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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

59 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. So now it appears that Hidin Biden is not going to emerge from his basement to accept the Dem nomination. Just how bad is his senility that they can’t bring him out even to give a canned acceptance speech? He would not be getting even softball questions, much less hostile ones or a debate challenge.

    The Trump campaign obviously smells blood and is publicly calling for additional, earlier debates. Good luck with the hide in the basement until November strategy, Dems! Add another member of the Dem old guard getting knocked off in the Missouri primaries by a BLM radical, and it is not looking good for the Dem establishment.

  2. “Just how bad is…”

    I figure old slow Joe was an utter dumbass on his very best day.
    They cannot and will not let him out to speak publicly and they absolutely cannot let him climb in the debate ring. They’ll have to settle for what that means. I’m not certain they can keep it under wraps until Nov 3rd. 3 months? No way. As a result I figure they will make the big move to insert >fill in the blank<.

    What the hell else can these ignoramuses do?

    1. I’m expecting a variant of the Torricelli move, complete with ignoring all state ballot access deadlines. Roberts will of course vote with the leftist bloc to say it is perfectly OK when the inevitable (futile) court challenge is made.

      An alternate scenario would be to openly declare that Biden will only serve a partial term, making the VP pick the true candidate. They have hinted at this already, with talk of Biden only serving one term. But everyone knows he won’t last a full term. Biden is a place holder for the hard(er) leftist to be named later.

      1. Your “alternate scenario” looks like what is going on. I just don’t see how the party that hates President Trump more than they hate everyone else expects to win with this strategy.

        When your best candidate is a half wit on his best day, and is now degenerated mentally and unstable, the fact that you can still get 40+% of the vote is proof positive this will not end well.

  3. I hate the prep for a colonoscopy….bad enough you can’t eat anything other than Jello.  It can’t even be red fucking Jello that tastes good

    1. Best of luck, Riflemyn! I am due for one sometime soon, although with the backlog from the covidiocy shutdowns I am not sure exactly when they will fit me in the schedule.

    2. You have my sympathy. I have never had one but watched my wife suffer the prep of one.

    1. I saw that elsewhere. 3x the Fentanyl in his bloodstream than what is normally lethal. It’s amazing the guy got that far. Probably the meth kept his heart going…
      The 4 officers are all going to get a Not Guilty and then Watch It Burn.

      1. “Watch It Burn”

        I’ve come to think of this as a feature. I’m sorry for the innocent in these places, but they stand by while it all burns down. So, tough shit.

        1. I get the feeling even some POC are getting real tired of it all.
          Ran into a POC contractor today as our fridge is going kaboom. My wife was discussing the space we have for a fridge and how she took measurements. He was surprised she did that. “Most people I know don’t have any clue. They order something and then call me to make it fit in a too small space.” My wife said something about them being morons. He was like “There’s a lot of that going around! At least you and I know how to use a tape measure and use common sense.”.

          1. Is is remarkable how many people can’t think far enough ahead to realize that something like a fridge has physical size and requires a certain minimum amount of space to fit. How do these people get through the day?

            1. I’m not sure how some people keep breathing without them being reminded constantly.

  4. Dear Mr. Keebler,

    If you’re going to print a label on the package of your Pecan Sandies that says, “Peel here to open,” it really would be fucking helpful if you would also put a peel-able film and a pull tab on said package.

    You asshole.


    P.S. Just for that, I’m setting fire to the next hollow tree I encounter.

      1. Elves, man. Never trust those little bastards.

        No one ever talks about the great tragedy of cookie outsourcing.

        Once, Keebler cookies were made by American Elves in hollow trees. Then Kellog’s sold Keebler to Ferrero Group, who almost immediately moved the manufacture to Switzerland and the manufacturing jobs were taken by Svartalfar who would work sweatbakery hours for tenths of a franc.

