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From Iraq

Says Omar:

I can see only one bright road and I believe that going to the end is worth the sacrifice and we’ll never be discouraged by the dark pictures shown by the evil propaganda machines.
To me, we didn’t get rid of a military occupation today as I never considered the coalition’s presence as an occupation even if the whole world told me that I’m wrong.
Today we were freed for ever from the fear that a man and his family might once again control Iraq.

A big greeting to the men who decided to bear the responsibility of Iraq’s safety and Iraq’s future.
They needed courage and faith to decide to work for Iraq in this hard time. May God help them guide this country with wisdom until the day when elections come.

It’s hard to appreciate the efforts of all those who helped us to get our freedom and rebuild our country. We will never forget them. We will keep them in our hearts.
God bless Iraq and her people.
God bless America and her people.

God bless all the coalition forces who supported operation Iraqi freedom.
May God bless the souls of all those who sacrificed their lives to free Iraq.

Says Alaa:

Come rain, come tempest, descend fog and darkness, We Shall Overcome. The Devil is going to be defeated again, as usual, by the very evil of his machinations.

And the enemy is desperate, he is striking left and right, beheading, slaughtering, murdering; blind with the rage of the wounded dying beast. And we have seen them, Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians, our “Brothers”, running amok in our streets, murdering our men, women and children, and for what? What are they trying to achieve? And the whole lot of lying hypocrites, shedding crocodile tears about the “Iraqi People”, it is they who should get out and shut up. That is the invasion and occupation that we want to be rid of.

But We Shall Overcome; have no doubt about that. This, more than anything else, I know with every fiber of my being. And praise be to Allah, and thank you America.

Says Sam:

Paul Bremer handed the official papers to the new interim Iraqi PM including a letter from President George W Bush about resuming the dipolmatic relationship between the two countries. This indicates that the Iraqis are indeed ready to take over.

The handover is a surprise for the enemies of the free and democratic Iraq. The terrorist may have been planned a major attack on the 30 July 2004. The earlier handover may have been aborted such an action.

Good luck for Iraq and the civilized people the friends of Iraq.

God bless Iraq and America and their friends and allies.

I’d take these three for friends and allies over a thousand French sfacimes any time I’m offered the choice.


8 thoughts on “From Iraq

  1. Will this mean American troops are coming home? That the war on terror is over? Of that terrorist will stop killing Americans?

    Nice words. No answers.

  2. Nice post, Mike. These guys are exactly the kind Iraq needs to keep her free. I wish the Iraqi people great success in their experiment with liberty, as the first true Arab democracy. Maybe one day they’ll all come to see us as the liberators we are, and not as the imperialists they fear.

    IXLNXS, your answers are no, no, and no. Aren’t you even starting to get a clue yet, pal ? You’ve been here enough to dispel yourself of these silly notions. 😉

  3. Great post, Mike.

    IXLNXS – you seriously need to read Den Beste. I mean that. Go to his site, click on “Best Log Entries” and read anything to do with Iraq and the War on Terror. Start here.

    That is, if you honestly want to understand what’s going on. I am not one of Mike’s regular readers, and the 2nd commenter seems to know you, so maybe you don’t want to understand (judging by his reply to you). The left could use a few people that genuinely tried to look objectively at this. We need honest, open debate for this nation to work (as conservative as I am, I don’t want the Republicans to have a solid ruling [read: “veto-proof”) majority in both houses any more than the Democrats – I don’t like it when any government party holds that much power). And “No Blood for OIL!” is not “honest, open debate.”

  4. The end of the beginning. Now, the beginning of the Self-Reliance, and this part will be many years of learning, by Iraqis and for Iraqis as they pioneer the role of leaders of mature, responsible change in their region.

  5. Iraqi’s are seeing the truth that we aren’t imperialists on their own terms. There isn’t anything that can change that. Make any argument you want, but what is important here is that Iraqi’s are now enjoying what so many of us take for granted here: Freedom.

    No worries though, I’m sure certain parties will start the rumor mills about how it’s doomed for failure now that the predictions about handing it all back didn’t pan out.

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  7. May Iraq be a beacon for the Jordanians, Syrians, Iranis, Egyptians and other nations to follow until they can all be at peace with each other and the world.

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