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This wish was my command

Robert sends this along, saying “Post this Pleeeeeeze!”

I’d comment on this, but every time I look at that picture my mind glazes over like a windshield in an ice storm and I can’t seem to concentrate. I mean, love that movie or hate it (and I liked it okay), love Meg Ryan or hate her (and I certainly have nothing against her either), you have to admit that it’s one hot photo, and the scene in the movie was kind of….uhh….I’m sorry, did you say something?


21 thoughts on “This wish was my command

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  2. Well, Guy, you can watch Joe v. the Volcano over and over all day long, and you won’t see that. It was in When Harry Met Sally. You’ll love it.

  3. I kinew this girl in college, who wasn’t as good an actress as Meg Ryan. Her nickname around campus was “Molly Vanolli.”

  4. Rush, 5 days a week for two decades – …the liberal mind is all about symbolism over substance…drama….drama queens….style over substance…all hat, no cattle….all talk and no Marine, Gunga Dan….Arnold’s Girlie Men, look like but aren’t….hell, our money is paper that represents debt, not wealth….this picture is literally worth a thousand words…

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  7. Brit Hume mentioned that at an event he was covering some questioner said, “And this is true… I saw it on 60 Minutes.” and the response was instant, universal laughter. You’ve really observed this keenly. That still is iconic to anyone 25 to 60 who hasn’t been cave-diving for 40 years. This thing (Memogate) ain’t dyin’ soon. It’s to funny.

  8. She?ǨѢs a lot cuter than Rather.

    Dean, Janet Reno is a lot cuter than Dan Rather.

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  10. I don’t know if you heard or not, but you got a front page link from

  11. (and I certainly have nothing against her either)

    Personally, I’d love to hold something against her.

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