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On your feet or on your knees

So here t’is, folks, the be-all end-all post I’ve been mentioning for several days. Since it’s been in the hopper for a week or more now, the opener will seem like old news, but it will still serve as a setup to get us where I want to go, I think.

When you think it’s time to start burying you guns, it’s probably time to start digging them up.

Lansing (United States) (AFP) – Demonstrators, including some carrying guns, entered the capitol building in the US state of Michigan on Thursday and demanded the Democratic governor lift strict coronavirus lockdown orders, as some lawmakers reportedly donned bulletproof vests.

Dozens of demonstrators crowded the lobby of the building in Lansing, where they demanded to be allowed inside the House Chamber.

State police, wearing masks, blocked them from entering. None of the protesters appeared to be wearing masks.

I’ve seen several on our side decrying the supposedly “threatening” behavior represented by the armed protesters as thuggish, excessive, or even self-defeating. They’re wrong about that, I believe, and here’s why:

“Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us,” tweeted Senator Dayna Polehanki along with a photo showing four men, at least one of whom appeared to be carrying a weapon.

“Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them. I have never appreciated our Sergeants-at-Arms more than today,” she continued.

Now admittedly, it’s a damned shame things have come to such a sorry pass. Also, We The People bear at least some of the blame for it, for decades of inattention to the sacred duty of safeguarding our Constitutional rights as they were slowly whittled away.

The truth as I see it, though, is that the problem is not that politicians found themselves fearful and intimidated by the Michigan protesters. No, the problem is that they aren’t intimidated enough, and as a consequence have grown accustomed to their commands being unquestioningly obeyed by the people they are now ruling instead of governing. They have become arrogant, imperious, and completely unconcerned about such trifling irrelevancies as “unalienable rights” and “the consent of the governed.”

For our 2A rights to mean anything at all in terms of preserving the Republic, the politicians and bureau-rats must be reminded from time of their role as public servants. Whenever they seem to have grown forgetful of that, I can’t think of a swifter or surer corrective than letting them have a good, close look at a large gathering of well-armed constituents intent on restoring a proper sense of caution in them. The sight of a gun seems to be the only thing that gets much of a reaction of any kind from them nowadays. Which means we’re all in a precarious place.

It’s to the Michigan protesters’ credit that the reminder was rendered peaceably, without a shot being fired. But you can be certain that, absent the implied prospect of bodily harm should the scoundrels prove obstinate in error, any and all protest will come to naught. Could very well be that it will anyway; that’s what I’d bet on myself, in truth. But I can’t see that any meaningful harm was done by showing the politicians a few rifles on the very doorstep of their workplace, and it may yet prove to be a good thing.

The saddest thing of all is that we might well be on the threshold of a do-or-die, now-and-forever moment here. After our free 30-day (and counting) trial of Communist tyranny and the onset of economic catastrophe to come—not to mention the systemic Deep State lawlessness confirmed by the ongoing Flynn document releases—can any serious person contend that this country isn’t now at a crossroads—an inflection point where the only choice is between abandonment of any hope of a restoration of some semblance of Constitutional liberty…or acceptance of our position as serfs, as slaves?

The situation presents us with a stark question: if not now, when? If the extended lockdown—the exercising by state and local officials of an authority that they clearly do not possess, or not legitimately—doesn’t suffice to stir at least the Three Percenters into open revolt, then what will? How much tyranny is too much for Americans to tolerate? Is there in fact no “bridge too far,” no line our ever-more-brazen masters need fear to cross?

Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were given four years in a New York penitentiary for the crime of being associated with Gavin McInnes. They were jumped by left-wing street thugs and won the fight. They were arrested, but there was never any effort to find the men who attacked them. There was no effort to find witnesses either. Instead, the police and court relied on material provided to them by Antifa. When he sentenced them, the judge made clear he was doing it for their politics.

That is not an isolated example. Over the last decade this sort of thing has become so common that it is just an accepted part of daily reality. If you belong to a group holding unapproved ideas, you have to go to great lengths to meet in secret in order to avoid being attacked by state sanctioned mobs. If that happens, there is a good chance the police will charge you rather than the mob. The thing political dissidents in current year America fear is that the government will become aware of them.

There used to be a time when Americans associated this sort of thing with totalitarian states or South American dictatorships. The communists would never allow people to hold unapproved opinions. They smashed up illegal printing presses and banished dissident writers. Third world dictators sanctioned mobs to go around harassing people they saw as a problem. The communists are all gone and there are no more South American strong men. America is no longer a free country either.

This reality should be evident to everyone now. Government has spent the better part of the last two months closing shops and forcing people to stay indoors. They are creating bizarre and ridiculous rules for when people must go outside. Cops are pushing people around, harassing mothers at parks and otherwise carrying on like highly feminized goon squads. It’s hard to claim you live in a free country when you need permission from the government go outside to take a walk.

