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A courage Dan Rather can’t even begin to conceive of

Robin Burk has the remarkable story of a remarkable young woman:

What would you do if you were a 22 year old Kurdish Muslim woman in March of 2003, when an army drawn from several countries invaded your homeland?

If you were Humalia Akrawy you would remember your brother, killed under Saddam — and remember how they sent back just one leg and part of an arm to demonstrate his death and their power to your family. You would look at your father, who no longer has full use of his hands after being tortured by Saddam.

And then, despite the disapproval of many but with the blessing and support of your family, on 23 March you would volunteer to become a translator for the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army.

But what would you do when Ba’athists and jihadists ambushed your car, injuring your brother and trying to kill you, and when they later killed your 24 year old sister thinking she was you — pumping 60 AK47 bullets into her body? Or when you received a letter saying, “We know we missed killing you, but we will be back” and then your home was blown up, injuring another brother and killing the Iraqi policeman guarding it?

If you were the remarkable Ms. Akrawy you would help your remaining family members move to a safe area in the far north of the country and then return to your job. And this time, instead of insisting on a lower profile role, you would eagerly agree to become the translator for Lieutenant General Petraeus himself, the commander of the 101st – despite all the media exposure that entailed – and you would proudly do that job in the face of continued death threats against you.

Read all of it, and marvel, and be glad for the fact that we have a President who was willing to brave all sorts of political slings and arrows to help liberate this woman and many others like her. Then check out Bill’s humiliating juxtaposition (humiliating for the gutless, clueless dingbat in the photo he posts, that is). Then spit to get the repellent taste out of your mouth. And then wonder what the hell happened to so many of us, that they could actually confuse cowardice and capitulation with some kind of high-minded moral virtue.

Update! And while you’re over at WoC, you might check out Joe’s post offering some very useful historical perspective on dirty electoral politics.


1 thought on “A courage Dan Rather can’t even begin to conceive of

  1. The sign says peace is free…. The only peace that is free is the peace of the grave. True peace is won, whether through war or by less violent means, or else it comes through surrender, defeat, capitulation. In any case, it is never free and often comes at great cost.

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