        Hundreds of thousands of elves lost their jobs to layoffs overnight, and were forced to turn to other… less savory… “work” to make ends meet. Worse, they were forced to train their Svartalfar replacements, adding insult to injury.

        Needless to say, quality dropped, resulting in cheap packaging with “peel here to open” and no tabs.

        Now the once proud Keebler elves are reduced to selling knockoff Tickle Me Elmo dolls by the roadside, and all of the hollow trees have been converted to Section 8 housing for shiftless goblins.

  5. Couple random thoughts from scanning recent headlines:

    Cuomo is begging rich people to come back to New York as the city and state budgets implode from lost tax revenue. Good luck with that one, Fredo’s dumber brother! The New York Dem party led by AOC is publicly calling for punitive wealth taxes on the rich, the NYFC metro area has the nation’s highest COVID death rates by far, and all the things New Yorkers proclaim make living in NYFC worth it — Wall Street and the finance industry, Broadway shows, culture, museums, nightlife, great restaurants, etc. — has all been shut down and much of it won’t be coming back any time soon if ever. The high cost of living, high crime, and deeply stupid “leadership” never goes away, unlike the jobs…many of which have just had a multi-month trial run proving they can be done remotely anyway.

    Sucks to be you, NYFC! Even more than usual, I mean. Calls by the Dems for a national taxpayer bailout in 3…2…oh wait, they’ve already started.

    And speaking of the Dems, I realized that a big chunk of the insanity we have been seeing in recent months is because they only have one playbook and it is decades old. Panty-fa and the burn loot murder crowd are LARPING the 60s. Their professors and parents (grandparents in some cases now) told them how awesome it was to be part of the “movement” hitting the streets to protest against the Man. So they are rerunning the same old same old — leftists don’t have much imagination.

    Of course, during the half century plus since the 60s the left has captured control of pretty much all the major institutions. So all the young useful idiots out rioting to “stick it to the MAN!” are burning down leftist institutions now.

    “Fuck the police!” — well, Democrats control all these cities and their police departments and have for decades. And oh yeah, the police are unionized government employees — a crucial piece of the Dem coalition. Ooops.

    Students using the riots as an excuse to get out of school (those the virus hasn’t closed) — well, the schools are leftist indoctrination centers. And the teachers unions are an even bigger piece of the Dem coalition than the police are.

    “Attack city hall, man!” — The mayors are all Dems, and as we have seen in multiple cities now the only thing that can get them to actually engage the police to break up riots is mobs threatening THEIR ritzy neighborhoods. Another leftist own goal.

    The examples go on and on. Leftists keep trying to use the riots to attack “right wing institutional power” but there isn’t any such thing in this country any more, and there hasn’t been any since before most of the idiots in the streets were born. But the left doesn’t have any new ideas so they keep trying the same old playbook anyway.

    1. “Leftists keep trying to use the riots to attack “right wing institutional power” but there isn’t any such thing in this country any more, and there hasn’t been any since before most of the idiots in the streets were born. ”

      Good Point, one that I knew and noticed but never thought how it fit in. I think normal people may be noticing that the only thing the marxists want to do is burn everything down and tax anything that moves.

    2. Their professors and parents (grandparents in some cases now) told them how awesome it was to be part of the “movement” hitting the streets to protest against the Man.

      Bill Quick’s been saying that for years, speaking from his own experience on both sides of it.

      1. It is a sort of “echo boom” in more ways than just the demographic. The Boomers have had out-sized influence on the culture for decades now; their nostalgia is everyone’s nostalgia via their hold on the media and entertainment industries. And as they age beyond the point of even pretending to be middle-aged anymore and become outright elderly, the romanticized nostalgia of their youthful rebellion (much of which was actually driven and led by the Silent generation anyway) gets stronger than ever. The young idiots are LARPing the Boomers’ supposed glory days while the now-elderly hippies try to relive the past by “sticking it to the man!” despite them being the establishment now.

        It is pointless and destructive and will end very badly. But it isn’t really about making sense, as these various groups are running nostaligic movies in their heads that don’t match reality hardly at all.

