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Baseless Assertions

Frequent commenter TorrentPrime wants to know which left liberals are coming to Spitzer’s defense, after I made my baseless assertion that the left would circle the wagons around Spitzer.

Support for Baseless Assertion #1: The Gleening. Who else? It’s a politically motivated witchhunt, we’re told.

Support for Baseless Assertion #2: FireDogLake, Christy Hardin Smith. It’s a politically motivated witchhunt, it seems.

Support for Baseless Assertion #3: Harpers, Scott Horton. Apparently, it’s a politically motivated witchhunt.

Support for Baseless Assertion #4: HuffPost, Nora Ephron: He didn’t do anything wrong.

Support for Baseless Assertion #5: Yglesias: Prostitution shouldn’t even be a crime. (No word on whether using shell corporations to launder money ought to be… ) Plus it’s Politically Motivated! It’s a Private Matter! Republicans did it!

Support for Baseless Assertion #6: Mark Kleiman: Rush Limbaugh Did It!

Support for Baseless Assertion #7: A couple Kos Diaries: Republicans did it too! Or maybe It’s a Private Matter, Just about the Sex.

And, at America’s Angriest Conservative’s Place, Tim, John “Angryman Dinner” Cole, and Tim Again. No word on whether it’s a politically motivated witchhunt, but Republican donors probably had something to do with it and Republican joy at Spitzer’s downfall is disgust… aah, fuck it. It’s a politically motivated witchhunt.

I’m going to stop there because that’s a long enough pile of steaming link love to give to people who are determined to spin away the financial fraud case underlying the incidental solicitation / Mann Act misbehavior. Seemingly, this is a long term behavior for the Governor, which shows remarkable indiscretion for the leader of a state with 30-35 million citizens, but nobody gives a shit. What matters is that he’s a Democrat, he’s defiant, and he will by God try to hang on, unless Sheldon Silver has already come to him and conceded that he’s accepting the state Republican request to draft impeachment papers.
The bottom line, as it were, are three talking points being mouthed by those to the left of me:

1) It’s a politically motivated witchhunt.

2) It’s only about sex / a private matter / shouldn’t even be a crime.

3) Republicans suck and are much worse.

I think the first two are probably “on message” talking points being pushed out by Dem operatives. The last one is just gratuitous and probably spontaneous, though it wouldn’t shock me if the Dems were defending charges of hypocrisy with an argument that, “it’s not hypocrisy if everybody does it,” which is what that reduces to.  And yes, even if you aren’t saying “I love Elliot Spitzer,” going into full attack mode on the prosecutors, the DOJ and anybody who raises an eyebrow over his behavior is the same damn thing, only it’s going about supporting Spitzer by tearing down his assailants.

TorrentPrime, I generally speak pretty freely and am fast to criticize Republicans; you should know that by now. You should also know that when I say something about political behavior of either party, I’m generally not talking out the ass or just making ipse dixit points. This behavior by the Dems – these exact talking points – are about as predictable as Trent Lott’s pork-barrelling or contracts going to the defense firms represented by Tom Daschle’s lobbyist wife, to cite two dearly departed solons. It’s as predictable as Hugh Hewitt and RedState eating the sandwich, and finding it “surprisingly tasty… earthy.” Open your eyes. Don’t give your loyalty to these jackals.

Oh yeah, and Hugo Chavez… past the Kennedy family and  Chris Dodd, whose support for Chavez is pretty much unmatched, I’ll whip out some cites for you another day.  I really don’t have the time right now, but finding liberal support for Chavez is about as hard as finding liberal support for Spitzer.


2 thoughts on “Baseless Assertions

  1. Just wait. He’ll eventually make a tearful, smarmy apology, and then the Dems will be ready to run him for President.

  2. The comments at Firedog lake are—–troubling?

    Most of those commenting can’t be over 15.

    One person asks

    “Why would they inform the Feds of a suspicious transfer, why not just ask Spitzer?”

    Really??? Jeez.

    I guess Jane has never heard of caller ID, either.

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