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Color Me a Racist Bigot Too, Lindsey

Lindsey Graham, that odious little Deputy Dawg talkin’ piece of catfish bait, said anybody who opposes this immigration bill is just a racist bigot, and we’re not havin’ none uh thayat. Well, maybe so. But this racist bigot is going to say his piece.

First off, I don’t care either way for or against Mexicans, or Ecuadoreans, or Hondurans. I do care that we are admitting a lawbreaking underclass into this country, while making it damn near impossible for the educated and potentially upwardly mobile middle and upper classes of Mexico, Central and South America to immigrate. I don’t fear a Latino flood; in fact I would welcome a flood of middle and upper class Chileans, Argentinians, Brazilians, Mexicans, Panamanians or Nicaraguans. Doesn’t bother me in the least. But to do this, we need to keep out the riff raff (i.e. enforcement first) and greatly increase the level of legal immigration. I am cool with that, because those with an education or at least a decent work history will understand what they are getting into, and will be likely to assimilate into U.S. culture, to buy into the ideals of liberty and merit and plurality. Letting in the vast underclass is like letting 12+ million illiterate, innumerate Archie Bunkers into the country. We don’t need that! We do need productive, talented people to come here in vast numbers though – but to do that you have to make it worth their while to do so legally, and you have to make an effort to enfranchise them when they get here. Sticking them in a temporary worker ghetto isn’t going to get it. Nor is the patronizing official attitude our government is apparently going to take toward anybody who eats salsa or chorizo. Nor is making the term “hispanic” synonymous with underclass, America-hating or at least America-disliking, non-English speaking day laborers. We can only handle so many tired, hungry, and poor people at one time. Twelve million (ultimately 35-40 million, if the last amnesty is any guide) such people is too many at once. It’s an order of magnitude larger than the last amnesty. It’s not good.

Second, Jim Geraghty, where the hell are you now with your talk about how we need to vote for Republicans. Why? They’ve betrayed the shit out of us. Again.

Third, if it sounds like Bush and his little amnesty boosting buddies are out of touch with you, don’t feel alone, you are both in the mainstream on this, and perceptive. As y’all know I practice law in D.C. and I know a lot of people who know a lot of people. My understanding is that only those with a positive view of the President’s plan, however it may be composed in the end, are being permitted to talk about it *within* the Administration, never mind in public. Yep, it’s an echo chamber run amok. Furthermore, I understand that in many instances, those who disapprove, have reservations, or whose job position *requires* them to express apprehension(e.g. in enforcement or providing future benefits to the new underclass) – these people are being systematically denied a seat at the table to discuss and craft this bill. In other words, if it sounds like Bush is utterly out of touch it is because he is out of touch, intentionally. I suspect the disapproving voices within the Administration are being silenced for expediency’s sake, and also to give plausible deniability to everybody involved who wants to have a future in politics. (“Why, we had no idea of this would overburden the Department of Labor’s job training programs, or the Department of Education’s adult literacy programs… heck, they never spoke up about it.”)

There is a lot of talk about how we need to something about the illegals because they wreak havoc on the Southwest’s desert environment, there has been much testimony about that… but not a lot of stuff about how we’re going to deal with the social burdens imposed by our new instant underclass. And their extended families who will immigrate here by chain migration.

Aye, aye, aye aye, my opponents swim out to meet troop ships...

Now every political leader wants to sell his own program, so it’s natural that the boosters would get a seat at the table. But it is disastrous to ignore the doomsayers and to set about designing a society-changing law without the input from anybody who just might possibly raise a problem. I’ll point to the Johnson Administration as an example. It ran young bureaucrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan out of D.C. (until he was elected Senator) because he said the Great Society program would destroy the Black family. Evidently, the current Administration is taking no chances on a potential Moynihan coming out of any federal agencies and saying something about the unintended (or perhaps intended) adverse consequences of this legislation. Not even in internal executive branch deliberations.

So yes, if you think the Administration is failing to listen to you, you are correct. But don’t feel bad about it. From what I hear, the Administration isn’t even listening to itself on this, at least if my sources have a good handle on the situation.


2 thoughts on “Color Me a Racist Bigot Too, Lindsey

  1. U.S. faces a great Opportunity Cost
    when, without courage, with gullibility,
    it lauds for the second time in 20 years illegal immigration.

