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Après le déluge

No, I didn’t watch it last night. Didn’t feel any need to, because as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter to me if Kerry promises to institute a flat tax, abolish the IRS and the Dept. of Ed, rework the State Dept. from snout to tail, reign in the feds generally, and go without sleep or food until his expanded military (sporting the latest and greatest in high-tech killware his new budget will pay for) has slaughtered every last terrorist and overthrown every last terrorist-supporting dictator on earth. With or without France. In his first three months. It doesn’t matter to me what laudable things Kerry promises to do, because I don’t believe him when he promises to do them.

The Dem convention is a wrap, and that’s an appropriate word to use because they spent most of it keeping their real motivations and base of support as under wraps as possible. Oh, sure, now and then you’d get a nightmare like Michael Moore popping out like the monster who lived under the bed when you were a kid, but the public face the Dems tried to present throughout was nothing but a mask.

The LLL protesters and antiwarriors were shunted off to a “camp” where the media apparently couldn’t find them. They carved out some time for a speech by the ever-ludicrous Al Sharpton wherein he called for slavery “reparations” (which Kerry supports, by the way, or seems to, insofar as you can ever be sure where the slippery professional fence-straddler stands on anything) in defiance of the finger-wagging caution expressed to all the speakers: don’t blast Bush. Don’t spit on Old Glory. Don’t call Republicans Nazis. Appear normal.

There’s a good reason for that. Because the last thing Kerry and the Democrats need is for Mr. and Mrs. America to see what they look like without the mask.

And it wasn’t just the convention, either. You see it everywhere you look these days, this attempt to hide what they are and appear reasonable. posts a Bush=Hitler video that you just know had them slapping their thighs back at Tranzi HQ, then got called on it, then claimed to have removed it but didn’t. Walter Cronkite wrote an editorial a while back lamenting the fact that liberals like Kerry run from the label these days like it was a plague-rat with fangs. He blamed “the far right” for that, of course.

Back in May, I posted on Gary Kamiya’s (among several others) surprising admission:

I have a confession: I have at times, as the war has unfolded, secretly wished for things to go wrong. Wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic, to resist longer. Wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. Wished for all the things we feared would happen. I’m not alone: A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who oppose the war have told me they have had identical feelings.

There were several others cited in my post, and they were decidedly not the exception that prove a different rule. They were all highly offended any time someone questioned their patriotism even as they secretly hoped for an American defeat in Iraq. And you can rest assured that none of the confessors were Republicans.

From here on out, the election campaign is going to consist of attempts by the Bush team to strip the mask off the Dems, and the Dems attempting to see that it remains in place, or enough so that a plurality of Americans will be fooled into thinking that the Dems are serious about fighting terrorism. Hint: they aren’t. They weren’t back in 1993, when Clinton shook his fist at the WTC bombers and swore to hunt them all down and then called the job done with one or two lower-echelon dupes jailed — and the masterminds sitting comfortably in safe havens (one of which was Iraq, by the way) and plotting the next one. They weren’t after the Cole was attacked and nearly destroyed — when Clinton did the same thing, followed by the same brand of do-nothing-much-of-use. Ditto the other terrorist attacks throughout the 90’s.

The Democrats, most of them, don’t have the heart to fight the WoT because they can’t bring themselves to believe that war, even a proactively defensive one (awful as all war unquestionably is), can ever serve a useful purpose, can ever be a means to a more noble end — sometimes the only workable one. It’s pretty damned amusing to sit back and watch today’s Dems declare their admiration for Kerry’s youthful bravery and derring-do: a “war hero” from a war they despised at the time, the real heros of which they were too busy spitting on at airports to give them the kind of plaudits they’re only too happy to shower Kerry with now. Apparently, they don’t see a contradiction there. I suppose if Kerry had returned home with his shoulders squared and his head held high rather than shamefacedly contrite and eager to dump on his “band of brothers” in front of Congressional committees they wouldn’t be so eager to bring it up these days. But then, that’s just another thing they need to keep under wraps.

Today, Bush said this:

We looked at the intelligence and we saw a threat. Members of both parties in Congress – including my opponents – looked at the intelligence and they saw a threat. After twelve years of defiance he (Saddam) refused to comply with the demands of the free world. When he continued to deceive the weapons inspectors, I had a decision to make: to hope for the best and to trust the word of a madman and a tyrant — or to remember the lessons of September 11th and defend our country. Given that choice, I will defend America every time.

When it comes to fighting the threats of our world, and making America safer, and promoting the peace, we’re turning a corner — and we’re not turning back.

Last night, Kerry didn’t mention al Qaeda even once. He did, however, say this:

Before you go to battle, you have to be able to look a parent in the eye and truthfully say: “I tried everything possible to avoid sending your son or daughter into harm’s way. But we had no choice. We had to protect the American people, fundamental American values from a threat that was real and imminent.” So lesson one, this is the only justification for going to war.

Let there be no mistake: I will never hesitate to use force when it is required. Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response.

Which, translated from the Democratese, simply means this: Kerry will never go to war until American buildings are burning and collapsing, American streets are the battlefield, and thousands of Americans have already been murdered. That’s what “imminent” means; that’s what “response” means. Preemptive war is anathema to today’s Democrats; they’ve said so explicitly many times in their complaints about the supposed eagerness to “rush to war” on the part of the so-called “neocons.” Would that the rest of America could afford the luxury of forgetting the lessons of 9/11 as quickly as the Dems have — but we can’t.

The implosion of Howard Dean’s campaign back during the primaries taught the Dems the lesson that they can’t win by being what they are, and they appear to have learned it well, notwithstanding Kerry’s momentary lapse into naked honesty quoted above — one he no doubt regrets making today. The convention teaches the rest of us that getting elected is more important to them than remaining true to themselves — and honest with everybody else.


6 thoughts on “Après le déluge

  1. Mask, indeed, Mike — held in place by their media stagehands:

    1. The media will not only find protesters in New York, but will dote on them as well. Let’s see a comparison of protest coverage — images, interviews, etc. — between Boston New York after it’s over.

    2. Unless Kerry had a full emersion baptism we didn’t hear about, everything he SAID about national security repudiates everything he’s DONE about it throughout a 30-year career in politics.

    3. Notice that when Democrats invoke God or faith, it’s treated as solomn veneration of a traditional American value. When Republicans do this, it’s a divisive appeal to fundamentalists or an attempt to imply the blessings of the Almighty for their agenda.

  2. ?Ǩ?I tried everything possible to avoid sending your son or daughter into harm?ǨѢs way. But we had no choice. We had to protect the American people, fundamental American values from a threat that was real and imminent. So lesson one, this is the only justification for going to war.?Ǩ?

    So, then, I guess this would have nixed interventions in places like Liberia, Haiti, the Balkans, peacekeeping missions and all the other sorts of humanitarian mis-uses of American military power favored by the Left. Sorry, Sudan.

  3. John Kerry, “The flag does not belong to any ideology.”

    Since when has any ideology ever claimed the flag? Paranoid, schizophrenic, Democrats.

  4. I like how they’ve taken the defecit spending idea and run with it. Ignoring Kerry’s claims to do everything Bush is doing–but BETTER–and FULLY funding NCLB, saving America’s farms (through subsidies), expanding the puny Medicare coverage for drugs, etc. etc.

    If your postings are preaching to the choir, preach on!

  5. “Imminent” is too late.

    We can’t afford an Ostrich-in-Chief to lead us back into the Promised Sand.

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