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I know Scott Koenig (“know” in the internet sense, that is, not the biblical or any other one) from back when he was just the Indepundit and before he was known far and wide as LT Smash (and no, I didn’t figure that one out until he told me himself); we e-mailed and traded links back and forth for a good while way back when. When he went back to active duty and was preparing to be sent back to the Sandbox I e-mailed a thank-you for his service and wished him godspeed and a safe return, and now it looks like I owe him another thank-you. Really, we all do; Scott has put himself on the front lines once again, and he’s making a principled, courageous stand against the enemies of freedom, this time here at home:

IT ALL STARTED three months ago, when I attended a “peace rally” in Balboa Park. I went “undercover” and alone, in an effort to gain a better understanding of the people behind the movement.

What I learned on that day shocked me into action: these people were not just opposed to the war in Iraq, many of them were openly advocating support for our enemies, and some even went so far as to call for a “worker’s revolution” in America.

The following day, I volunteered to be the leader of the newly formed San Diego chapter of Protest Warrior.

Three weeks later, we held our first event: an infiltration of an anti-freedom rally in Logan Heights. Fifteen of us managed to blend in with the A.N.S.W.E.R. crowd. When I identified myself to the organizers as a veteran, I was even invited to speak at their rally – before a representative of the neo-Stalinist Worker’s World Party recognized that the messages on our signs had not been pre-approved by the Central Committee, blowing our cover.

Since that day, we have held a series of counter-protests against the radical left in our community. Our numbers have been steadily growing, and our methods have become more and more sophisticated.

This past Saturday, we raised the bar even higher.

Read all of this one, and be thankful that we have men like Scott on our side. We’re in a war here, folks, and not all the battles will be fought “over there.” One hates to think of it, but I can’t avoid the conclusion that there will be bloodshed here too before it’s all over. We can lament it, we can agonize over the sorry pass the Left has brought us to, but it’s not going to help anybody to shy away from it.

The hard Left in this country has grown accustomed to having its own way. The media and the Dems have pandered to them for years now, giving them a free pass in news stories, op-eds, and interviews, lobbing softball questions at their preferred candidates while working overtime to lambaste anyone who disagrees. The hard Left has been content to hide behind the skirts of mainstream libs and the Democratic Party while working behind the scenes to push their protectors ever leftward.

We now live in a society where a moderate like Bush is routinely denounced everywhere as a “right-wing extremist” — but it’s considered dirty pool to call people who promote socialism here “socialists.” Liberals shy away from the “liberal” tag like a skittish horse from a firecracker, and there’s a reason for that. The reason is that liberals know that there is a vast number of Americans who believe, as Reagan did, that big government is usually not the solution but the problem, and that America is not wholly to blame for all the world’s ills. Since they’re pro-big government (another truth they go out of their way to hide and/or deny) and anti-American, their only hope for grasping and keeping power is subterfuge. For the hard Left, whose anti-Americanism is more hardened and clearly defined, the situation is even more dire.

There are still plenty of people out there who sympathize with some of the Left’s goals — they wonder why we can’t have things like Euro-style universal health care, a higher minimum wage, more gun control, and so on — but don’t see the essential contradiction between socialism and the American way of doing things, and still basically consider themselves patriotic Americans. The Left depends on the blindness of their dupes for its eventual success and therefore must attempt to keep their facade of reasonableness and moderation intact. They know that mainstream liberal Americans won’t relish the prospect of another American Civil War and most likely won’t be willing to engage in a stand-up fight for the purpose of advancing the agenda of total state control under one world government via the UN. So they dissemble.

And the media helps out any way they can. The situation in Iraq is getting better, not worse, so they have to paint a picture of failure, chaos, and sinister intent by any and all means. They report relentlessly on any bad news they can find and ignore or bury the good. They simper on about Abu Ghraib and ignore the hideous atrocities of our enemies. Before the successful war in Iraq (not without missteps, not without mistakes, sure — but none but a liberal would ever claim that we could move forward there without making a few), they seemed content with innuendo — as in the relentless claims that “Bush lied” about an “imminent threat” — and character assassination — as in the “Bush was AWOL” story and other like fabrications that failed to catch on with anyone but themselves. But as their cause has become more truly and completely hopeless, they’ve now resorted to out-and-out lying.

