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Former Republicans still voting for Fred

Even though most of the “conservativetalking heads are trying to convince us how sexy these lipsticked pigs McCain (RINO, Screwedus), Romney (RINO, Lastpoll) and Huckabee (RINO, Heaven) look, I’m still voting for Fred. If he drops out of the race, I’ll write him in for my vote. Yes, I know Fred has no chance of winning as a write-in candidate. Yes, I know if any significant numbers of conservative voters do likewise, the Republican nominee has no chance of winning – and that’s my whole point. My hope is that a sufficient number of write-in votes for Fred will force the Stupid Party to recognize that independent conservatives will no longer vote for liberal Republicans just to save us from liberal Democrats. That ship has sailed. Voters interested in a liberal will vote for a Democrat, not a squishy RINO. We conservatives must therefore vote with our feet.

Perhaps had you Republicans thought about giving your natural base a candidate they could vote for a little sooner, your party wouldn’t be imploding. But go ahead: you geniuses keep right on pandering to the mushy middle, the unprincipled, the undecided. Keep right on ignoring the folks who brought your party back from near extinction in the post-Nixon years. Make sure your candidates don’t try to run a campaign outside the parameters set by your sworn enemies, the media. Use Fred as your object lesson of what happens to candidates who don’t bow at the progressives’ media altar, and play by the other side’s rules. Show your ever-dwindling supporters how good little bitches let the other guy set the agenda and frame the issues. And whatever you do, don’t vary the lockstep march down the Iwannabea Dem trail lest the lemmings see the cliff you’re leading them over before you reach it.

You’ve learned nothing at all from Reagan or the Contract with America. You’ve been cheek-and-jowl with the Democrats at the taxpayer’s feeding trough for so long now that not only do you look and sound just like them, you want to be them. To paraphrase a great American, I didn’t leave the Republican party, the Republican party left me.

And so you bloody fools are going to suffer a historic defeat: worse than Bob Dole’s embarassment, maybe even worse than Mondale’s disgrace. Congratulations, you’ve certainly earned it. Unfortunately, it’s the nation that will pay.

Update! Mourning in America begins.

Updated update! Discerning Texan urges Fred to stay in the race.

Update to the updated update! Bill Quick walks, too.


14 thoughts on “Former Republicans still voting for Fred

  1. My thoughts on South Carolina. Wouldn’t it be cool if Fred won Florida?


    With Romney? Huckabee, that fraud and McCain, that fascist liberal, are winning? WTF?!
    How is McCain or Huckacarter going to be any different from Clinton and Obama other than the GWOT?

    All you “republicans” wanted a “conservative.” Well you got two. Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson. Hunter has resigned. Thompson might.

    The other candidates are winning because you are voting for them. Yes, Fred could have run a more “exciting” race, but, you knew that he wouldn’t pander to the crowd when he started. If you wanted a conservative, why do you have to be convinced? Just vote for the CONSERVATIVE. Who cares about the “campaign?”

    The Reagan Revolution is dead. Long live the liberals. When you get a liberal president, don’t blame the Fred Heads.

    Fred Thompson misjudged the electorate. He listened to the GOP and thought that there was support for him. His qualities match EVERY SINGLE THING we’ve asked for in the last 20 years. And you turned it down. Because you couldn’t get excited….

    Small government? Federalism? Repeal McCain-Feingold? Immigration? 2nd Amendment?
    Abortion? Non-activist judges? AND fighting the GWOT?

    What if……

    Too late now. Should’ve voted for the conservative when you had the chance.

  2. True Reagan Conservatives are to the Republican Party what blacks are to the Democrats.

    We are taken for granted. Who else are we going to vote for? I for one, will sit this next one out. Prior to the last election, I was feeling the same way and I still held my nose and went to the polls. Not this time.

    I’ve had it.

  3. Amen to all that.

    My prediction? On the outside chance that one of the RINO herd actually ends up in the White House, the self same staunch conservative pundocracy that have either discounted Fred for not being ‘sexy’ enough or ‘too lazy’ will be wailing and rending their clothes that their ‘compromise’ candidate isn’t living up to their expectations (i.e. with victory in hand, has reverted to type).

    Not one tear will be shed for their foolishness. From this direction, at any rate.

    Modern American liberalism (socialism, resureccted and repackaged) has sought to dumb down America for decades. The fruits of all that effort is ready for harvest.

    And I am, very sadly, to the point I almost believe the American people are stupid enough to get what they deserve.

    My sense is that they want a nanny. The way things are going, they’ll get one.

  4. I think that the problem is moral.

    The want for a nanny is more than just somebody to tell them what to do, but also someone to feed, clothe and house them.

    Where are the funds for that care to be found? Somebody else pays.

    This is a moral problem. The sheeple have been taught that they are due all of these things, simply because they are on the planet. They are not taught where the funds for this are obtained.

    When you take what somebody else has labored to produce without payment you are a thief. When you do so to provide for a third party you are a nanny statist.

    We have a nation of infants sitting in high-chairs banging their spoons on the tray, with the applesauce on the floor and full diapers, who are complaining about the poor service.

    Fred represents adult supervision.

