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…testing, one two three. Is this thing on? Hello, anyone there? 😉

Update! Well, I suppose after the unimaginable horror of this summer’s multiple personal catastrophes, it’s in some small way comforting — like a pair of ratty old Levi’s or Dad’s favorite chair — to see that the DKos crowd is still the same passel of mouthbreathing, gullible liars they always were – and that ConYank is still on the too-easy job of publicly humiliating them when they get Beauchamped yet again.

As Allah always says, exit question: do any of you Leftards know anything at all about how the military actually, y’know, functions? Have any of you Kossacks ever even met an ACTUAL soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine — as opposed to the despicable frauds the antiwarriors keep trotting out (and getting suckered by) over and over and over again?

Or, more colorfully, and with apologies to the glorious originator: can’t anybody there play this game?

Updated update! It’d maybe do the Kossacks some good to read this excellent piece and a few of the books mentioned therein:

The term “professional warrior” is explicitly used by Navy Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale of Abingdon, Illinois, to describe himself, in A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of Reflection (Hoover Institution Press, 1984). I learned in depth about Vice Admiral Stockdale’s writings in this and a second book, Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot (Hoover, 1995) from midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, where I teach. One “mid” told me that the moral lessons Stockdale provides helped inspire him to go to the academy.

Stockdale himself is a symbol of a civilian-military divide. The very way you recall him upon hearing his name shows on what side of the divide you fall. Most civilians remember Stockdale as H. Ross Perot’s seemingly dazed vice presidential candidate, who, in the 1992 debate with Al Gore and Dan Quayle asked aloud, “Who am I? Why am I here?” and later requested that a question be repeated, since he had not turned on his hearing aid. In fact, Stockdale, a life-long student of philosophy, had meant his questions to be rhetorical, a restatement of the most ancient and essential of questions. Because of television’s ability to ruin people’s lives by catching them in an embarrassing moment in time, too few are aware that Stockdale’s vice presidential bid was insignificant compared with almost everything else he did.

Those on the other side of the divide remember him as among the most selfless and self-reflecting heroes the armed services have ever produced. In September 1965, then-Navy Commander Stockdale (the equivalent of a lieutenant colonel) was forced to eject from his A-4 Skyraider over North Vietnam. He spent the next seven years in prison, undergoing the usual barbaric treatment that the North Vietnamese communists meted out to Americans who did not provide information. Told that he was going to be shown to foreign journalists, Stockdale, a Medal of Honor winner, slashed his scalp with a razor and beat himself in the face with a wooden stool, to prevent being used for propaganda purposes. “When George McGovern said he would go to Hanoi on his knees, we prisoners…were humiliated,” Stockdale writes. “We did not go anywhere on our knees, least of all home…Most of us would be there now rather than knuckle under,” he writes in 1984.

The antiwar Left, by way of contrast, begins on their knees before begging to be allowed to roll over completely in the name of a distorted, ignominious conception of “peace.” For them, “knuckling under” to foreign enemies is the default response, a consequence of reflexive self-loathing and misplaced guilt.

But this article does sorta put paid –again — to the risible notion that anybody out there is paying the slightest bit of attention to the Geneva Convention and “international law” except us horrible imperialist murdering Americans, don’t it now? Too bad it’s just another reminder of a reality the “reality”-based community is (still) quite diligently ignoring.


9 thoughts on “Testing…

  1. Coming through Five by Five, my friend.

    Unless I’m hearing voices again.

    Which would be kinda strange, seeing as how they’re text on a screen… Wait… Am I digressing again? Damn, I think I am.

  2. Macabee: Dude, it fit the narrative. Which obviously means it sounds truthy, so therefore it must be accurate, even if it’s fake.
    Ipso facto, you dumb reich-wingers.

    Or something like that. We hardly need this latest bit of stupidity to point and laugh at them – the kozkidz are a veritable cornucopia of fever dreams and conspiracy theories.

    Hey, did you guys get your check from Rove late this month, too? Just ’cause he’s resigning is no reason to get sloppy with payroll, dammit.

  3. Welcome back, Mike – and sorry for your troubles.

    I actually got a comment on that story that all but blamed Rove for Maccabee’s fabulisms. After all, said he, it was good enough to gain a lot of initial acceptance before being debunked by those in the know, making all of those who initially bought into it look like fools.

    I told him sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  4. Probably went right over his head and the fool walked away wondering what Freud had to do with it, I’d bet.

    Ah well, at least there’s one other comforting familiarity out there: it’s still funny as hell watching these people tripping over their cranks every time they try to seriously discuss any military topic more complicated than, say, the proper etiquette for spitting on soldiers at airports.

    The Dems complain loud and long about the “unfair perception” that they’re soft on defense — all while their base objects to the very idea of it.

  5. I’ll be back. I just have some things to do. And really find something to write about. Or get interested in enough to write about. Before every other person writes about it and I’m left with an ‘Umm…Me too.’

  6. The funny thing about this, the Beauchamp thing, Jessie Macbeth, et al, is that there really are veterans and active military people out there who oppose the war and who dislike Bush’s policies. I served with a few of them. Of course, they’re generally in the minority (in my last unit of 62 there were 4-5 who identified themselves as Democrats.) So, you would think that it wouldn’t be that hard to find someone to write something like this for real, right?

    Except that even those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who may oppose the war on some principal or another are smart enough not to ally themselves with the treasonous lunatics like Kos and his minions. They know that despite all the flowery rhetoric, the lefties don’t “support the troops” now, and never have. They know that the lefties who ooze so much ersatz “concern” about the plight of us pore dumm Gee Eyes don’t actually give a rat’s ass about the military or anyone in it, regarding it as a barbaric institution of dropouts, misfits, racists and psychopaths, and that in their vision of a perfect world, we’d all go away so they could sit around with hands joined singing “we are the world” in perfect peace and harmony.

    And that’s why they have to rely on fakers like “macabee” and fabulists like Beauchamp to bolster their arguments, people who think they can pull the wool over our eyes because they’ve read a few Tom Clancy books or played a few rounds of “medal of honor” on the Xbox and that this will somehow give them the inside knowledge they need to appear credible to a credibly gullible audience.

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