And the Dems have to go along too, because they’ve spent the years since the 60’s (their long-past watershed, one they’re still plainly nostalgic for – otherwise, Ted Kennedy would have been universally recognized long ago as the cartoonish misogynistic buffoon he is) pandering to the enemies of freedom on the hard Left and can’t turn it around now. They don’t dare risk offending their base, and their base is Left. But they don’t seem to realize that the Left is leading them slowly, inexorably, to a quite likely violent confrontation with the part of America they ridicule and deride when they’re not ignoring it entirely. The hard Left knows this quite well. The liberals can’t bear to look — and both depend on forbearance based on love of country on the part of the rest of us to avert it.

Too shrill, too alarmist, too wild-eyed a statement for you? Don’t think that there’s a real enemy fifth-column of hard Leftists pushing an anti-American agenda behind the scenes? Well, take a look at this. Then, if you still think the Left is just misguided and not actively aligned with this nation’s enemies, have a gander at this. Finally, just to complete the picture, take a look at…oh, anything Michael Moore has ever said, and especially notice who’s leading the hallelujah chorus for his latest pack of anti-American lies. If you still need convincing, I’d suggest you look through the archives here for plenty more evidence of the same.

One of the salutary effects of the 9/11 attacks was that the silent majority of mainstream Americans woke up to what has been going on here since about 1968 or so. Suddenly, after years of mockery and scorn that had the effect of silencing people who had a deep, abiding, and entirely honorable patriotism, we found our voices after having spent almost four decades quietly and ruefully shaking our heads every time we saw another moderate Republican attacked by some mainstream news-reader as an “extremist,” or American generosity in response to another overseas crisis as “not enough,” or America-based corporations as “evil,” or American military might as “dangerous,” “imperialistic,” and “provocative.” Enough was enough, and plenty of us said so, and are saying it still.

Suddenly, news anchors were wearing flag pins in their lapels and for the most part looking very sheepish and uncomfortable doing so. They took them off as quickly as they possibly could, and some even complained at the time about the “jingoistic” nature of even that small a nod toward support for the country that guarantees their freedom to proselytize, but they wore them just the same. And the reason for that is the same as the reason I cited above: there were simply too many of us out there with flag stickers on our cars to safely ignore, much less openly make sport of as they were accustomed to doing. The ground had shifted under their very feet, and all they could really do was hope we’d forget so things could go back to pre-9/11 normal.

This puzzled the liberals and enraged the hard Left, and after a brief period when they dared not speak their minds honestly and fully (or so they thought) for fear of a reprisal most of us would have been very reluctant indeed to even contemplate due to our respect for the Constitutional guarantee of free speech for all, they went back to their old anti-American thrust-and-parry. Their subdued sympathy for the victims of 9/11 wasn’t matched by a cold fury (ahem) and a desire to see justice done at last, because it was as counterfeit and shallow as that of most of the rest of the world. Their desire (grudgingly posited, with many a “but…”) to see a real war against terrorism, after years of “police action” and UN dithering had failed to accomplish anything worthy of note, was fraudulent; deep down, they thought and still do think that we had it coming. They had to sneak around once again and find ways to euphemize it, but the sentiment is there, plainly visible with every word they utter in opposition to the very concept of a “war on terrorism.” They don’t support any aspect of this war; they’ve sought to undermine it at every turn, and will continue to do so.

They opposed removing the Taliban, in spite of their disingenuous complaints now that Iraq inappropriately diverted attention from the hunt for bin Laden. They opposed removing Saddam, and objected to it in exactly the same terms and for the same reasons. When the time comes to defang Iran, or Syria, or any of several other terrorist-sponsoring states, they’ll oppose that too, in the same way and for the same underlying reason: because a strong, confident, victorious America will guarantee defeat for their cause more surely than anything else ever could.

They don’t support making war on terrorists and their sponsors simply because they can’t afford for us to win and don’t want to be seen as rooting for our defeat (except for a handful of true extremists who deeply loathe this country and don’t care who knows it because of their deep-seated psychological need to perceive themselves as eternally put-upon outsiders, victims of a cold, unfeeling world – dysfunction, thy name is Rall). They refuse to connect any dots at all because they can’t allow the rest of us to see clearly what we all already know in our hearts: that when it comes to Islamist terrorism, all are one. All they can do is take feeble swipes at Bush for failing to do pre-9/11 what they refuse utterly to do post-9/11 — and, of course, try to make Kerry look like something he’ll never be: presidential. That, or they can vote for Nader.

And the Dems are stuck with them. John Kerry hasn’t a prayer of winning the election because too many of us know what the Left can’t afford to acknowledge: he will not prosecute the WoT fully and without regard for an “international opinion” guided not by concern for the security of the free world but by narrow self-interest and a desire to see American resolve and power thwarted. Or, in other words, the very thing the Left hopes to achieve through victory at the polls mitigates strongly against victory at the polls. Their intent trumps their ability to achieve it, and their strategy renders their tactics ineffectual. And more of us are waking up to that reality every day, spin as they might.

