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I’ve noticed of late a sudden influx of what appear to be spurious user registrations hereabouts. My suspicions were aroused by 1) bizarre-looking usernames with a bunch of numbers in ’em, which almost nobody does in my long experience, and 2) a crap-ton of email addresses from questionable locales like, or and such-like.

Not at all wanting to put up with a repeat of the crippling hack that totally hosed the site for a couple of months last winter, a total catastrophe that rendered fucking 19 years’ worth of archives radioactive—ie, too hot to risk reinstating them without spending a mind-boggling amount of time sifting through the databases to remove any sinister-looking code still lurking about, time I simply do not have—I’m taking the simpler route of dumping the shady users before they can find a way to exceed their user-limitations and bring this place crashing down again.

That said, it’s entirely possible (if not damned likely) that in the course of this precautionary housekeeping I’ll delete a legit user or three that hasn’t caused any problems and harbors no ill intent. So if that sounds like you and you should find yourself 86’d unjustly, please do shoot me an email and I’ll cheerfully reinstate you, with my humblest apologies for the error.

Update! Hrmm. Wonder who this “Ferrous Ursine” character might be? Sure sounds like a miscreant to me…

18 thoughts on “Publick Notice

  1. Iron Bear?

    Yeah. I’d be suspicious as well. At the risk of sounding like Adam ShitForBrains sounds Russian to me…

  2. “locales like”

    Party? Maybe we could let a couple redheads in? Just a suggestion…


      I’m partial to brunettes, but ginger’s beat the hell outta blonds.

      Usually. (Depending primarily on relative cup size…)

        1. Not to worry, Barry. I doubt any Democrats hang out here, so there’s little concern about readers being interested in girls too young to have a cup size.

          I can’t be the only one to have noticed that despite the utterly lopsided media bias, every report of tree jumping has involved a Democrat, a liberal, a pAntifa, a mohammedan. I can’t think of a single report of a Republican being arrested for molesting or raping a little girl. (Not teens; a sixteen-year-old girl is a sexually mature woman and in times past would likely have been married already. I’m talking about prepubescent girls. Or boys for that matter.)

  3. If you see someone with a PlanetClaire moniker it’s probably Jill Biden.

    Planet Claire has pinko air
    All the trees are red
    Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself there
    No one has a head

  4. … by 1) bizarre-looking usernames with a bunch of numbers in ’em, which almost nobody does in my long experience…

    I’ve seen it, but mostly in forums where someone really wants their usual (fairly common) usernick, only to find that it’s already taken so they have to resort to “username_12347” to register. Seldom to never at blogs, though.

    You’re probably safe to figure they’re bogus and ban hammer them.

    Update! Hrmm. Wonder who this “Ferrous Ursine” character might be? Sure sounds like a miscreant to me…

    He is! He is! A thoroughly scurrilous and disreputable sort indeed.

    You may not know it but that man ‘bear is a spy
    He’s a undercover agent for the Eff-Bee-Eye
    And he’s been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan!
    Would you believe that man ‘bear has gone so far
    As tearing Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars
    And he even voted for George McGovern for President.

    I’d ban ‘im and I were you.

    1. tearing Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars

      There were claims that a guy dressed up as a pAntifa and went to one of the “peaceful protests” in one of the west coast shitholes. (Portland, I think, but don’t recall for sure.) After most of the “protesters” left their cars (outside of the planned “protest” zone) he stayed behind and put Trump 2020 stickers to cover all of the Bernie! and BLM and other liberal stickers. Then he hung back and watched the fun when the thugs returned and trashed each others’ cars.

      The above was presented as a true story, but no proof was given and I have no idea about whether it’s true.

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