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20 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. I see the left has begun pushing their reasons excuses for why Dementia Joe will not debate President Trump. We all knew senile Joe would never take the stage to debate Trump, it was just a question of how the Dems would spin the refusal. Today’s media entry is that they do not want to “give a platform” to Trump because he supposedly is not a ‘legitimate’ candidate. I guess they missed the part where he is the sitting President running for re-election, being busy living in their fantasy world where President Hillary has won 4 Nobel Peace Prizes by now while solving all the world’s problems in her spare time.

    Biden will get the standard Dem vote share even if he is dead, so refusing to debate will not cost him with his base. But I think a lot of potentially swing voters will not respond well to Biden refusing to come out of his basement for a debate. The “Biden is Hidin” and “Senile Joe” memes will do a lot of damage if he does not present some show of capability.

    1. When in your memory has there been an actual “debate” on the Presidential trail? Those “debates” are run by the Media, who are all Communist whores.

          1. Had someone told me in 1997 that the Democrats would put up the Loser’s Row of Gore (Wooden AL can’t carry TN), Kerry (SEARED Traitor), 0, 0, Crooked Dumber Clinton, and now Sloe Joe Senile, I’d not have believed it.
            Then if you told me the Unknown 0 won TWICE because we put up McCain and Romney I’d have really gone crosseyed.
            That we’d be saying Thank God For Trump in 2017 would be the biggest Surprise of all.
            What has happened to my country? When was the last Election we had two serious potential leaders actually square off on Policy?
            Aside from Trump the rest of that group above makes Carter look Fabulously Presidential.
            And he was the Worst President since 1900 if not ever at the time!

            1. Think about it – The commie marxist progs hate Trump as deeply as they have ever hated.

              And all they can come up with to run against him is a man that in his prime was a half wit. Now he’s a tenth wit.

              It’s just a comedy. Look at the rest of their “leaders”:

              Pelosi – can’t speak in complete sentences
              Nadler – waddles like a duck, can barely get in a car unassisted
              Schiff – bug eyed ass that everyone knows is lying when his lips move
              AOC – less wit than Biden, dumber than a pile of dog doo
              Ohmar – Somalian refugee here by subterfuge, should be deported

              That’s your modern commie party AKA democrats

              1. Yet, there they are, beating us and holding the line against Trump.
                One Election away from Venezuela style one party rule.
                Like they have in California.

                1. I figure we’re a 40/40/20 country.
                  40% committed marxists
                  20% that can’t find their ass
                  40% that are Americans

                2. Well, the Dems have spent the past several decades running unopposed until Trump upset the GOP establishment apple cart. Imagine where the country might be if there had been an opposition party.

  2. Presented for your amusement.

    A joke about roundworms being overrated leads to accusations of sexism, racism, “the support the privileged were given by other privileged”.

    It would be nice to think that we’ve reached peak wokeness and butthurt, but I’m sure we have not.

    1. I’ve been assured, repeatedly, vehemently, and often profanely, by people who watched “all the videos” that Floyd wasn’t resisting and that there was no reason for the cops to be so aggressive and that he was murdered.

      My statement that it wasn’t clear and that we needed more evidence was the equivalent of saying “all lives matter” to some frothing BLMer.

      Most likely I should not hold my breath waiting for an apology from those who called me a racist or a cop-sucker.

      1. Yahoo is already pointing to articles that say this Video PROVE Floyd was murdered. Selected excerpts only shown.

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