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Is it something in the water?

Several of the conservative sites I usually read are turning into whining, scolding harpies. Since when do real conservatives subscribe to the PC regimen demanding that no one be offended by anything, ever? So Ann Coulter told a lame joke. OMG! I hope that tender, sensitive flower Edwards recovers from the severe trauma of being called a faggot, I really do. I know that would be enough to shatter my fragile ego forever – well, at least make me cry and feel bad, and question my manhood. I’m already steeling myself for the inevitable onslaught of criticism for our occasional use of homo or faggot. I can just imagine how Ace will feel when y’all turn your wrath on him. Whattaya mean that’s different? How? Because his jokes are better?

No wonder Mike’s so sick of political blogging – with overblown, silly shit like this from our own side, I am too. The people we generally agree with are behaving as if they just bought stock in the liberal Kool-Aid plant and like Algore, the more carbony sweetness they drink, the more they make – so what’s not to like? It probably wouldn’t bug me so much if I wasn’t so certain that their outrage at Ann was due more to the attention she diverted from their favorite candidate (or from themselves *cough* Michelle Bryan *cough*) than any offensiveness of her remark. Though why “conservatives” are so concerned about some possible marginal fallout to a bunch of RINO candidates is beyond me.

What a pathetic, weak-kneed, finger-in-the-PC-breeze all you candy-asses turned out to be. You’re a freakin’ embarrassment to fine, upstanding homosexuals everywhere who know enough to laugh this off as the publicity stunt  you clowns have turned it into.

Enough with the self-righteous preening already, so I can go back to reading your blogs without feeling embarrassed for you.

Update!  As usual, Gerard says it better than anyone. A taste before you go see for yourself:

There. I think I’ve got the new speech code rule down. After all, it is important, DAMNED IMPORTANT!, to keep track of what you cannot say in America when exercising your right to (almost)Free Speech. By tracking which words are forbidden to all (except to those in the group to which they refer), it becomes ever easier to condemn and seek to destroy anyone who violates the Sacred Speech Codes of the New American First Universalist Secular Church of Agnostic Atheists.

For ever and ever, Amen. Or, uh, Awomyn. Whichever.


11 thoughts on “Is it something in the water?

  1. I’m not sure I follow you. Do you mean Ann Coulter didn’t just reveal how she felt about homosexuals by her choice of insult? Do you think she was joking, and has no negative feelings about homosexuals – or that it’s no big deal?

    The thing is, many conservatives have been emphatic that their opposition to gay marriage is based on their concern for families and children rather than homophobia. You know what? I’m convinced. You just talk the way you always talk – far be it from me to read into it. Coulter probably doesn’t care about any of this – just found an easy way to sell books. It’s the normally pro Coulter people who got all upset over this lapse who are guiltily covering up feelings they dare not name openly. You are absolutely right. Shame on them.

  2. or that it’s no big deal?


    You just talk the way you always talk –

    Thanks for your permission! 😉

    far be it from me to read into it.

    Sounds good – but then you go ahead and do so anyway:

    It’s the normally pro Coulter people who got all upset over this lapse who are guiltily covering up feelings they dare not name openly.

    Or perhaps it was just a flat joke. Either way, I hardly think it’s a litmus test for who may or may not be “covering up feelings they dare not name openly”.

  3. You misunderstand. I’m agreeing with your condemnation of all those conservative bloggers who attacked Ann Coulter for saying openly what she means – after praising her when she was not quite so clear. Of course that has nothing to do with people of any political opinion who were never Coulter fans – or who still defend her – just like what you said. Of course you may feel differently now.

    Or perhaps it was a flat joke? You say perhaps, so you may suspect otherwise. Well, I can hardly complain when you give Coulter the same benefit of the doubt you gave Edwards. Or do I misunderstand you? You’ve probably read more Coulter than I have. Maybe you’ve seen things to suggest she has no more negative feelings about homosexuals than she does about anyone else.

  4. What annoys me so much about the Left’s response to this sort of thing, which precipitated so much of the Right’s response to this particular thing, is the sheer hypocrisy of it all. How many times have we seen the Left out, or threaten to out, GLBTS/TG Republicans? Sweet Jesus grunting on the porcelain throne, can anyone actually count that high?

