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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

51 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Mike mentioned a week or two ago that Iron bear was now an editor here. I don’t remember seeing any posts by him. Did I miss them or are there none?

    If the latter, Hey, Iron bear! -poke poke- Get off the stick!

    1. It’s the latter. I concur, get with it Iron Bear!
      🙂 With this wait it’s going to be a humdinger.

    2. I’ll have you know that “Dance, Monkey, dance!” doesn’t work on me, 🙂

      I’ll post when I have something to say. Or when I feel like taking the piss at something.

        1. To be honest, Barry, I don’t think that anyone really wants to read what’s going through my head lately.

      1. So you’re going with the Dylan defense:

        They say sing while you slave and I just get bored
        I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more.

        1. Piss off, Kenny. When I decide to post something, you’ll see it here.

          ‘Til then, prodding me ain’t gonna get you anything you’re really gonna want.

          Why yes, I am in a bad mood lately. Why do you ask?

          1. I thought I was supporting your decision.

            I’ve been told to Piss Off by better… ;>D

  2. Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers. And the same to those of you that didn’t have children but had a hand in raising some anyway.

  3. “To you, it might seem like heritage, but others see hate,” Wallace said after NASCAR announced its new policy. “We need to come together and meet in the middle and say, ‘You know what, if this bothers you, I don’t mind taking it down.’”

    Black NASCAR driver regarding the Confederate battle flag.

    Typical leftist – meet in the middle – means do what I want.

    And for the record. no I’m not going to watch. Nothing new though, the sport of driving around and around lost its appeal to me many years ago.

    1. The cars are all exactly the same, even look the same (without badging of the front grille I can’t tell Mustang from Camaro from Toyota), have limiters anyway, and they stop the race and start over again.
      No one really races until the last 10 laps now.

      I much prefer drag racing anyway, but even there the Pro Stock class is all Camaros with custom engines. The Funny Cars all look alike but at least with the Nitro classes there is a LOT of engineering being done and a LOT of science used as the conditions change from qualifying and through race day.

      1. Drag racing was always fun when we did it, but I never really found watching much fun myself. I know people that do though.

        Road Racing like I’ve always done is my favorite. Most of the time the spectators can’t see the whole track though, except for places like Charlotte that use the oval and the infield. Nice view of the whole race in what we call Rovals, road racing with ovals.

      1. And now we have the “NASCAR Noose”. That is a garage door pull rope with a hand loop at the end repurposed as a hanging noose for people of color.

        The sheer stupidity of these people just amazes me. Everyone with an IQ above 25 or so knew this was most likely a hoax. There is no way that the entire NASCAR group didn’t know this was nothing more than the garage door pull rope.

        NASCAR fans take note, don’t go and don’t watch. NASCAR is now in the business of fake news and racial strife to go along with their fake racing.

  4. It turns out websites like Tik-Tok and K-Pop were encouraging members to bomb the Trump Rally websites requesting tickets. 100’s of thousands requests were sent in and therefore a good chunk of the actual tix were allocated to these scammers who never intended to go to the Rally.

    For the next Rally the Trump Team need to fix this so that it is more like trying to get concert tix.

  5. Set it up so that you’re charged $100 for the ticket but if you show up at the rally and your swipe your ticket through the scanner you get $75 back.

    1. AN idea.
      I also think there should be a “local” advantage. Reserve a thousand seats for locals. Tell anyone registering outside local that their seats are forfeit if not showing up within one hour day of and entering.
      Also, give discounts to various local orgs, like Vets groups etc, and offer transport to the venue free.
      Concert promoters must have some ideas as well.
      Can you imagine if Bands could rig your concerts for people NOT to show?
      Back in the day people used to HIRE audiences. We don’t want that, but 60 years of concert promoter expertise must have some experience with this.

      Mike is a professional musician, (unlike me who if I got cut rate beer at a dive, that was as much as I ever got paid, because compared to Mike I sucked).

  6. I don’t think the lefty efforts spelled out above had much if any effect on turnout. Looks to me that the curfew, the threat of violence, the predicted weather, and the chinaVirus fear is what lowered the total somewhat. It was only lower than the normal Trump rally, but not really low.

    1. They had one million requests for tickets.
      Some turnout was affected or else they could have let people in after a while.
      Make a rule, don’t show by the first 20 minutes then someone else gets let in.

    2. On the flip side of that coin Barry is the worrisome thought that curfews, weather, overhyped virus and threats of violence from the Left WORK to send us packing.
      Where’s our Backbone? The time to Stand Up Against The Clampdown is NOW.

      Looks like the Clampdown wins instead.

      1. I don’t know. Trump still pulls in about 12,000 times Bidens #’s more than Biden or any other prog.

        I imagine it has nothing to so with spine. I’m not getting in an antifa crowd unarmed or with the likelihood that if I fight back in self defense they’ll put me in jail.

        1. In Tulsa?
          In 2016 we didn’t have those fears.
          We need to fix that if Trump can’t rally in Tulsa and gets 5-8,000 no shows.

          1. I didn’t go to the Trump rally in Charlotte. Wouldn’t go to one next week either, or 2016.

            Not everyone wants to go. There’s only one thing that matters and that is turning out the vote for Trump in the states that are close. Does a Trump rally with 12000 rather than 19000 hurt that effort?

            I don’t think so. YMMV.

        2. He got a million requests for tickets.

          I can understand if you don’t want to go. You wouldn’t order a ticket anyway, right?

          So either there were a LOT of no shows or the Rally was punked.

