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The first thing that jumps out after reading Mike’s post on Bill Clinton is…what the hell happened to grown-ups?

For you kids who weren’t there, once upon a time in this country, former presidents didn’t constantly and publicly criticize their successors. Oh, you might get an occasional barb at a convention or something, but you never had the kind of nonstop public second-guessing you see today from Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Even former Vice-President Walter Mondale is taking shots at Cheney. Walter Mondale–the guy who showed up at Jimmy Carter’s year-late hostage-rescue meeting with Delta Force, wearing tennis shoes and playing with a pair of handcuffs throughout!

Talk about your ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’!

No, you just didn’t see Truman bashing Eisenhower or Johnson bashing Nixon, or Nixon and Ford shivving Carter, or Reagan and Bush1 dumping on Clinton. It just wasn’t done. For one thing, those men realized that they had their chance and now it was someone else’s turn. The country would somehow struggle by without their withering critiques–indeed the country would be better off without it. It would have been seen as juvenile, selfish, immature, classless, unstatesman-like and generally bad form.

Yet today, it passes unremarked. Jimmy Carter seems never to have recovered from being fired. Yes, it must have been humiliating–but look at George H. W. Bush; he’s managed to comport himself with dignity and class, yet Jimmeh still suffers from post-presidential priapism, the heartache and frustration of POTUS Interruptus.

Bill Clinton is a different matter. For Bubba Narcissus the First, it’s simply All About Him and always has been. For him to charge anyone else with considering themselves above the law is mind-boggling in it’s brazeness. Yet given the potpourri of pathological pottage that is Bill Clinton, he probably believes it himself. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s not even projection–it’s sociopathic.

With John Conyers, however it is pure hypocrisy and political opportunism. Conyers full-throatedly supported the Clinton pardons of the FALN terrorists and a president’s–any president’s–unqualified and unquestionable right to grant them. Now Conyers will conduct hearings into Bush’s suddenly qualified and questionable authority.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter.

With the possible exception of an unrequited Rita Moreno fantasy, Bill Clinton didn’t give a rat’s ass about any Puerto Ricans. Although as a rule Democrats have a man-crush on incarcerated terrorists, this wasn’t about that. If it was, then David Geffen would have gotten the pardon he purchased for the American Indian Movement’s cop-killer Leonard Peltier. Geffen learned the hard way that the Clintons fail the test of a good politician; once they were bought, they didn’t stay bought.

Peltier’s problem was this; he was all downside for Hillary. You see, New York doesn’t have very many American Indian voters. But it has lots of Puerto Rican voters. And those voters were vital to Hillary’s election to the Senate. And her election to the Senate was vital to her plans to become president, an ambition nursed since she first tasted power by being elected Junior Hall Monitor of the Week at Oak Park Elementary in 1959.

And that’s why Peltier rots in jail while 16 Puerto Rican murderers walk–one was politically helpful to the Clintons while the other was not. Regardless of whose signature appeared on them, Hillary issued those pardons, so that the future presidency of Hillary Clinton, by Hillary Clinton and for Hillary Clinton might not perish from the earth.

Now let’s look at the seemingly unrelated case of Billy Dale.

Mr. Dale was in charge of the White House Travel Office and by all accounts did a fine and nonpartisan job–all accounts, that is, until Hillary wanted to give his job to one of her Hollywood pals. When the charge of cronyism was made, rather than weather the charge and look bad for a minute or two, Hillary decided to sic the entire apparatus of the Feddle Gumment on Billy Dale. If Billy Dale could be made into a criminal, then his firing would be not just okay, but a good thing.

So the appropriate charges were manufactured, then investigated and prosecuted. A jury took only minutes to acquit Mr. Dale, but the point is, Hillary Clinton was perfectly willing to make an innocent man rot in jail rather than take a pr hit. And she was perfectly willing to abuse government power to do it.

Whether sending an innocent man to prison or releasing the guilty for personal benefit, the common denominator is the Clintons’ abuse of power, or as Bill put it; ” You’ve got to understand, this is consistent with their philosophy; they believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle.”

Whether it was Al Gore using the Naturalization Office as a voter mill, or Sandy Berger trying to deceive the 9/11 Commission, or auditing politcal opponents or swapping pardons for ballots or prosecuting innocent people, The Clintons used every office, policy and program of government for their own personal advantage.

And this is who Democrats want to reinstall in the White House?

That IS the Cult of Personality of which the Left is always accusing us of bestowing on George Bush.

I would oppose the Clintons on policy grounds even if they were honest, principled and honorable. But they aren’t. This family of jack-leg reprobate grifters belong nowhere near the levers of power for that reason alone. By the way, in Hillary’s World, YOU are Billy Dale–a mere flea to be stepped on if need be.

Sadly, the press corps are so far up the Clintons’ posteriors that when the light is just right, you can make out Keith Olbermann’s profile in Hillary’s Adam’s Apple.

But on the bright side, Fred Dalton Thompson is tied with Hillary in the polls…and he hasn’t even announced, while she’s been running since, oh, the Eisenhower Administration. And Fred has already taken out one crooked, pardon-selling, Southern Democrat governor’s regime.

He did it once and he can do it again.


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