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  1. “If we had locked down the nursing homes and provided relief to everyone over the age of 55 so they could stay home, along with anyone with a doctor’s note saying they had underlying respiratory or immune system issues, could we have just left the rest of the economy running?”

    Kenny, HazHap, and I were just “lucky” back a few months ago when we said this and turned out to be right. Sweden is now reaping the benefit of using their brains to understand the virus and not lockdown the country making the cure worse than the disease.


      1. As Kenny pointed out just recently, NYS isn’t so bad, it’s the NY metro area that is a killer at around 2700 deaths per million.

        Makes most states, and especially states like SD, appear to not even have a viral outbreak.

            1. I am sure they are more corrupt and incompetent. Just look at Florida as well. You will find the highest case loads are in area with plenty of tribe!!!

              1. Jewish % of NY metro = 12%
                Catholic % of NY metro = 34%

                NY State Governor = Catholic
                NY City Mayor = catholic raised

                Maybe Catholics are the problem.

        1. Lot of small businesses have closed in upstate, due completely to government orders. Restaurants are the most obvious because they need eye-catching storefronts, preferably on a well-travelled street. There are also fencing salles, martial arts studios, art teachers, and hardware stores, all because the government did not allow them to operate but they still were responsible for rent.

          1. Maybe not as bad, but the same around here. I see restaurants permanently closed, for rent signs up. Same for many other small business.

            1. I have to admit that I may have been wrong about the secondary and tertiary effects being worse or as bad as the virus, at least across the board.

              Those also seem to be affecting NYC, New Jersey, and the other Blue Hives worse than the Red states.

              At least down here, our economy bounced back pretty well, and I haven’t seen nearly a fraction of the number of business closings and job losses I’d expected. Helps that our shutdown lasted only to the 1st of May, and most businesses were ignoring it by the last two weeks of April.

              Of course, Bryan, Johnston, and Atoka counties still have a “State of Emergency” declared, but I know why – it’s so that they can keep qualifying for Federal monies and Corona aid. A purely cynical and self-serving “Disaster Area” declaration on their part.

              On the other hand, why the hell not? When all of the other states have counties scrambling for gibsmedats, why not make sure your county gets their share?

              It’s the way the game is played these days.

              1. “…I may have been wrong about the secondary and tertiary effects being worse or as bad as the virus…”

                Same here. The economic recovery is astounding. I think it has to do with the psychological impact. The virus was something seen as here and gone Vs a normal economic downturn. People didn’t really shut down their spending to the same degree they do when there is an economic downturn.

                A pleasant surprise. Of course we have a ways to go before we can get clear of the lingering effects and it’s always hard to know what happens when the government stops printing as much $$$.

                1. *nod* I used the weasel word caveat “may” because while I’m observing the same things you are, I’m still unsure how much of that may be smoke and mirrors.

                  If the COVID Larping finally dies and the economic recovery continues through Trump’s second term, then I’ll be convinced. ‘Til then… I’ll maintain my reservations and caveats.

                  I still say that, observably, the economic recovery is local and regional, however. NYC, New Jersey, Chicago, SeaTac, Portland, Colorado, and Coastal California aren’t recovering – because they’re still locked down and still have the self destructive COVID Larping policies.

                  You can see the difference in areas like mine and South Dakota that had sane governors and never went full retard on the lockdowns and shutdowns.

                  All is said and done, I think we’ll see a completely different landscape across the US in five years time.

  2. Cousin Bob?

    Bear spotted in South Knoxville neighborhood

    “TWRA lists tips on how to coexist with bears:”

    Shooting them is also highly thought of. Funny they didn’t mention that one.

    Y’know, he says conversationally, if I was out walking the dogs one evening in my suburban neighborhood and I saw a black bear cross the road in front of me, I’d be watertight for a month.

    Awfully racist of me, I know.

        1. So, Mr. Iron Bear, exactly why did you feel the poor dead bear threatened you? Do you have any claw marks? Bear bites?

          Best to shoot, shovel, and cover up 🙂 You are, among many government officials, much less important than a bear.

          If I’m reading correctly, your dogs are going to shun you while wearing that aftershave. Unless they’re Plott hounds. They might want to eat you.