          1. They didn’t obviously issue a million tickets.

            Once again if they issued 20,000 tickets and only 12,000 showed, there were EITHER 8,000 people who wanted tickets but then didn’t show, OR somehow a large number of those 8,000 NEVER intended to show.

            Even if it is a combination of both, this was something that DIDN’T happen in 2016 and MUST be fixed.

  7. I am hearing explanations for the Turnout issue in Tulsa.

    Sounds like Building Management pulled temperature screeners which as early as 2 hours prior to the Speech. So thousands were stranded outside and unable to even get near the outdoor viewing area, let alone inside to the Seating areas.

    No temperature check and Secret Service wouldn’t let you inside or even near the Venue.

    1. Stuff like this is why it is impossible to trust any numbers from the media or the government, or things like the Real CLear Politics poll averages or the election prediction markets. As soon as something useful becomes widely used, it becomes worthwhile for people to start gaming and manipulating it to gaslight the public.

      The left knows that Trump’s rallies in 2016 played a big part in kicking Hillary’s ass, so they will disrupt and block them in every way they can. Similarly with social media being used to get around the legacy media gatekeepers, we now see the Big Brother tech companies clamping down on any non-approved speech. Twitter has not blocked Presient Trump yet, although they are nibbling around the edges with their “warnings” about supposed hate speech and the like. I expect them to try to cut off his Twitter before the election. I also expect that attempt to fail, as Trump and his team have to know it is coming and will have a plan in place.

      1. “…as Trump and his team have to know it is coming and will have a plan in place.”

        Agree they know it’s coming or likely. Plan? I’m not sure they have a viable plan as I cannot imagine what it is short of having criminal information on the corporate owners that allows the DOJ to go after them. Congress is of no use.

        1. Plan A: limit their H1-B gold mines in imported indentured servants who cannot leave or ask for a raise.
          Plan B: Take away their 230 status and make them liable for anything printed. Censor one thing and they’re a Publisher.
          Plan C: Antitrust.

          1. A – useful but not going to stop them.
            B – See congress, useless
            C – Possible, as I said with the DOJ, but that takes a long time to develop unless they have it ready to go.

            I’m just not sure they have a viable plan ready to go that will change anything short term, prior to the election.
            That does not mean I think tweeter Inc. is going to try and shut down the president. Even tweeter *might* not be that stupid.

      2. They’re gaslighting the Covid numbers in OK, TX and AZ now.
        They double the testing and of course double the positives. But they are also showing rising Hospitalization, but there should be a lag there.
        I think they’re sending people to the Hospital now when 2 weeks ago they would have been sent home to isolate with middling symptoms.
        Capturing more asymptomatics shouldn’t increase hospitalizations. If increased testing just reveals more asymptomatics then hospitalization s have no need to increase. Social Distancing shouldn’t have much affect on the severity of a case once you get it.
        Hospitalizations are usually because treatments are ineffective or more elderly and/or comorbid people are getting it. Are city mayors in Blue cities sending infected people into NH to juice the hospitalizations? That’s another possibility.

        1. I think they’re sending people to the Hospital now when 2 weeks ago they would have been sent home to isolate with middling symptoms.

          Of course. The chinaVirus hospitals have been under utilized. Perfect time to fix that. Death rate is a more reliable indicator and I see no real increase there.

          1. Hospitals are going broke even after laying off tens of thousands of nurses and other hospital staff. They still can’t get people in for the usual mix of pre-dempanic operations and procedures, so all that’s left is dragging in every patient who might possibly have the Chinese Flu.

          2. But what will Tik-Tok do for content if all the nurses actually have to spend their time treating patients?

            For all the talk about how cases are supposedly “surging” here in Texas, hospitals are about to be overwhelmed, etc. (gosh, this all sounds familiar…) I still do not know anyone who knows anyone who has had COVID. My social circle is not the largest, but I know people who are very big “people people” who do have large social circles. And still, no one knows anyone who has had COVID. Not a single one.

            From that same social circle there are multiple people who lost their jobs due to the shutdown. So from where I am sitting, the panic was real but the supposed virus threat seems pretty tiny. Invisible, in fact. For the plague of doom that was supposedly going to kill us all, it sure doesn’t seem to be in any hurry.

          3. Haz, a couple people at my wife’s church allegedly were diagnosed with the Chinese Flu. They’re all elderly, previously ailing, and Chinese. Also, the “diagnoses” were before test kits were readily available, so they may well have had colds, ordinary flu, or psychosomatic children.

            My mom used to volunteer at nursing homes and hospice, farther upstate in NY than I am. Their county had had few or no Chinese Flu cases and zero deaths … until Andrew “Murderer” Cuomo directed sick patients from NYC area to be dumped in the upstate nursing homes. At last report the Chinese Flu was all through the county’s nursing homes but no one had died yet. However, that last report was a month or two ago and there have probably been Chinese Flu deaths among the elderly since then.

          4. ” (gosh, this all sounds familiar…) ”

            Don’t it though. Worked once they think so they try it again.
            Why, even Fauci “sex with strangers is ok” is back on TV telling us what to do.

  8. (Replying to SteveF’s comment. I see the ‘Reply’ button on some comments but not others; is it just how deeply nested the comments are?)

    Andrew ‘Granny Killer’ Cuomo has a lot to answer for, but I do not expect the media (with his brother Fredo) or Dem voters in NY to do anything about him. They seem to think he has shown “strong leadership” during this whole insanity. All the deaths in his state from COVID are apparently somehow proof of this “strong leadership.”

  9. All the deaths in his state from COVID are apparently somehow proof of OrangeManBad!


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