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Well, I have no idea what the hell that was about, but over the weekend my brand-new Kipling sub-page seems to have got et somehow. Naturally, since I built the thing in the WP-native, server-based code editor instead of my usual third-party blogging software, I had no backup for it. So I just reconstructed it more or less from scratch, with a few modifications here and there.

And oddly enough, I now note that there are actually a good few recent posts that have gone missing, including the original Kipling notification. This all happened after I updated WordPress and a couple of plugins Friday, which must be the cause, although I can’t imagine why such a thing would happen, and it never has before. I’ll see about restoring them all, although I’ll bet anything the associated comments are gone for good. Very bizarre—and after last year’s mysterious and crippling Rooskie hack, damned alarming, too.

Update! Okay, last Thursday night’s posts restored, comments for said posts lost forever, just as I feared. Now I’m worried that this is an indication of some unwelcome malefactor skulking about inside my site CP, rather than merely some odd WP glitch. And I ain’t digging that thought at all.

11 thoughts on “Restored Kipling

  1. Any way to back up your site locally?
    I’m not blog savvy so I think that might be rough.
    I have been sending posts to other blog comments and family and friends myself sometimes, but randomly.
    I wish I could be more help.
    Commenter a lot over 20 years and sometime poster, which I always thought pales, mostly, against others, so running a blog is something I feel inadequate about.
    Like welding.
    I can change a tire and saw wood and cut my own grass. SO I’m not useless. heh.

    1. “Like welding”

      Easy Peasy. Buy welder, buy steel. Couple hours and you’ll be 90%.
      TIG is considered the hardest to learn. I think it is the easiest.

      1. I probably could learn to weld, but I could never quite trust something I myself welded.
        I let others build the bridges too.
        A man has got to know his limitations.

        1. Turns out, HM had a catastrophic server failure involving the machine this site lives on, and the backup they used to restore us was from the day before the posts that went missing, and the Kipling subpage, went up. So it’s all good, really; at least there aren’t any Rooskie saboteurs lurking about.

          I CAN do local database backups myself, and have over the years, but nowhere NEAR as often as I should. Of course, then you get into having to restore the databases and tables and all that crapola should it become necessary, which makes my hair hurt just thinking about.

          Another that just kills me, though: having lost going on twenty fucking years of posts from last year’s hack. I have the old infected database with them, but I don’t have anything like the kind of time it would take to go through all that code line by line to excise the virus-code implanted by our hacker friend. So, for all intents and purposes, they’re just…gone.

          1. Hang on to that database, just don’t let it loose. There are tools one can use to clean it up and sanitize it if you get serious. I’m not the expert but we can find them.

            1. Yes, hang on to the DB, Mike. I am an expert on that sort of thing. Problem is lack of available time. But maybe that’ll end someday.

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