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64 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

    1. I’m chuckling. I’d laugh harder if he’d burnt himself with the flamethrower first.

    2. “burst into tears”


      I’d have to leave town and change my name. 🙂

          1. Keep the hits coming.
            I’m laughing so hard I’m gonna need Depends soon!
            Wadda ya mean, TMI?

            1. Lord Almighty,
              I feel my temperature rising
              Higher higher
              It’s burning through to my soul

              Girl, girl, girl
              You gonna set me on fire
              My brain is flaming
              I don’t know which way to go

              Your kisses lift me higher
              Like the sweet song of a choir
              You light my morning sky
              With burning love

              Ooh, ooh, ooh,
              I feel my temperature rising
              Help me, I’m flaming
              I must be a hundred and nine
              Burning, burning, burning
              And nothing can cool me
              I just might turn into smoke
              But I feel fine!

      1. I heard that. It’s good they just shot him dead. Why waste the trial which wouldn’t happen to until after the election.

        He’s already forgotten by today.

    1. Oddly enough, not one mask can I find that advertises it will stop the transmission of a virus.

        1. Wait, the government and the CDC tell me the mask is necessary to stop the spread of the china/election virus. And you’re telling me the mask doesn’t stop the spread of a virus?

          Surely we can trust the government and the CDC!

          1. Except when there are “Protests” of the “left kind” and Pelosi needs hair coloring.

            Can’t you see, the regular DEPLORABLE areas have people who sneeze uncontrollably over EVERYTHING and then us IDIOTS touch it all and can’t help putting our hands on it and then smearing our faces with it making all us STUPID Deplorables sick with the WuFlu and KILLING us, when in actuality it has killed more than 50% of the time in Nursing Homes because sick people were sent back there to kill sickly old people.

          2. *snicker* Trust the Government. The Government is your friend! They have Top Men studying it! Top. Men.

            You probably know this, but…

            All the masks, especially the cloth masks, bandanas, and gaiters that most people are wearing, do is block the spray from going out if you sneeze or cough. About the same as covering your mouth with your hand and lowering your head when you sneeze or cough.

            And then you’ve trapped a bunch of mucous and spittle inside the mask up against your face.

            If you’re sick enough that you’re coughing and hacking and sneezing, you’re probably sick enough that you should stay the fuck at home, anyway.

            Oi. We learned this in third or fourth grade health class, those of us who didn’t learn it from our parents even younger. Kids these days.

            Proper masks work – in surgeries and controlled medical environments: for keeping a doctor or nurse from dropping or spraying spittle into open wounds or vulnerable patients. Then they’re taken off, with gloves, and disposed of as medical bio-hazardous waste: because that’s what they are. They’re also worn no more than an hour or so in a hospital environment before being changed for a fresh one.

            Since they’re not recommending doing that and putting up biohazard containers everywhere for proper disposal, they’re not serious about this shit. It’s LARPing.

            Hell, my mesh mask works better, for certain values of “works”, just because it’s not trapping my own bacteria and mucous against my face.

            And none of this is why I’m against mask mandates. It’s partially because with my breathing issues, they’re putting my life at risk for their LARPing, and mostly because, well.. fuck ’em.

            Haven’t had a chance to use this one because hey, low Karen environment, but I’ve been waiting for someone to pull the Grandma thing on me:

            “You should mask!”


            “You want to murder grandma for money!”

            “Well, hadn’t thought about it, really, but… exactly how much money are you offering?”

            1. If you’re sick enough that you’re coughing and hacking and sneezing, you’re probably sick enough that you should stay the fuck at home, anyway.

              Nailed it.

        2. Making everyone wear one DOES keep all of us somewhat afraid of THE PLAGUE CALLED WuFlU which is now officially Just the Flu.
          I think it’s bogus, but seeing everyone wear a mask even freaks me out.
          But not from Flu.
          From people being sheep.
          I like to take the mask off even for a minute and see the FEAR!

    1. I think I ordered some things at the same time. Can’t wait!Must be coming soon.

    2. Haven’t gotten mine yet, but fully expect The Brat to “borrow” at least one when they come in. -sigh- Kids. Why oh why is it illegal to sell them to circuses?

      1. It was that damn book “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.
        Totally misrepresented the joys of kids and circus life.

    3. Oh yeah? Good deal, glad to hear it. If you can, take a pic of the thing and post it. I’d be very interested to see what a real-world example looks like out in its natural habitat.

    1. OK GAWD, I wish I could put a “spit hood” over some Maskerh8ters commenters who insist “if it saves one life, WEAR THE MASK” to me.

      1. “If it saves one life, WEAR THE MASK”

        “But I hate people. Why would I want to save any lives?”

    2. Funny enough he was born around the time of my Dad in Queens (the Bronx for my Dad), grew up a stones throw from St. John’s Unversity, right near where Trump was growing up and I attended years later (fucker was my commencement speaker), played baseball a year earlier than my Dad and signed to the same Major League Baseball Team my Dad did around the same time.
      Heh, my Dad was in A ball and he was in D ball. I can’t wait to tell my Dad about that.

      Over the years my Dad probably crossed paths with him unbeknownst to either of them.

  1. I hold in my hand the CD The Belmont Playboys: Hot Rod Heart.
    When loading to my iTunes it says “Country Masters”.
    I’ll be listening tonight to the whole thing after hearing snippets on ALLMusic when I ordered it.

    1. That “Country Masters” thing is an unauthorized bootleg, as I recall. The rotten bastards. No matter though, glad you’re liking it.