    1. Most powerful earthquake in NC since 1916 when we had a tie with another 5.1 magnitude quake.

      Drove down to SC to visit my Dad today. He felt nothing. OTOH, my nephew reports feeling it in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  6. Cool. My new Al Mar lockblade came from Chicago Knifeworks via Amazon today:

    New kniff

    New kniff too

    Along with a new t-shirt.

    1. Nice. I’m falling behind. But I will be in the worlds largest knife store tomorrow after lunch 🙂

    1. This is Chris Cuomo reporting on the latest breaking news.

      Hey Bro, you do anything wrong.

      No Way Bro, I’m just chilling it and killing it.

      Ok Bro, I knew you were innocent all along.
      So folks, that’s the way it is and if ya asks me again I’ll tell ya the same. Night Bro.

      Night Bro. Mom says Hello.

    1. Geez, I drive 8 hours today and my wife calls to inform me that dopey Joe has picked the one woman that called him a racist on the debate stage.

      Between Harris confirming dopey Joe is a racist dope, and Willie B. out waggling his willie around, this should be quite a show.

      1. I just registered for Open NC.
        I think I’ll give money to Forest for his campaign.

      2. … dopey Joe has picked the one woman that called him a racist on the debate stage.

        Nah. Gropey Joe was just as surprised and pleased as everyone else to find out who he’d picked.

        And I’m sure they’ll tell him who it was once he’s had his oatmeal and a nappy.

        1. Probably. OTOH, I have a slightly different theory. Crooked Susan was the obama choice since she is owned by obama.

          Joe may be a dope (LOL, “may”) and he is certainly suffering dementia, but he’s not so stupid he doesn’t know that his “buddy” obama screwed him early by refusing to endorse.

          Picking Harris was a middle finger to obama.

              1. “However, she does represent the Obama-Jarrett wing of the party…”

                Sundance says she is the obama candidate.

                  1. They do everything to make sure the big money people get the right tax breaks, in spite of what the rhetoric is.

                    1. Of course.
                      But if the Bigs on Wall St had their druthers they would like Biden and someone more moderate.
                      Just no Bernie or Fauxcahontas (two potentially true believers) or Buttgag or other radical incompetents.

                      Seems to me like Kamala is probably the compromise between Establishment Party leaders, Wall St, the 0 Cabal and Silicon Valley.

                      This is also almost certainly the last nail in the coffin of Crooked Clinton, but I still wish she would croak to be certain.

    2. Calling Biden a racist and then selling out and joining his ticket from personal ambition? That little girl was me!

      It truly is amazing that the Dems have no one better than Dementia Joe and ‘What did she do to her face?’ Harris. A quarter century of the Clinton machine strangling the budding careers of any potential rivals to Hillary’s inevitable run for the Oval Office, combined with the Dems’ mass suicide charge to force through Obamacare killing many more careers, has really left the Donkey Party with a thin bench.

      So now they are trying the “historic first” thing yet again, because it is the only thing that has worked for them in recent cycles. But Harris generated very little enthusiasm during the primaries, especially after Tulsi torched her in the debate. I doubt her history as Cali AG will really fire up very many Burn Loot Murder voters now.

      Has anyone checked on the wicked witch of Chappaqua? I doubt this is going over well with the Smartest Woman in History, the Inevitable First Woman President, Her Herness.

      1. I also note that the Dems have once again managed to select a “black” candidate who has no ancestry from American slaves. Just like with Obama, this fact will never be mentioned by the media. But it is there in the back of people’s minds.

        1. No ancestry to America period.
          Both were born overseas and immigrated here. She’s an Anchor baby!

  7. I just added myself to Open NC website.
    I will march, because I can.
    Run Forest Run.
    MAGA. KAG. Glory be to John Locke.

  8. New campaign slogan “Vote Joe and the ‘Ho'”

    Stolen from the comments at CTH

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