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Dear New Orleans,

It’s not us. It’s you. No, really:

We’ve already poured billions over this raw festering sore of a city. The infection is still there and it gets more virulent by the day. And now we find that the denizens of this sewer want us to actually pay billions and trillions more to keep this chancrous old collection of corruption afloat? I don’t think so. But con-artists don’t stop conning until you stop them.

Blow the levees and let the whole pustulent mess sink into the ocean. Enough already.

We know you like ambient music you can find it here. There is the article about The Retuses , a Russian band.

12 thoughts on “Dear New Orleans,

  1. Blow the levees and let the whole pustulent mess sink into the ocean. Enough already.

    What GENIUS! Outstanding idea.

  2. It must KILL you that the city survived. LOL! Get over it. Some American you are! Nothing like wishing death on an entire American city. Loser! And cmblake6, I am reporting you to the FBI for theatening terrorist activity.

  3. And before you do, ship back all their citizens that are still on the dole in Houston and have sent crime rates thru the roof.
    It’s insulting to the people of Biloxi,Gulfport and the rest of the Louisiana, Mississippi and Bama coast that they continue on quietly to work hard and rebuild, totally ignored by the media while New Orleans gets the large portion of attention and money. What is never continually emphasised is that the Gulf Coast was destroyed by Katrina while New Orleans was flooded because of the broken levies due to it’s politicians stealing funds directed for levy upkeep.
    Two years later and these bums are still milking the cash cow.
    Bon ton roule yo mama.

  4. New Orleans needs a new mayor other then that bald headed twit RAY NAGIN and better police cheifs then blunering blockheads like EDDIE COMPASS

  5. Nothing like wishing death on an entire American city. Loser!

    Cities and towns die all the time, doctorj. Usually because they have nothing left to offer but expense and misery. If recognition of a “community” in it’s death throes makes me a “Loser!”, then how much more so are those who refuse to see the irredeemable squalor that is The Big Sleazy?

    As for reporting people to the FBI, Fuck Off And Die, you greasy little toad. Go ahead and report that.

  6. Wouldn’t it be enormously ironic if cmblake6 were being sarcastic, and did not actually want the levees blown and NOLA sunk like the rat infested rotten old ship of a city it is?

    Now how do you feel, doctorj?

    Who cares, you look like a fucking idiot.

  7. Hey, hey, hey pocky way doctor j….

    I am the one who wants the city erased. Pay attention you junkie!

    And while I am at it may the mighty mississippi give you and your beloved city the gigantic douche you both so clearly deserve.

  8. Before you condemn New Orleans, you just might want to spend a few minutes doing some basic research on shipping. The stretch of river water that includes New Orleans is the busiest port complex in the USA, and one of the busiest in the world.

    Something like ten percent of domestic oil production comes out of the Mississippi Delta and funnels through the New Orleans refineries. Something like one-third of all US oil imports come through the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port and feed into the New Orleans refineries. New Orleans brings in large percentages of the US’s net consumption of raw steel, flour, rubber, sugar, and coffee, among other things. You may or may not have noticed that prices of many products jumped right after Katrina, even more than the spike in gas prices could account for. That was because the Port of New Orleans and all the processing plants in the region were shut down for something like two weeks.

    The most economical way to ship bulk materials throughout the central US is by river: the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Guess what city sits at the mouth of the Mississippi and is the logical transshipment point for all of those materials?

    The second-most-economical way to ship bulk materials anywhere in the country is by railroad. Guess what port city has the best railroad network in the country, with no fewer than six class-A railroads coming into the city?

    New Orleans is indeed a rotten place to put a city. Don’t think our ancestors didn’t know it. The only reason they built a city there is because they needed a city in the Delta, and all the other possible sites are worse.

  9. Amazing. I don’t know what is more astonishing: the fact that your version of terrorism calls for the destruction of an American city, or that you’re hiding behind a veil of Chrisianity to do it.

    You realize that this makes you a terrorist…

  10. Well ashley, I would say you’ve cornered the market on ignorance and poor reading comprehension skills, but if Mr. Vanderleun’s comment section is any indication, the supply is damned near inexhaustible.

    Nothing in his original post can be construed as terrorism or particularly Christian. Joe’s “Blow the levees” comment could be considered terrorism, or rather, incitation to such, if you read pretty broadly. Oh, it’s you doing the reading. Never mind. I guess really incredibly fucking broad interpretations are pretty much the rule where you’re concerned.

    Why don’t you piss off now to whatever shithole you call home?

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