    Miguel de Icaza’s immigration supports your thesis that illegal immigration makes legal immigration from those same countries near impossible.
    About 5 years ago, MIT honored Miguel as the computer scientist who will have the most influence in the future. From Mexico, Miguel sought to join computer scientists in the U.S. Years past as he was refused entry — the “top” computer scientist in the world was refused entry! –refused because millions, with less education than our school dropouts, came before Miguel.

    I know Asians who have sought immigration into U.S. for a decade, but the U.S. instead gives (in the end) preference to illegal immigrants.
    This is not just! It is unjust!

    This time we seek to bless 12 million illegal immigrants. Under President Reagan, we sought to end this problem by blessing only 2 million illegals. In 20 more years will we bless 60 million illegals?

    Twenty years ago, the law that blessed 2 million included provisions to end illegal immigration — those restraining laws went unenforced, and our illegal immigation rather than be diminished was exacerbated.
    We can expect the same with any current legalization — 12 million will be legalized, but associated laws will be null, so illegal immigration will instead be nursed.

    Most people favor legal immigration, but not illegal immigration.

    The U.S. has always, and the current government more so, more sought solutions from thought than from example, and more sought solutions from buddies than from other nations solutions.
    Other nations have better solved illegal immigration, which is why the U.S. has half of all immigration.
    Consider Hong Kong under its last British Governor, Chris Patten. Around 1990, faced with Vietnamese fleeing their country, and not speaking Hong Kong’s languages of Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, Hong Kong put 50,000 illegals behind fences for several years. Then Hong Kong flew those Vietnamese home. Hong Kong had no more illegal immigrants.

    Hong Kong has a large immigrant worker program, where workers come mostly from Philippines. The employer must provide yearly return airfare to the workers home countries.
    Such an immigrant worker program seems plausible and more just. Additionally, we should seek equal chance for any immigrant with equal qualifications! That is, we should seek justice.
    We should have not illegal immigrants from south of the U.S. border, but immigrants from India, Eritrea, and China. Indeed, if a country is bettering us in the market place if not in technology, we are behooved to import not its goods but import its people.

    The country whose people seem to best assimilate in the U.S. is India. Asian Indians assimilate so well that to get some of their cultural benefits, we probably need many more Indians.

    Or, instead of 12 million illegal immigrants,
    consider a comparable number of legal immigrants with student visas who are currently disallowed from working while in U.S.! Give all our international students permits to work and U.S. citizenship.

    We face an opportunity cost.
    Do we accept the 12 million illegal immigrants who stake their claim to U.S. citizenship,
    or do we import 12 million Asian Indians
    with far better working skills, far better language skills, and whose children far outperform our children in public school?
    Do we really prefer 12 million people with no high school education to computer scientists, doctors, and engineers?

    Several million small business owners (landscaping, construction) want the current 12 million illegal immigrants for their own profit.
    Many of those small businessmen probably haven’t the skills to make a living any other way except to be employed like their current illegal workers.
    I buddy of mine did this with his painting business; a cousin of mine with just a high school education and off the farm did this with his janitorial business.
    One no longer wanted to paint, one no longer wanted to be a janitor, but both made fortunes (millions of dollars) hiring illegal immigrants to do the same.
    Keep in mind, much of the rest of the U.S. feels put-upon if not oppressed by those 12 million illegals.

    Illegal immigration is not diverse — it represents those countries with which we already have plenty of representation.
    To the extent we seek diversity, let’s seek a real diversity, which we would get under U.S. standard legal immigration
    — Indians, Sri Lankans, Taiwanese — red, black, and off-white.

  2. I have two points if I may.

    First, go to and listen to the Tamar Yona program about the North American Unification, She does a great job of picking out serious, credible people from the wacko conspiracy crowd. I have no affiliation with her or that station, I enjoy their news perspective given through a different filter than Kati CoriKKK, and Rosie-O-O.

    Secondly, your this article is right on the money. A big freakin game is being played here, and it’s pretty scary. This open border thing is all about the money, and nothing else. Every politician is in on this game, and I truly believe the ONLY choices we liberty loving people have is either shut up, and sit down, or tell Annie to get her gun, and Separate from the “Union”, it’s called a civil war. That’s it, bitch, moan, complain, go back to see who won American Idol, or we need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Thanks, and have a great day!

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