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The Axis Of Feeble

The Axis Of Feeble

I don’t believe in love anymore. Well, not that I don’t believe in it; that would be silly. I just don’t think I’m capable of it, or at least that part of it that happens early and if you’re lucky lasts a good long while, the fluttery-stomached, wobbly-kneed, giddy, “can’t live without you” part. I had that capacity permanently ripped from me two years ago, by a woman with a heart so black even light itself couldn’t escape from it, the tatterdemalion web of deceit that passes for her soul whirling around it like some lunatic electron caught in the inescapable magnetic field of that seething cauldron of evil which…well. You get the idea.

Nope, I don’t think I’ll ever be gullible enough to allow myself to lapse into that blissful state ever again; for better or worse, I’ve been made cynical. But the thing that made me think of it all in the first place was this story:

“All members of the (UN Security) council agree that we should do everything to get the inspectors back, and if Iraq is open to that sort of idea, there are practical bases for moving forward, and this is something we are going to explore in the next letter,” Annan said.

Poor, poor Khofi Annan. He and the rest of the Axis Of Feeble (the EU, UN, and appeasement-loving lefties everywhere) remind me of nothing so much as a jilted suitor, pathetically driving past the object of his unrequited affection’s house over and over, hoping for a glimpse of her and dreading it at the same time. Calling drunkenly in the middle of the night just to plead with her one more time. Standing under her balcony warbling broken-hearted love sonnets while she obliviously empties the chamber-pot on his head. Each time she tosses him another obviously-meaningless bone, it spurs him to even greater wasted efforts at winning her back once and for all, as the bitch-goddess Vain Hope makes his heart leap into his throat once again. He must be just about choking on it by now.

The truly pitiful thing is, his heartless significant other has given him even more reason to be at least skeptical of the whole process than mine did over the course of our blighted relationship. Who in the world with half a lick of common sense, after TEN YEARS of crafty maneuvering, subterfuge, deceit, and outright defiance from the faithless likes of Saddam, would consider continuing to pursue the useless course of Inspections and Negotiations? Why, the Axis Of Feeble, that’s who.

Look, it’s not like we don’t already know Saddam has WMD’s. Why bother to keep looking for them? He’s used them plenty of times already, and on his own people yet. (Visit Toren’s site for details.) So we also know about his lack of moral compunction or regard for the opinion of the “world community” when it comes to using the things. The arguments against attacking Saddam which revolve around the idea that he either A) doesn’t have them or B) won’t use them are specious and irrelevant, put forth for the most part by people who are either too fearful of offending our “allies” (naive twits), against military force in any and every event (cowards, except for the handful of true and sincere conscientous objectors – I’m thinking more along the lines of most of the Vietnam-era CO’s here), convinced it will “destabilize the Middle East” (incapable of discerning reality), or “why do they hate us” types (idiots).

Saddam is doing a desperately clever thing here. By coquettishly hinting that he’d really like to let inspectors back in, if only we’d promise they’d treat him right this time, he’s giving the A of F something to grasp desperately onto, something they can point to to try to forestall any attack. If nothing else, it’s something to shriek at Bush and the US about from editorial pages, newscasts, and the Security Council when the bombs start dropping on Baghdad. But to anybody who isn’t a purblind fool, Saddam’s latest gambit looks like what it is: sheer desperation. We’re coming, and it looks more and more like he knows it better than anybody.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but only slightly, I think. What with all the obvious preparations being made recently, information on which is available all over the place and which I won’t even bother enumerating here, I’d bet we’ll be in Iraq well before the fall elections. The political advantages that will accrue to Bush and the Republicans are obvious, and there can’t be any doubt that they know this quite well, thank you. The one thing that gives more reasonable people pause is the idea that with the launching of military action aimed at deposing Saddam, he will have lost his last incentive preventing him from launching terror attacks against the US and Israel directly, and a holocaust of nightmarish proportions will ensue. This is probably to some degree true; I don’t doubt that there are at least some sleeper-cells positioned here and elsewhere for whom the signal to engage will be the very first CNN broadcast featuring large, bright flashes over the Baghdad skyline. But does anybody think it would be better to keep right on negotiating and inspecting, to wait until those sleepers are armed not with some biological or chemical agent we already know Saddam has, but with suitcase nukes?

Annan and the rest of the Axis Of Feeble can go right on singing under Saddam’s balcony. Hopefully they’ll remember to duck when the shrapnel starts flying. The rest of us have work to do here.




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