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Is that a tin cup I hear rattling?

Could I possibly pick a more inopportune time for a Fall Fundraiser? What with the on-purpose and with-malice-aforethought derailing of the Trump economic juggernaut via unnecessary lockdowns; widespread civil unrest and violence; open revolutionary maneuvering from the more treacherous of our two political parties, and such-like unprecedented national angst, mounting a successful fundraiser would seem to be an extremely dubious proposition at the very best. For anybody, much less me.

But needs must, alas. Among other calamitous modern problems currently dogging the Casa CF balance sheet, I have an automobile engine-swap that badly needs doing most ricky-tick, something I dasn’t tackle my own self—lacking as I do both the equipment and the upper-blody strength to pull the job off without ending up squished flatter than a Joe Biden speech, a Ford 2.0-liter i4 cuddling snugly atop my chest and/or skull. I’ll have to hire the job done, to my eternal shame and disgrace as a proud, lifelong gearhead.

On the brighter side, I’ve been checking the local salvage yards, and there are a few compatible junkyard-mills to be had for as little as three hundred bucks. These motors all come with the reassurance and peace of mind that only an ironclad thirty-day guarantee can bring, so assumedly aren’t cursed with any of the same broken timing chains, bent valves, and maybe even holed piston-domes that combined to leave me stranded and forlorn on northbound I-85’s Brookshire off-ramp just over a month ago.

So yeah, we’ll just plunge on ahead with Ye Olde CF Blogge’s Fall Begathon nonetheless, and be damned to omens heralding the possibility of a lackluster outing. I didn’t do a Spring fundie the last two years, an event that had been more or less of a regular thing in years previous. So what the heck, this one’s actually overdue when you really think about it, right?

The PayPal “Support” link over there in the right sidebar awaits whatever alms y’all generous souls might be able to scrounge up and toss into the battered ol’ hat, even the most miserly of which will be very humbly appreciated by Ye Olde Blogge Hoste. I’ll leave this announcement up top for the remainder of the week, and hope for the best. Thanks, gang!

28 thoughts on “Is that a tin cup I hear rattling?

  1. Yeah. I was really hoping that they’d quit dicking around on the 2nd COVID stimulus package so that I could put a chunk of my $1200 payment toward getting a used pickup truck a bit sooner than early next year. Oh well.

    I’m going to send you a text on this topic tomorrow sometime, Mike. I’m going to need to see if there’s an alternate to PayPal for getting something to you that we can use, if I can manage to scrape a few extra bucks out next month for the purpose.

    1. I, too, hate PayPal but I use it because it’s the only practicable way to pay some people. Some of the problem is network effect, some is greed (10% fee? Really?), and some seems to be incompetent programming (which may come back to greed, skinflinting on tech expenses).

      1. While I’m not fond of PayPal, I actually have a PayPal account – I used to get paid via PayPal when I worked as an admin for various websites – I just don’t have any money in it beyond a few cents. Just enough to keep it open and active.

        I’d rather just avoid the two step hassle of transferring funds to PayPal, and then to Mike etc etc. Be simpler to do it as a one-step directly to Mike, if possible.

        1. My PayPal account is connected to one of my bank accounts. (An account with a limited amount of money, I’ll note.) My bank lets me do online transfers between accounts any time for free, so it’s all very convenient.

          It’s just that I despise PayPal for their policies and wish there were a practical alternative.

          1. Yeah. I had the wrong link: Mike’s paypal button goes to his purchase link, and the regular link is above it in the Donate section with a “Donate via credit or debit card” option. Duh.

            I need to set up an online bank account with a limited amount in it like yours that I can link to my PayPal, but that’s gonna have to wait a bit until I get a bit more flush.

            It’s just that I despise PayPal for their policies and wish there were a practical alternative.

            I’m not fond of their policies either. I don’t know of a good alternative, though.

            My friend Red used GoFundMe for his funding drive awhile back, but I suspect that may not be an optimal solution for a website.

          2. I despise them as well, for the same reasons. However, the paypal function works rather nicely, and there is no real alternative it seems.

            1. Well, I could send a cashiers check to Mike via snail mail. Or use a Western Union wire transfer.

              So there are alternatives, it’s just that the PayPal is the most convenient and least hassle. It’s also the only one that most people will see and think of.