The remarkable thing about this is none of the things described above would have seemed plausible a generation ago. Conservatives liked to claim Bill Clinton was an autocrat, but no one seriously imagined he would so something like this. Left-wingers really thought Bush was Hitler, but even they did not think this was possible. In what feels like the blink of an eye, things we used to think were outside the realm of possibility are now normal. We have slipped into the darkness.

If you are of a certain age, the new normal is particularly tough to fathom. You spent much of your early life being told that the long struggle against communism was all about preventing exactly this. The whole point of America, its reason to exist, was to prevent exactly this from happening. Maybe it was always a big lie. Maybe it is the result of forces too complex for anyone to fathom. It really does not matter. The result is what matters. America is no longer a free country.

Not by a long yard, it ain’t. But is the worst part of the Hare-Kinsman story above that such a shocking, outrageous miscarriage of justice occurred in America…or that most Americans no longer find it particularly shocking or outrageous at all?

Mind you, I’m not advocating any specific course of action here, nor am I likely to do so. The prospect of Civil War v2.0 is an awful one, as I’ve said over and over here, a thing to be dreaded. In fact, I’m hesitant to even mull such notions over in a public forum, for reasons that ought to be obvious to anyone with a lick of sense.

But what does it say about us as Americans that we accept these travesties, even as we go right on congratulating ourselves for being the “land of the free”?

The questions keep coming: whither liberty? Whither the Constitution; whither America That Was? What senses do we lack that we cannot perceive the shadow of despotism falling over us? Does any of this really matter anymore anyway?

Update! Wilder, in the latest of his CW2.0 Weather Report series, sounds a somber note:

As I’ve mentioned before, a strong economy could take this sort of shock. Our economy isn’t strong. Let’s take New York City. What does it produce? Debt, real estate sales, insurance companies, financial irregularity, the stock market, and national “journalism” that at best is as biased as a Kennedy mother bailing her kids out of jail. If New York City were to disappear tomorrow, the only thing from NYC the Wilder Family would miss is the television show Impractical Jokers®.

Are we richer because of what comes from New York? Are we more stable? Does making another loan to a big corporation so they have enough debt on their books so a New York financier can’t buy them with their own money make us better off? Is it better because the dollars aren’t backed by anything other than a printing press?

In that same time period, manufacturing dropped from 25% of the economy to 11%. Does that make us better off, when critical goods are made an ocean away? Does that make us more stable and able to weather a crisis?

As the economy collapses, it’s collapsing because it has been hollowed out for decades. I will say that studies show, before 1980, Democrats were strongly focused on keeping the manufacturing and construction industries strong, since the unions that dominated that sector were lock-step voters for the Democrats. But, when a shiny new toy of being paid by the big banks plus being able to bring in a whole new class of voters (legal immigrants and illegal aliens) got too big, the Democrats dumped manufacturing and construction.

This collapse has been decades in the making. It won’t be done quickly. And it just might provide the pain to slingshot us into Civil War 2.0.

Revolutions, civil wars, and violent uprisings aren’t usually launched by comfortable, gainfully-employed people who are getting enough to eat.

17 thoughts on “On your feet or on your knees

  1. We took the doggie to the vet for a checkup today. My wife is at risk and has not been out very much, but we both went. On the highway my wife said she though it seemed very busy compared to a week or so ago, and she’s right. People are just ignoring the commies orders now. As soon as more business’s follow then the collective middle finger will be up.

    I still think mostly people were trying to do the right thing. With faulty information and models being the only thing they had, they went along with the orders as part of being governed. As they start to realize they are being ruled they are ignoring the orders. It’s what I’m seeing anyway.

    1. My little (big one) terrier needed a haircut and then a vet check. Finally the dog groomers we use were allowed to open but no people in the shop. They had to come out masked and get them. Same with the vet.
      But at least now they’re both open!
      Two weeks ago traffic seemed like it was down 70%. Since Friday it seems to have picked up, only down 40%.

      Varney has been a consistent conservative and even against the Lockdowns for most of US. However, he was born a Brit and so even as a US citizen now, he doesn’t have the American DNA. He was showing concern about the “message” being sent by going “armed” to a “peaceful” protest.

      Mike’s take here is spot on. It is time we showed some that we will remain peaceable only up to the point that we have to remain so, but once that point is crossed, here’s what They have to Fear.

  2. “He was showing concern about the “message” being sent by going “armed” to a “peaceful” protest.”

    They don’t have American DNA is correct. Even when they mostly “get it” they just can’t go full circle.

    Mr. Varney, protests are peaceful because people are armed.

  3. Revolutions, civil wars, and violent uprisings aren’t usually launched by comfortable, gainfully-employed people who are getting enough to eat.

    The money quote. Our would-be masters are aware of it (if they’re not idiots — not a safe bet) and will move heaven and earth to make sure the crops are planted and the trucks run and the food processing plants stay open.

