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Manufacturing victims

One of the ways the Left does it: redefining cowardice as courage, weakness as strength, and disgrace as nobility.

Perhaps it is time for us to face a few facts. The first is this: bullying is an inevitable result of the human condition. There is no real reason to think that this ugly aspect of our nature has manifested itself more in recent years than in any other period of human history. Yet it does seem to be the case that bullying is sending kids spiraling into depression, sometimes suicidal depression, at a much higher rate today than in the past. What does this tell us? Not that bullying is worse now, or more common, but that our children are less equipped to cope with it. And why is that? Well, there are probably several reasons, but one of them is certainly the fact that we are conditioning our kids to be victims.

We have built of this mythology of “the bigger person,” and told our children that the “bigger person” is the one who walks away from bullies, disengages, tells an adult. The “bigger person” is somehow the submissive one who slinks away and runs for cover. We tell our children that remaining silent in the face of a bully is “strong” and “courageous.” But somehow the strong, courageous, bigger child, who spends his childhood avoiding confrontation and retreating in the face of aggressors, never actually feels very strong, courageous, or big. He feels, rather, like a punchline. Because that is what we have told him to be.

I’d be willing to believe that, say, an MMA fighter who remains confidently silent in the face of some scrawny punk’s drunken taunting at a bar is truly being a bigger person. He could tear the other guy to shreds. He isn’t afraid. But he chooses the high road because the scrawny punk isn’t worth his time. Being the bigger person, taking the high road — these are things we do from a position of strength. If we do them because we’re scared, or intimidated, or just praying for the confrontation to be over, we are not on the high road. We are almost literally crawling away on our knees, hoping not to be noticed. Many children spend their formative years in this position. We congratulate them for their maturity while their self-image collapses.

Now, there is a problem with teaching our kids to stand up for themselves and give back what is dished to them. The problem is that every school in America has adopted the profoundly insane position that “it doesn’t matter who started it,” everyone involved in a fight or argument will get in trouble. What sort of system is that? Of course it matters who started it. If Jimmy is defending himself from Bobby, or responding to harassment from Bobby, how is it just or reasonable to punish both Jimmy and Bobby as if they are equally to blame? I understand it can be hard to adjudicate these things in a school setting, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to adopt a blanket policy of punishing children for refusing to bow in submission to bullies. Maybe this is why we are dealing with a so-called bullying epidemic: because we have given bullies free rein and taught our children to wilt in their presence like fragile tulips.

It’s less a bullying epidemic than it is a fragile tulip epidemic, if you ask me. Kind of a symbiosis type thing; you can’t really have the one without the other. And if your culture selects for fragile tulips, then fragile tulips ye shall have, anon and in plenty. It’s exactly as Bill says:

We teach them to be cowards. We reward them for being cowards. And then we wonder why we have so many screwed-up, miserable cowards.

If boys act like boys, we drug them until they behave like good little girls. What Walsh doesn’t quite pinpoint here is that by far the vast bulk of “bullying” issues revolve around boys and their behavior. And from a feminist point of view, boys are just nasty. Violent, testosterone-drenched rapists and murderers in the making, the only decent thing to do is at least force them to act like pacifist females, who are ever so much less threatening to feminist fantasies about dangerous men.

Unfortunately, as with so much else in our deranged culture, we have turned the raising of our men over to women. One should not, therefore, be surprised when women try to raise boys by forcing them to imitate girls.

Nor ought feminists to be complaining about how there aren’t any real men out there for women to marry—when feminists have brutalized all the manhood right out of them, leaving themselves with nothing but simpering eunuchs to choose from.

6 thoughts on “Manufacturing victims

  1. One of the worst things you can teach your child is to “Take the high road”.  That will always result in a child learning cowardice (and teach him ways to perversely rationalize it as “bravery”).

    Good Men, MMA fighter or no, don’t ignore taunts – for one thing, if the taunts cascade, it will no longer be a One-on-one scenario – when the mob begins to circle, or if his back is to the wall, any MMA fighter (or person with common sense) knows that knows a 2 vs 1, or worse, is a life-and-death situation.  Anybody who allows a situation to devolve by demonstrating weakness deserves what he gets.

    Kids learn this dynamic in school when the weaker kids don’t respond and are ganged up by a group of bullies. And public school officials don’t prevent these mismatches; they ENFORCE them.

    “High Road”, “Both are to Blame”, “Revenge isn’t Justice”….these are the pretty words of cowards – rationalizations for cowardice.

