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Hardest working man in show business?

Didn’t know any of this:

When news anchor Neil Cavuto was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago — after surviving stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the late ’80s — he sought second opinions in New York, Atlanta, Minnesota, and London, in his attempt to refute the undeniable.

Ten years later, Cavuto both accepts his MS and defies it. Doctors marvel at his MRI scans because they indicate a man unable to walk or talk. Yet while he sometimes has difficulty doing both, the Fox News anchor is remarkably fit, exercising on a stationary bike and treadmill to stave off muscle atrophy of the legs, a common problem in MS patients. Cavuto, 48, has the secondary progressive form of the disease, meaning it steadily worsens over time.

He has fatigue, headaches, trouble walking, some vision loss, and — occasionally — hoarseness. “Having difficulty talking isn’t good in my profession, but my wife welcomes it,” jokes the anchor, who memorizes scripts for his program, Your World With Neil Cavuto, in case he can’t read the teleprompter during taping.

I always liked Cavuto, although I haven’t seen his show (or much of anything else on TV, mercifully) in a good little while now. But bless him anyway, not only for his inspiring positive attitude, but because, as Stephen Spruiell says, he can still make lying left-wing asshole Paul Krugman look like the braying jackass he is, and without even breaking a sweat.


8 thoughts on “Hardest working man in show business?

  1. Thanks for posting this…I’ve always admired the hell out of Cavuto…if the collective of editorialists on TV were half as astute and considerate as this man, the economic and political IQ of this country would rock.

  2. As someone who is currently in the diagnosis stage (it might be MS, it might be a couple other things) I’m very pleased to see this story.

    It means that even if the worst of the likely diagnoses comes to pass, I don’t have to just roll over and die.

    I probably should have saved this comment until I’d written about it all myself… oh, well.

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