    Not that I’m counting on food remaining readily available. I’m continuing to stack, just in case.

  4. Heh. Speaking of Signs of Life:

    ‘You could literally kill someone’: Masks become a new COVID-19 battleground

    Yet when the city issued an emergency proclamation Friday that required citizens to wear face coverings, store employees were “threatened with physical violence and showered with verbal abuse,” according to a statement released by the city. In response, Stillwater quickly amended its wording to only “encourage” use of masks.

    Bullshit to American Translation: Stillwater residents react badly to totalitarianism and frighten mayor and city manager enough that they back the hell off:

    Mayor Joyce went to social media to explain the reversal of the proclamation.

    “I knew there would be some objections from individuals, but I did not expect physical confrontations with employees and threatening phone calls to city hall,” Joyce said on Facebook. “I hate that our businesses and their employees had to deal with abuse today [Friday], and I apologize for putting them in that position.”

    I love my state. 🙂

    Spring in Oklahoma, the time of year when strange fruit begins to blossom in downtown Stillwater.

    1. I passed two elderly people walking in my neighborhood with no one around and a nice sunny, slightly breezy day. We were walking the dogs. They went to the other side of the street and we exchanged pleasantries. They were both wearing their masks over their mouths but not their noses. They were more like bandanna masks too, not N95’s
      So, totally useless but it made the old people feel safer. But I mean, Kabuki Theater lives!

      1. I wonder if some of these people are just trying to be politically correct and wear a mask that does zero and they know it’s a zero.

          1. Hey, I rode right by today. On HI now, beautiful weather, rain tonight, but sunny the rest of the week. New roof goes on starting Monday…

          2. We’re getting rain now. A little chilly for May though.

          3. Your rain becomes ours later. I like this cool weather. Feels like a fall day on the beach.

          4. Well we are getting hit with a load of Gorebull Warming this morning. Temps in the upper 30’s!
            In May!
            I don’t mind it either though.

  5. “I love my state. ?”

    Me too. Any state or group fighting back against the jackbooted virus thugs have my admiration.

  6. Lots of pearls of wisdom in your post..

    “The situation presents us with a stark question: if not now, when? If the extended lockdown—the exercising by state and local officials of an authority that they clearly do not possess, or not legitimately—doesn’t suffice to stir at least the Three Percenters into open revolt, then what will? How much tyranny is too much for Americans to tolerate? Is there in fact no “bridge too far,” no line our ever-more-brazen masters need fear to cross?”

    The key is here.  When will people be woke?  I have asked this question over and over. Despite the growing stack of travesties, miscarriages of justice and blatant treasonous behavior laid in front of the people of this country; nothing happens.  I have wondered why but as someone previously said…

    “Revolutions, civil wars, and violent uprisings aren’t usually launched by comfortable, gainfully-employed people who are getting enough to eat.”

    This is a cortically important statement as it does show what we have become as a nation.  We didn’t revolt against the monarchy of oppression because we were starving and unemployed.  Most Americans during the revolutionary times had work, food and a generally decent life.  it is documented in many historical articles.  We revolted for something more important.  The right to self determination.  Today, freedom is not high on many peoples’ list.  Think about the rights that have been LOST because of this disease.  People are being arrested for being out in public without a mask…not being admitted to stores without a mask….not allowed to MAKE A LIVING.  33 million out of work and we still act like sheep headed to slaughter.

    I stopped wondering about when or if  we will awake.  I doubt we will.  It is apparent to me that the best course of action is to remain keenly vigilant and prepare to live an even harder and more repressed life than we have ever known. The worst is really yet to come.  The greatest joke I have seen are the Governmental mouthpieces that talks about turning the economy on like it is a lightbulb.  The ramifications of their ignorance and hubris is staggering and what is more staggering is the acceptance of this fact by the American public

    1. I believe there is a breaking point, something that is unknowable in advance, but you will recognize it after. Something builds and then, snap. That breaking point is probably harder to reach by people well fed that have more freedom than most.

      I’ve changed counties for the week. The rule here is you must wear a mask. Many do, many do not. I do not and no one has given me a dirty look nor have I been asked to leave. Today I went to the hardware store, the grocery store, a convenience store, and my favorite restaurant for takeout, all sans mask. The mask doesn’t bother me, I just refuse to be forced to wear one in a non medical setting for a minor virus.

      ” Today, freedom is not high on many peoples’ list. ”

      I’m afraid you’re right. I’m afraid many young people take it for granted.

      1. Today I went to the hardware store, the grocery store, a convenience store, and my favorite restaurant for takeout, all sans mask.

        The store owners or clerks enforce it here in NY because they can be shut down (by the state and local government) if customers don’t wear masks. I’ve heard of Karens reporting noncompliant stores to the government but don’t know if it’s true.

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