    No Man (MMA or no), ignores taunts on account of “the High Road”.  Any serious person takes taunts seriously – deadly seriously.  They listen to them carefully, based on the scales of judgment – gains and losses, one’s reputation in the immediate gathering and society at large, the risk of each action, etc, not some empty “high-mindedness”.  Anybody who ignores “taunting” is a clown and a coward himself.

    And when this cowardice is taught to children – as it has been with devastating effects – the results are to be expected.

    A child isn’t going to really understand “High-mindedness” – and he can’t because it’s BS – and telling him he’s not allowed to fight back physically (which really is the most rational course of action to being provoked) is only going to make him a social and mental cripple.

    He’s not an “MMA expert”.

    He’s not “Socrates”.

    He’s a rationale, if inexperienced”, person and giving kids confusing cliches that have about as much weight as hot air will not result in “Peace”.  It will result in pent-up frustration and rage on the one hand, and mental and emotional catatonia on the other.

    “Let boys be boys”.

    Let them fight.

    The only thing adults should be doing is refereeing the fight, not preventing fights from being resolved in the most logical fashion – and the last thing that should happen is to allow public officials (who are mental midgets bureaucrats incapable of the most basic problem-solving intelligence) to declare “Both are wrong” and then walk off pretending the school yard just became a Leftist dream come true.

    Follow Trump’s lead – he’ll teach you well:

    “Fight Back”.

  2. It’s not that it’s hard to figure out who is at fault. It’s that it’s absurdly easy – in any situation where the White students are not solidly in the majority, it’s the Minority students that started it.

    Too many schools don’t want to make these calls. They fear for their careers. If too many Minority kids are written up, SOMEBODY is gonna take the heat.

    Therefore, “it doesn’t matter who started it”.

    Also, in most of the ‘single kid gets his ass kicked by a group’ situations, it’s a White kid who is targeted by Minorities. Those situations seldom result in actual punishment for the perps. Usually involve some kind of mediation (everybody talks about their feewings), or the White kid is advised on how to be less a trigger for the abusive (good training for those kids to be domestic violence victims).

    Swarming attacks are – almost exclusively – the work of Minorities. The few situations where White kids do it is when they have previously experienced these ‘many-on-one’ attacks, and have decided to take a stand. Even then, it’s generally a ‘group-on-group’ fight. Seldom involves a lone victim.

    I saw it as a teacher. Hated it. It was part of my reason for turning conservative, after seeing the deliberate decisions to ignore the victims’ justified complaints.

  3. Words to live by:  Speak softly and carry a big stick.  Peace through superior firepower.

    Mine are getting martial arts training.  Speed up the maturity factor on when a fight becomes unavoidable and know how to win it at that time. They know if they defend themselves I’ll be their best ally but woe to them if they started it.

    Sadly, girls now need to know how to fight as well.  Had a case a few years back where the ‘popular girls’ invited over an unpopular one and gave her a group beat down.  This was found out by the posting of it on FB.  This was in lily white upper middle class/lower upper class blue country.

  4. Hi Fury,

    Good Post!!  I could write a book!!!  Just remember ‘Solo’s remark when he left the Bar at the Space port in “Star War’s”..”Sorry about the Mess…” as he flipped a few coins at the bar keep…

    But who can forget Jules…. when he quoted…”Ezekiel 25:17 “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of selfish and the tyrannies of evil men.  Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers’ keeper and the finder of lost children.  And I will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you!!!!!!!!”

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,



    1. Hi Fury,
      To My last post…
      If I was Jules… I would have added one word to the end of his piece… (Give it a half a second and say,)…. “BITCH!!!!!!!!”
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

    2. Hi Fury,
      Funny how we pick up on things around us that shape our thoughts… as a kid, going to the movies and watching “Marion Morrison,” “William Boyd,” “Leonard Sly,” “Gene Autrey,” “Robert Mitchum!!!!!!!” I can go on!! Val Klimer was pretty Good as the “Ice Man” in “TOP GUN” but he had a Predecessor!!! Robert Mitchum as “Clever Saville” in “The HUNTERS” UA movie about 1957 or so look it up!! As A WWII Fighter pilot he was looking for one more piece of action before he got “Too Old” he gets to his duty station in Korea and at the morning briefing his old flying buddy now the Flight leader (Richard Egan) meets him, calls the troops to “At ease” and says, “Guys welcome my old flyin’ buddy Clever Saville… we flew together when the only thing a pilot had for breakfast was a cigarette and a hangover!!!! Don’t fly with him unless you want some action, he’s a ‘Hunter!!'”
      And to add to my remarks about Han Solo leaving the Bar…. just dial this in and read up on Sergio Leone (Would love to have been his son!!!!)
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,
      Fortune Favors’ the BOLD!!,

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