      1. It is distributed by Teen Rebel Records with a PO Box in South Florida as its address. Copyright 1997.
        Made in Canada.

        Country Masters is the genre iTunes shows, so I am not sure if Apple assigned the genre or if the CD coding itself lists that and iTunes picked that up.

        1. Ahh, that would explain it, then. Teen Rebel was our first label, started by our friend Tony from NJ, who worked for Warner. He got moved to Miami, launched the label, and put out those first discs. He later sold the rights to em to another label we signed with later, whose name I won’t mention because it pisses me off to do so. So I dunno, unless he’s paying that label, which I kinda doubt, I guess that would mean that Tony is bootlegging ’em or something…? If so, good for him, I hope he makes a bundle. Somebody needs to, dang it.

          1. I really like Chapparal even though I called it a Bolero before. It’s more like a malagueña or other Spanish Guitar pieces. I always liked Spanish Guitar in all its forms.

            Ps Flamenco? Whatever it is I like it.

    1. I imagine Delaware is like a lot of places. Big City Leftists overpower suburban and rural Normal people’s votes.

      1. I’m sure it is. The cities attract the under achievers in droves, looking for a handout.

  2. NC china/election virus update for Sept 10:

    75 = 57% 1704 deaths
    65 – 74 = 23% 688 deaths
    50 – 64 = 15% 449 deaths
    25 – 49 = 5% 150 deaths
    <25 = 0%

    2990 deaths total

    Nursing home 1214
    Res care facility 282
    Prison 39
    Other 9
    Total 1544 51.6%

    Not congregate 962 32%
    Missing data 484 16%

    80% of deaths are age 65
    Congregate living is 52 to 68% of the deaths
    0% of under 25

    Notice, no deaths under age 25. So, we should 1) close the public school system, 2) online at several state universities, and now 3) at UNC Wilmington, go from 2 per room to 1 per room in the dorms – that will show that virus.

  3. 9-11
    Seems like yesterday rather than 19 years ago.
    Trump has done a good job of beginning the extraction from the shitholes. I hope during the 2nd term he finishes it.

    Oh, fuck you Mattis. You’re an affirmative action general, nothing more. You too Kelly, POS.

    Perhaps Schwarzkopf was the last damn General worth spit in this country.

  4. Listening to the marxists that head the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, I think I’m pulling for the fire. I know there are a lot of good people in those states and I hope they stay safe. I see no hope for those places, burning them out is probably the best result. Stupid is supposed to have consequences.

  5. I got my two CF t-shirts yesterday. (Actually Thursday, apparently, but the package was set aside and I didn’t find out about it. -sigh-) I was going to take a picture of The Brat and me each wearing one and send it to Mike for if he wanted to put up a “real people” picture of his shirts rather than the models and computer-tweaked images on CafePress … but The Brat is being a little shit today. Maybe in a few days.

    In other news, I replaced the exhaust in my van yesterday and today and changed the rear shocks while I was at it. It was a much greater PITA than I’m used to from doing the same job on other vehicles. There were a few suboptimal design decisions going into my van. I hold firm in my belief that SAE means Society of Asshole Engineers.

    1. As someone that has spent many hours working on vehicles, I concur with your assessment of SAE.

      Then there are the BMW engineers, standing for Bad&MostWorst. ( I don’t own a BMW, I have never owned a BMW, I will never own a clusterfuck of a car like a BMW, but I know those who do)

      1. A Merceded I owned required the who dash to be removed to get at the airconditioner unit. What a cost! THat was in HK where the labor is cheaper.
        Won’t buy one again.
        I heard bad things about Jags and Alfa Romeos too.

        1. My wife’s car is a Mercedes I bought used, 2006 model bought two years ago. 12 years old and 130K miles at purchase. A way to get an 80-90K car for less than 6K (S class). It’s been trouble free so far. Anyway, I buy throw away cars. At 5-6K the bank isn’t broken if you get a lemon. But I’ve never gotten a bad one, partly because I know mechanical systems and cars rather well.

          I judge Merc to be the best of the european cars, followed by Porsche, then VW. Audi is next to last and BMW bottom. Just my opinion.
          American cars are quite good IMO. Buying used I just buy the best I can get though, and expensive cars like the Merc are usually kept up by the dealer and garaged. My wife’s looked brand new, still looks like maybe a year old car.

          1. Mercedes are known, at least in Asia, to have electrical systems problems too. Maybe it has to do with where they are made.

            1. Here’s the weird one for you, I bought my Mercedes from someone that helped design the electrical system…

              Trouble free wasn’t quite right. I had to replace the alternator about a year after purchase. No biggy.

                1. A bit less than $200 for that one. About 30 minutes to change it. That’s all I’ve done other than oil/filter change.

                  1. Like I said, amybe it’s where they’re actually built.
                    I remember in HK if we bought a TC from SANYO they would sell a Made In Japan certified TV with a longer warranty for a higher price than a Made In Malaysia or China or Indonesia one.
                    Buying Used Cars was a crap shoot.

    1. In NY on Long Island (!) a goblin tried to rob a liquor store near my house. I was maybe 17 at the time. The store was well known and the whole neighborhood bought their wine or liquor for special occasions there. Old Italian couple.
      After the goblin cleared the cash register and ran out the store the old Italian guy got his gun out, chased him down the street and shot him down.
      My Dad’s friend who owned the gas station at the corner witnessed it all. He was laughing about it for months afterwards.
      The cops showed up, watched the CCTV, saw the goblin still had the gun and money on him as he lay there, bleeding out, and they just told the old Italian guy “Nice Shooting!” and that was that.

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