    What amazes me is that the sheeple do not understand that they lose liberty and freedom in exchange for the “free ride.”

    Another FredHead

  5. “Well, it may be early to declare victory.

    We will always be bound by a close bond. We have traveled a special road together for a very special purpose.

    You know it’s never been about me. It’s never even been about you. It’s been about our country, and the future of our country, and about our party’s role in that future. And because of your efforts and because of our working together, our party is being required to look itself in the mirror; decide where it’s going; decide who it is.

    Our country needs strong leadership. It needs our party to step up; assume the mantle of leadership again. But, we need to remember that we need to deserve to lead, and that’s what all this is about, is deserving to lead.

    We understand, as they (the Founders) understood, the danger of too much power in too few hands, and this is the foundation on which we’re built; this is the reason we’re here tonight.

    What a country. This is what its all about; keeping it that way; doing our part; stepping up to the plate; stepping up for service; stepping up to try to do the right thing. Even when the right thing is not easy.

    These are the tenets on which the Reagan coalition was built, and they’re just as alive and strong today as they’ve ever been, and they’re alive in the hearts and minds of the American people. Those are the principles that have made us a successful party over the years… and when we’ve stood for those principles; when we’ve stood strong… welfare reform… tax cuts…balance the budget…Stand tall for the Second Amendment, stand tall for the rights of the unborn; people haven’t changed their minds about those things. We need to convince them we haven’t changed our minds about them either.

    Most Americans are not called upon to share their blood. But we’re called upon from time to time to make our own sacrifices. We’re called upon from time to time to make our own contribution. And my friends, that’s what you’ve done. That’s what you’re doing. And I’m so proud to stand with you in that regard, and we’ll always stand strong together in that regard, we’ll always stand strong together. And I can’t thank you enough for that.

    Thank you, and good night. Stand strong. Stand strong.”

    That doesn’t necessarily sound like a throw-in-the-towel speech. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

    My hope is that Fred comes out with a barn-burner of a speech tomorrow or the next day and vows to go all the way to the convention.

    Everybody keeps telling us we can’t have a second Reagan, yet it seems like we’re on our tenth or twelfth Nixon. There won’t be another Reagan any more than there will be another Washington or Lincoln, but it sure would be great to have somebody to vote for, not just against.

    C’mon, Fred! Stand strong!

  6. If anybody who has Fred’s ear reads this scream from the frozen plains of America–or Fred himself accidentally bumps into me here–pay attention:

    I gave money to Fred. A good bit. I have never given a cent before despite voting in every presidential election since 1972.

    Fred, you have my vote. It’s one vote, here in Indiana, but it’s a hard vote to get. Ask these grifters and punks we just ejected from city and state government.

    Sir, I sound like Tom Waits with a throat infection, you really don’t want me making phone calls on your behalf. And physcally I often frighten people. So, what else can I do? My vote isn’t cheap, my money does not come to my pocket easily. You can have all of one and some of the other. Just tell me what else I can do to get you into the White House.

  7. My plan also, on Feb 5th, is a write in for Thompson if he ain’t on the ballot. Same for the Presidential election. McCain doesn’t get the GWOT, and Huckabee is an unknown there, and what I do know about him isn’t very satisfying.

  8. I am a Fred Thompson supporter: I am conservative. These primary voters should be ashamed. The duty of a primary voter is to find out about the candidates records. In the Internet age there is no excuse for saying this is not available. So all whining about Fred not running early is bogus.
    Iowa and New Hampshire are less important to me then
    South Carolina. South Carolina made McCain #1 and Huck
    #2….I trusted the south to have more common sense than
    my dembot state New Jersey….I was wrong. Disgraceful South Carolina go hang your heads in shame . A total Joke.

    It is so nice to see so many folks I respect support
    Fred…Rush..Steve King..You…Misha…Mark Levin..Glenn
    Reynolds…I am humbled to count myself amongst you fine

    Fred makes me remember all the things I love about being
    a conservative. Limited Govt,Strong Defense…..Freedom.

    Stay in the race Fred, This is bigger than you, its bigger
    than all of us, its worth it.

  9. Thanks for the link! I like the vibe out here, will have to return more often!

    Carl Cameron was just on FOX saying that Fred was not going to participate in the Florida debates. Terrible news.

    I just pray that he does not throw his support to McLame.

  10. I’ll be write(in) there with the rest of ya, Vote Fred! I’ve been votin against and for “The lesser of Two evils” most of my life, NO Mo! I’ve had it, I’m gonna vote FOR someone for once!

  11. McNutt is perfectly content with our military personnel being Tried by a Military Court for their Misdeeds, but yet our Military Justice system is inadequate when it comes to trying the Terrorists!

    How fucked up is this!? The dude is not just Conflicted, He’s Unhinged/Certifiable!

    No thanks, McNutt would be a Disaster! This is just one of many examples!

  12. My voting preferences:
    Fred THompson
    Fred Thompson’s Wife
    Fred Thompson’s Maid
    Fred Thompson’s Barber
    Fred Thompson’s Shoe shine boy
    Mitt Romney
    Rudy Guliani
    Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton

    Hey, it took a Jimmy Carter to bring in a Ronald Reagan

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