The Dems laid down with the dogs years ago. All that’s left for them now, and for us, is to watch them scratch at the fleas and puzzle over how they got them. Bush will win in November, barring some incredible and unforeseeable catastrophe. When he does, watch for the now-desperate hard Left to get violent. It’s another battle they won’t and cannot win, but it’s the one that in the end they’ll have no choice but to fight. They’ve done it to themselves, and therefore my sympathy is limited at best.

The Left has been spoiling for a real fight for years now, and they’re most likely going to get it. It’s the awful truth, and I don’t see anything standing in the way of it but the Left’s own innate sneaky cowardice. When push comes to shove, perhaps the Left will be willing to put down their Bushitler signs and go home peacefully. But they’re not the majority, they never will be, and the only way they can win is through deceit, disinformation, intimidation, and, ultimately, violence. Scott’s fighting the good fight here, and we all ought to be out doing more of this sort of thing — speaking out before it’s too late to change the minds of the uninformed, and the dupes are standing shoulder to shoulder on the front lines with their manipulators. God help us if it should come to that at last.


19 thoughts on “Back in action

  1. Mike, the side that shoots first loses the hearts of the majority. Look at Kent State, for example. Which is why the tactic of breaking up Communist rallies with headbreakers won’t work this time; Americans are much less impressed with sheer force than Germans were.

    What we need is for them to shoot first. And I mean SHOOT, or at least use tear gas. Fortunately (!!) there are several cities whose police departments will crack down hard on unrest, even when the unrest comes from the Right.

    So we need a big rally of Smash’s sort to be forcibly broken up by leftists or, better yet, the cops. Then we’ll have the middle Americans on our side, at last.

    They game our response to violence in order to get JUST CLOSE ENOUGH to triggering retribution, then backing off. Same damn game criminals and Commies have been playing for fifty years.

    If we just turn on them and break their freakin heads at last, we lose the majority. If we learn to play the same game as they do, we can win it. Because we’re in this for better, purer motives than they are: I don’t base my whole identity on rejecting my daddy’s world, I just want my son to have a world worth living in.

  2. I don’t disagree at all, Steve, and I hope nobody takes my rather bleak assessment as an endorsement of violence by anybody. There’ve already been examples of violent reaction from the Left at people who dared show up to counter-demonstrate peacefully against them; I do think it’ll be the Left who fully slips the leash first (since they’ve got the most to lose here), although I also know that there are plenty on the Right who are truly looking forward to it. And that last line of yours really says a mouthful.

  3. Excellent post, well thought out. I should say essay though it was quite long but remained valid! Kudo’s.

    There can’t be a civil war though, who the hell has all the guns? And first comment is right, we surely need someone on the left to pull the trigger first. I watched the video’s over at Protest Warrior and I don’t think that when push comes to shove there will be a problem with them shooting first.

    Love this work, keep up the good fight.

  4. If the protestors get out of hand at the Political COnventions – By that I mean the lefties – they may deliver a landslide to Bush. Just a thought.

  5. Sorry in advance for a long post, Mike — as always, appreciate your hospitality:

    You give a good summary of the potential, but I hope the fundamental dignity of Americans (well, most, anyway) will see us through. And we’ll be stronger for having been tested — once again.

    That said, the Left has worked for decades to de-legitimize American authority abroad and to undermine confidence in its institutions at home. As both sides get ‘lawyered-up’ for the election, Democrats are vowing no repeat of Florida 2000 (whatever THAT means), and the silly wing of the party is already sowing doubt by calling for UN election observers.

    In any close count where Bush is the apparent winner, expect every allegation of voting irregularity and rumor of voter disenfranchisement to be given legs by major media. Indeed, media will play an important role in stoking (think Rodney King) rejection of the vote tally and will seek to institutionalize doubt about the legitimacy of the government abroad (think Iraq coverage).

    In such an atmosphere, the hard Left may seek to precipitate a crisis (I remember ’68ers who thought they we’re bringing ‘The System’ down when Lyndon Johnson declined to seek re-election).

    Images of civil strife, no matter how small or sporadic, will be used to imply widespread factional animosity, and will be conveyed gleefully by a hostile global media to audiences addicted to the schadenfreud which accompanies discovery of American imperfection. Confidence in U.S. financial markets and faith in its leadership will decline (and not just among the elites who always reject U.S. leadership). It’s not hard to imagine a UN resolution (not that I give a sh*t what the UN thinks) sponsored by the usual suspects, condemning/questioning/urging resolution of the vote outcome in an attempt to discredit the election.

