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Two of today’s links at LGF make for an interesting overview when you put ’em together. First, Al Jazeera channels the Moore-o-crats:

Muslim organizations in Britain have denounced the U.S.-led deadly offensive in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, describing it as a “ghastly” counterproductive move to pro-democracy efforts.

“It is highly improbable that the U.S. army is going to help usher in an era of liberation and democracy in Iraq by terrorizing and killing its citizens in this ghastly manner,” Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the prominent Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), said.

Imran Waheed, Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, said that UK Muslims “must be the voice of the Muslims of Fallujah against this brutal genocide and the silence of the spineless rulers of the Muslim world. The re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafah will end subservience to foreign colonialist powers.”

“It is dishonest to label resistance to occupation as terrorism and insurgency….”

And dishonesty is something this frothing nutjob knows about, too. But for a broader, more honest look at things, try this on for size:

NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq — Iraqi troops have found “hostage slaughterhouses” in Fallujah where foreign captives were held and killed, the commander of Iraqi forces in the city said Wednesday.

Troops found CDs and documents of people taken captive in houses in the northern part of Fallujah, Maj. Gen. Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassem Mohan told reporters.

Mohan did not say that remains of captives were found and did not comment on whether the houses were believed linked to al-Zarqawi or any of several other militant groups that have claimed kidnappings.

“We have found hostage slaughterhouses in Fallujah that were used by these people and the black clothing that they used to wear to identify themselves, hundreds of CDs and whole records with names of hostages,” the general said at a military camp near Fallujah.

“Muslim organizations in Britain” can cram that dishonest “genocide” flak right straight up their asses, which is what they’re talking out of here. You can decide to be on the same side with the head-chopping terrorists if you like, sure enough, just as our domestic Demoflakes here have. What you can’t do is complain about how awful it is that we’re killing all your side’s killers before they’re allowed to kill any more innocent hostages — not without risking some pretty scornful laughter from the more sensible and less morally-debased among us, that is.


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