              1. You’re always talking up your dog’s brainpower. Put a check in an envelope and tell the dog to bring it to Mike and he’ll get a treat. Of course, the dog will probably run back home and bite you if Mike did not, in fact, have a treat.

            2. Didn’t somebody or other try to launch a “conservative alternative” to PayPal a few years back? I have a dim, distant recollection of it, but have no idea what became of it.

              1. I was thinking that too, Mike, but when I checked my online banking bookmarks I couldn’t find anything.

                Thanks, Barry. That’ll come in handy, for jogging my memory if nothing else.

  2. Donated! I just used the PP purchase link, that is easiest.

    So now Mike knows where I live. Ha!



    1. Hello Ms. Tina, hope you are well. How is your husband?

      I think the value of paypal is that it doesn’t provide details to the recipient other than email. Otherwise a direct CC would be just fine. Maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Hi Barry,
        I joke about that because I’ve never hidden on the internet. Anyone could find me, and sometimes does 🙂

        I posted over at Bill’s about our current situation. We both have some temporary health things that are par for the 2020 course. However, this time next year, we and all shall be well again, God is taking good care of us.

        Hope things are great with you and yours! Ready for winter?

        1. Hope that all clears up and isn’t too serious. Everyone in my brood is doing well, two more weeks and we’ll all be able to go to the coast.
          Winter ready I think. I continue to slowly revitalize and add to the landscaping. I have enough seasoned wood on hand to get through this winter I think. The splitter I bought makes easy work of it, but I admit to feeling guilty about not splitting by hand.
          With a little prodding by Iron Bear I grew tomatoes this year. With all the tree’s I have little space with enough sun but found the one sweet spot and it worked. Next year I’ll put in a permanent garden and hopefully make it even more successful.
          Hope your ready.

          1. Yay on your tomatoes! Iron Bear knows good food! The weather destroyed my crop this year, we got some to eat, but nothing like the year before. Bad drought – it stopped raining after Easter – and the spider mites and other bugs arrived in force early. The EPA has banned good chemicals so no way to treat for spider mites, at least not in home gardens. I am going to burn off the whole garden soon and hope to kill off some of them that way.

            However, I still have about 35 quarts of canned tomatoes from last year’s crop, so we are not in lack! 😀

            Last wnter was so warm I still have a cord and a half of oak left over, and my dad brought about half a cord a couple months ago. Winter is supposed to be mild, so that should do. Daddy has been poisoning mesquite trees on their place, so next cutting will be mesquite, which burns hot. My little chain saw has worked well for me to keep up with the fallen limbs, so I have lots of kindling and small stuff for a quick, short fire on warm days.

            I had planned to add a few more fruit trees this winter, not sure now whether I will or wait til next. Since it seems to take them all years to bear no matter how big they are when I plant, I hate to lose time.

            1. Warm winters are certainly welcome. I used to love the cold and now, warm is just fine thanks.

              Some things just take too long. Like fruit tree’s…

            2. Heya, Tina.

              Mine are like Barry’s: I think they’re done producing for the year. Peppers are still going like gangbusters, though.

              My haul wasn’t quite like yours: I got about ten pounds of mixed beefsteaks and cherries in the deep freeze for making preserves, on top of what we ate and gave away to neighbors this year. So… probably about 20-30 lbs of tomatoes in a season, all told. However that translates to quarts.

              Next year I’m not sure about: as I was telling my housemate, it looks like due to the huge buying rush on seeds and plants this year, Burpee and Jung Seed are sold out of all of the tomato, pepper, and other vegetable varieties I usually get and was planning on for the spring garden.

              I may just be able to prep soil and containers and build planting boxes next spring for the harvest after that. We’ll see.

              We’re pretty well winterized. Got food, and most of the landscaping is done except for the things I was waiting for fall on – the heat was awful during the summer this year.

        2. Well just damn. I went over to DP and found your post. Sending prayers and my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I’m sure you’ll beat this.

          1. I have not lost a moment of sleep…. I am in good hands and am being cured as we speak. Appreciate your prayers! 🙂

        3. I dug around a little and couldn’t find your DP post, Tina, so I ain’t hip to the situation. But I’ll second Barry’s thoughts and prayers for ya just the same. And thanks!!

            1. Thanks for the link, Barry. I had missed that comment.

              Best of luck beating this thing, Tina!

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