s comment — nested too deep?)

    Barry, I get your point (or I think I do, anyway). I just believe that the Dems decided they needed someone people had at least heard of at the national level. Even if it was just “the one who said Biden was a racist and then got slammed by Tulsi Gabbard.” It isn’t much, but as someone who had been in the primaries (however briefly and poorly) she was a sort of plausible choice. The others you listed are purely local names; I follow politics pretty closely (for a non-politico) and have only heard of roughly half of them even at the “I’ve seen the name somewhere” level. Might as well just pick a random person off the street — yes, they would actually bring more to the ticket than Harris does. But that isn’t the way the DC Beltway Bubble crowd thinks. They wanted someone who was already “in the club” — they see Harris as someone with connections, who they all know about and recognize, an officially-designated “star in the making” whose name had been floating around Dem circles for a while.

    1. I understand what you are saying, I just don’t think it applies to this case. Of course, stupidity cannot be discounted, Occam’s razor probably should apply.

      My point is, a knowledgeable person does not want someone on the ticket whose name recognition harms the ticket. Given that as soon as she was introduced they hid her, it seems they knew this was the case and chose her anyway. This, IMO, makes the case she was chosen for other reasons as previously stated. Otherwise an unknown is better as they don’t harm the ticket and *might* help.
      Stupid may apply, but the level of people manipulating this process are evil but not stupid.
      Anyway, my opinion, nothing more. I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Biden is not making it four years. He might not make 4 months (I don’t think he makes it at all.)
        They chose the Black Woman they can control and who will not be an ideologue. She’s not even African American as the term implies. She never saw a ghetto, has lived a privileged life more privileged than any White Person because of her Race Card Plays, and her only “qualification” is doing whatever it takes to please the PTB that carry her.
        Those other Black Women might get “carried away” and start really doing things the Controllers don’t want.

        1. Exactly. She was chosen because she is the very definition of a whore in every way.

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