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Cynical Chippies


Congressional supporters of the present legislation are themselves often engaging in politics of the most cynical kind. Rare “bipartisan” cooperation on the bill, which brought Sen. Trent Lott from Mississippi to the side of Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, is hardly statesmanship or a sudden outbreak of civic virtue. Rather, it is a new public face to the old alliance between profit-minded employers (and those who represent their interests) and demographically obsessed liberal and ethnic activists.

The former want assurances that there will be millions of aliens available to work at wages that Americans will not — with the ensuing medical, housing, schooling, and legal costs subsidized by the taxpayer. The latter can’t wait for more constituents in need of group representation who, it is hoped, will someday support them at the polls.

Most cynical of all, however, are the moralistic pundits, academics, and journalists who deplore the “nativism” of Americans they consider to be less-educated yokels. Yet their own jobs of writing, commenting, reporting, and teaching are rarely threatened by cheaper illegal workers.

Few of these well-paid and highly educated people live in communities altered by huge influxes of illegal aliens. Their professed liberality about illegal immigration usually derives from seeing hardworking waiters, maids, nannies, and gardeners commute to their upscale cities and suburbs to serve them well — and cheaply.

In general, such elites don’t use emergency rooms in the inner cities and rural counties overcrowded by illegal aliens. They don’t drive on country roads frequented by those without licenses, registration and insurance. And their children don’t struggle with school curricula altered to the needs of students who speak only Spanish.

For many professors, politicians, and columnists, the gangs, increased crime, and crowded jails that often result from massive illegal immigration and open borders are not daily concerns, but rather stereotypes hysterically evoked by paranoid and unenlightened others in places like Bakersfield and Laredo.

I come from a family of migrant workers. It sucks. There’s no nobility in that lifestyle. Period.

If you think the people “doing the jobs the lazy Americans won’t do” are grateful for the chance to mow your lawns, bus your tables, and wipe the dirty asses of your spoiled rotten brood, you’re deluding yourself.

They’re bitter and resentful as hell.

How can any sane individual believe that an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, will be excited about assimilating into a culture that only sees them as a source of easy votes, or cheap labor?

France had the same attitude with the African immigrants they brought in as cheap labor…we all know how that snuck around and bit them in the ass…


2 thoughts on “Cynical Chippies

  1. The illegals who get interviewed all say the same thing. They don’t want to be citizens. They want to be able to come here, do whatever the hell they want, take from the system, yet retain their own culture and citizenship. They see us a invaders not the other way around. We owe them. I particularly love the idiots who actually demand those of us of european decent leave. Morons don’t even know their own history. Unless their dumbasses are PURE Indian, they are as european as I am. Fucking idiots. If this shamnesty bill gets passed before the southern border is secured, citizens of this country will truly see the ugly side of this illegal invasion. The passing of that shit will embolden the bad element like hell burning. And I honestly believe the bad element is far more prevelant than the supposed hardworking illegal.

  2. That’s an excellent point–that attitude’s not compassionate, it’s condescending. Neither amnesty nor the status quo does immigrants (legal or otherwise) any favors. Upward mobility can only come with assimilation, and assimilation can only be accomplished with a secure border and an effective method for identifying those who enter the US.

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