          1. Gunpowder, Hoppe’s #9, Old Crow, and Bear Piss…

            I might have to worry about Ulric. Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting boar, bear, and stag.

            Best to shoot, shovel, and cover up 🙂 You are, among many government officials, much less important than a bear.

            I’d be a lot more likely to get fined for discharging a firearm in the city limits.

            Remember: I’m deep in “If it’s on your property, it’s a pet. If it’s on my property, it’s a varmint.” country.

            1. Most of Tennessee is the same. However, the government really likes the nazi type these days.

              Old Crow – you know that stuff will eat the bottom of a waxed paper cup right out…

            2. “…Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting boar, bear, and stag.”

              Not something I recall or knew.

              Plott hounds were originally bred from german hanover* hounds, mixed with local hounds in the NC mountains. Good dogs, especially for bear hunting.

              *I think that was the name

              1. And I didn’t know that about Plotts, but I’m not really a hound guy. Coonhounds and Ridgebacks are about the limit of my knowledge there.

                My cousin Mike would probably be aware… he uses hounds for hunting bear and boar.

                Old Crow: My dad used to drink Old Crow, and he always had a faint whiff of it. Childhood memories of the mixed scent of Saddlesoap, Hoppe’s, and Old Crow are probably why I’ve never had any real negative associations to the smell of bourbon on someone.

                Besides, you wouldn’t want to use good bourbon to make aftershave. 🙂

  3. By the way, another virus product – Lumber is up by almost 3x.

    My oldest son that buys several million dollars of lumber each year told me that tonight. I thought it was an exaggeration but knew the price had gone up quite a bit. I have prices from earlier this year for several different projects. Yep, damn near 300%.

    Thanks government!

  4. Fellow North Carolinians. Take a look at what Cooper and the SBoE are trying to do to extend cert for the Election and enact other measures that will be conducive to committing fraud.
    I wrote this at Insty:

    Ok Dan Forest has asked the AG of the US Barr to look into illegal collusion between Democrat plaintiffs, the Dem Governor and the State Board of Elections. They are changing by Fiat legitimately passed laws by the North Carolina Legislature. Laws that had bipartisan support and passed in 2019/20.
    Neither Cooper nor the SBoE have the right to unilaterally void a Law passed by the Legislature.
    If Trump wants to win here he better get Barr’s team right on this one.

    Here is Dan Forest’s letter, if you can read it. (I had to use my phone and enlarge it).
    OK I can’t get images to work here. You probably can find it online.
    Here is a link to a story that has the letter.

    1. Mike, I don’t have a link, but it’s on blew-tube and also covered at Breitbart and (hate to use them) Powerline. James O’Keefe has blown the lid off illegal ballot harvesting by that Somilean cunt Illian Omar (MN Dem). This is just Pt. 1 of 2. Pt 2 is coming soon.

      I do hope you do a post on it.

      1. SO from what I can tell Trump’s team is working on exposing these fraudds.
        He better be getting busy in NC because that jerk Cooper is working hard for the fraud.

  5. I know some of my friends have reservations about Ms. Barrett as a justice, fearing she will be the 2nd Roberts on the court.

    I have no such fear, believing her stance on the 2nd means she will fiercely protect the rights of all Americans. The 2nd is the only litmus test I have, and I believe one that passes that is good on the rest.

    1. Heh. She’s a product of Notre Damme, what Severian noted is “a ‘Catholic’ institution that didn’t just swallow the blue pill, they used it as a suppository”.

      I agree with him: it’s not a matter of if she’s gonna take the ticket and crawfish on us, it’s when.

      * I understand why Barrett’s the pick: great tactics and politics, great optics. Just lousy strategy for us for a number of reasons: woman, virtue signaler, Catholic from a pozzed Cath institution, woman, and did I say ‘woman’ already?

      ** The Second’s a good litmus test, but over the last ten years I’ve added Immigration to it as my two main ones. And I’m not as convinced as you that she’s going to be as staunch on the Second.

      On the other hand, once the Media, Feminists, and BCGs wind up fully into screeching mode, the confirmation circus is gonna be EPIC. 🙂

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