    If you think international resistance to the WoT has been stiff so far, wait till we try waging it when most of the planet believes — not just in a Michael-Moore-rhetorical sense, but really believes — the U.S. has experienced a coup d’etat.

    Again, global media will do everything it can to reinforce this notion, just as it has promoted the notions that civil liberties have been severely curtailed and dissent stifled in the U.S. Just as weve grown familiar with the BBCs angry Iraqi, the world will get to know the post-election disenfranchised American. Deconstruction of the United States will have moved a step forward one step toward the next Dark Ages.

    In the event of a Kerry win, close or not, expect the opposite of all Ive written above, with much laudatory cooing about Americans ‘coming to their senses,’ ‘rejecting’ the ‘divisive’ policies of the Bush administration and ‘rejoining the international community.’


  6. P.S.

    As if I haven’t said enough —

    Any election violence in the Kerry wins scenario I described above will receive cursory coverage, with the violence attributed to ‘extremists disappointed over the repudiation of the Bush administration’s policies at the polls.’

  7. Here’s a thought — if Kerry wins in a close election with plenty of irregularities (as Kennedy did in 1960, for instance) — should we let it go in the interests of comity, or fight it the way the Dems fought in 2000?

  8. Excellent question, Steve. That would depend upon the nature of the irregularities. 2000 was the first time many people became aware that there were irregularities in almost every election.

    You wouldn’t want to knowingly and visibly allow yourself to get railroaded by dirty tricks, but non-deliberate, incorrectable or unresolvable inaccuracies may be a basis for acting in the interests of comity — and I’m speaking as someone who has VERY strong beliefs about the importance of this election upon prosecution of the WoT.

    Projecting the image of a lively, yet rock solid, democracy would be more important to me than winning an election — and again, I’ve never felt stronger about my choice than I do in this election. But the health of the republic is of paramount importance (even if I think, in the long run, the policies of the opposition are detrimental to the health of the republic — which will become apparent if I’m right.)

  9. If the lefties are spoiling for a fight, here is my advice to them. As Bogart’s character in Casablanca says to Major Strasser when questioned about German troops in New York. “Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.” There are parts of this country I wouldn’t advise the lefties to fuck around in either.

    We all know that the lefties are, by and large, against gun ownership. The average American household has, on average, three guns. Guess which side would be the more heavily armed in such a conflict.

  10. I think the question is, can we survive a 4-year hiatus in the WoT, with a Carter-like Kerry presidency? (If he happens to win, not that I am saying he will.) Do we have luxury of enough time (and other leeway) to allow us to take a few more hits, just to prove to those with their eyes open what knuckleheads the Dems are? Could Republican control of the House ensure that not too much damage is done in the meantime?

    On the other hand, is are we at the point where there no margin for error? Is the pace of modern war and events too fast for the long-term correctional mechanism of constitutional procedure? (Yes, that is dangerous territory. But the question must be asked.)

    On the gripping hand, could it (a Bush loss) even be beneficial, since it’s likely that Kerry’s Republican replacement in 2008 would be much more serious, hawkish and hard core than the Bush administration (compare Ford vs. Reagan after Carter)? And maybe better on the domestic front?

    (Or maybe not, if the Repulican establishment decides that pacifism is the order of the day and becomes Democrat lite. It could go that way too. You never can tell with those guys inside the Beltway.)

    Questions, questions. It’s not how to vote (I am clear on that), it how to take what happens after.

  11. Hey, if the tofu crowd wants a fight, I say bring it on.

    The anti-gun sprouts n’ dirt hard left against red meant, 12 gauge in the closet middle America? Now there’s a fight I’d pay to see. And take part in.

  12. Well said, Eric. I’m trying to make the same calculations. No answers, yet.

  13. The left in America is divided. I’d guess that about half of lefties are realists, knowing that the WoT is necessary and must be won. Another third are relaxed on the War. They have not been convinced that it’s necessary. A small group of hard leftists oppose the war and every American policy. The leadership is the other way around. Ninety percent hard left and small parts middle and realist.

    The left loves to view themselves as victims. They can play any dirty trick they want because it’s self defense. The corruption that adds to their vote totals is above investigation because it might be “racist”.

    Given a 1960 scenario, we cannot let it go like Nixon did. It was his finest moment but the Democrats have raised the bar. We cannot afford not to respond. If we let them steal this election you can bet every GOP vote in 2008 will be contested and everyone in every census since 1790 will be voting Democratic, probably twice. Bush v. Gore was a defense on an assault by the Dems on the basis of democracy and elections. We can no longer afford noblity when the other side is aiming kicks at our groin.

    There are honest Democrats but it is very hard to find an honest Democratic office holder. Civility died a long time ago on the other side. We must respond. I don’t advocate lying and/or dirty tricks but I can no longer accept them from the other side. I used to respect the Democrats and I used to respect the press. Neither is true any longer.

  14. THe old Democratic Party of Jefferson and Jackson, Wilson thru LBJ is DEAD AND GONE – the contemporary Party and Left is more a disguised COMMUNIST-SOCIALIST PARTY OF THE USSA than anything else! The contemporary Party and Left still pretends its for American- or Western-style democracy. freedom, and capitalism, or values, instead of the more truthful DESPOTIC, REGULATORY BIG GVERNMENT, POLITICS AND THE POLITICAL PROCESS, REGULATION AND CONTROL – BY, AND FOR, IN THE NAME OF ALL OF THE ABOVE, NOT FREEDOM OR DEMOCRACY, ETC. NOT EVEN UTOPIANISM OR LIBERALISM! Communism = Group-Based Warlordism, FiefDom, or Robber Barony, where the only ones whom truly benefit is the Bandit Counsel and Bandit Army. If the Clinton agenda = Democrat agenda = Communist/Anti-American agenda =……..= KERRY [now KERRY-EDWARDS] agenda, POTUS KERRY, like BUSH and AMERICA, MUST “FAIL” AND BE ABSOLUTELY DISCREDITED IF NOT DESTROYED! The only question is, national problems, WOT, and NEW WARS aside, HOW LONG KERRY WILL KEEP EDWARDS BEFORE THEY DUMP EACH OTHER, and fellow future failure MADMAN DEAN is VPOTUS, before Dean again quarrells with Kerry and ends challenging Kerry for POTUS! ITS NATIONAL, INTERNATIOAL, AND GLOBAL COMMUNISM, STUPID – as far as the Clintons are concerned, each and every POTUS admins. is EXPENDABLE! WHAT MATTERS IS THEY AND COMMUNISM ARE NOT LINKED TO ANY VOTER-PERCEIVED NATIONAL AND GEOPOLITICAL AMERICA FAILURE OR GROTESQUE DEFECT! Kerry MUST fail, POTUS Dean NUST fail, even Hillary’s 2008 CO-POTUS AL GORE MUST fail – ONLY USPOTUS’s BILLARY AND COMMUNISM-SOCIALISM MUST SUCCEED! As per Clintonian “CENTRISM”, each and every American, regardless of belief or background, are all Republicans and Rightists, to include FASCISTS, whom are weirdly and mysteriously, twilight zone magically, also PER SE COMMUNISTS and LEFT-BASED SOCIALISTS AT SAME TIME! WE’RE ALL LIVING IN PRE-COMMUNIST AMERICA WHETHER WE KNOW IT OR NOT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WANT/LIKE IT OR NOT, waiting for the day when pre-Commie AMerica, weirdly and mysteriously but only politically correctly, becomes full-fledged, officially COMMUNIST AMERIKA! THIS IS THE USSA, NOT USA; THIS IS [PRE-]COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST AMERIKA. NOT AMERICA – and, as per the US Ninth, since America is an illegal and unconstitutional nation, all AMericans are still British, with all Brits = Germans, with all Germans = East Euros, with all East EUros =………………………………= CHINESE AND ASIANS. CLINTONISM = AMERIKA IS A COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, ASIAN COUNTRY, STUPID, AND ITS NOT THE CLINTONS NOR COMMUNISM’S FAULT YOUSE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT BILLARY MEANT WHEN THEY LIED TO YOUSE, ALL OF YOUSE INCLUDING THEIR OWN DEM-LIBS, THE [SONG ‘AMERICAN PIE’] “THE DAY AMERICA DIED’! YOUSE WILL KNOW YOUSE HAVE LOST YOUR COUNTRY, FOR GOOD AND FOREVER WHEN HILLARY SUCCEEDS IN BECOMING POTUS – AND IF YOUSE WHAT YOUR AMERICA BACK , YOUSE WILL HAVE TO GO THRU RUSSIA’S AND CHINA’S AMD AMERIKA’S ARMIES TO DO SO, NOT THE UNO! ALL BILLARY AND THE COMMIES WANNA KNOW ARE YOUSE GOING TO STOP THEM FROM LYING TO EVERYBODY, AND FROM KILLING AMERICA BY SAVING IT – THEY WANNA SEE YOUR GUNS AND YOUR ARMIES, NOT YOUR HEART OR SOULS!

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