    Even more annoying, if that’s even possible, is the Left’s claim, which I’m sure they’ll get around to any moment now, that anyone displaying the slightest hint of homophobia is just another repressed old butt-rammer their ownselves.

    I’m with Joe. Shut the hell up about it, already. Gays, shut your cockholsters. Nobody’s interested in who you’re boning or what your particular political cause happens to be this week. Get over yourselves, if you can figure out how. Everybody else, from all sides of the political spectrum, and every angle of human sexuality known and yet to be discovered, you shut the hell up, too.

    If I wanted to hear your opinion on this shit, I’d give you an opinion worth expressing.

  5. You say perhaps, so you may suspect otherwise.

    No. I said “perhaps” because I want you to consider that rather than being a position statement on gay marriage, a homophobic remark, or “covering up feelings they dare not name openly”, it was just, y’know, a flat joke.

    Maybe you’ve seen things to suggest she has no more negative feelings about homosexuals than she does about anyone else.

    I have no idea what Ms. Coulter feels about homosexuals; I simply don’t think an unfunny joke intended to lampoon political correctness necessarily reflects those feelings in any particular way. And I find the knee-jerk over-reaction of the PC crowd to the use of words like faggot or nigger, regardless of context, to be a tyrannical attempt to control “acceptable” speech.

  6. Thank you, and thank GOD someone is finally saying it! Cripes, if the so called conservatives in this country would de-suction their lips from the buttocks of the gay movement for five minutes, they might notice that they’re rushing to defend the delicate, flower-like sensibilities of a segment of the population who would throw them and THEIR sensibilities under the bus in an instant.

    The so-called conservatives in this country are damned fools. They’ve never yet figured out that the thing that keeps costing them power, whenever they achieve it, is that they turn against their own base….they’ll toss over the family-values conservatives and Christians (who, last tally, make up eighty percent of the American population) to go chasing after the support and approval of a mere demographic sliver of voters, who vote yellow-dog liberal every election anyway.

    Yeah, Ann Coulter was being crass and unladylike by using the word “faggot.” Congratulations on being played. Having figured out long ago that the only press she’d get as a conservative writer would be all BAD anyway, she developed the strategy of dropping the P.C. equivalent of an “f-bomb” once or twice throughout the year to keep the nancy liberals barking and yowling about her round-the-clock. It’s amazing what being deliberately tactless with the truth will do for getting press coverage out of complete liberal tools.

    And yes, “faggot” is a degrading term— for what is regarded by a large majority of people, including a large number of former homosexuals, as a degrading lifestyle. And that doesn’t change with the changing of the terminology. Faggot, Queer, Fruit, Gay….. If people didn’t inherently recognize it as something negative, then changing the word used wouldn’t merely transform the new word into a slur. Perhaps it is we who should be offended that we’re barred from calling a spade a spade.

    And yeah, coincidentally, to judge by his walk, talk, behavior and the company he keeps— like half his reelection staff— Edwards is gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.

    Don’t like what I said? Grow some hair. I was unaware that conservatives were supposed to be POLITICALLY CORRECT now. Guess I didn’t get the memo at the last RINO rally.

  7. I am still looking at ANn’s comments and trying to figure out who was actually insulted.

    Did she insult homosexuals who don’t want to be like Edwards, or is she insulting Edwards by saying he is homosexual. Since I am sure Edwards “loves” homosexuals and I assume homosexuals love Edwards, why are the offended.

  8. To all of you: please rest assured that Edwards “loves” homosexuals in the same way that the GOP in general “loves” Christians. They both say what you want to hear in order to get your votes. The GOP plays you like a Strad with “omahgawd! A faggot’s burning a flag in front of an ACLU office!” You vote them in, and then get more socialism, more farm programs, Bob Dole ethanol boondoggles, more bribes to the gimme generation who still vote like FDR was alive, more FBI/NSA proctoscopes up the ass of your daily affairs, and more taxpayer-funded make-work programs like TSA.

    The Democrats chase after the “gay” vote, pandering like mad; they tell them that if the GOP is elected, they will line homosexuals up against a wall and execute them by firing squad. (I’m sure at least some of you would relish that idea, but I digress). The Dems get voted in, and the First Black President signs the DOMA.

    As for the subject at hand: Ann Coulter is a brilliant writer with a wonderful wit. But she has degenerated into the type who, in a different life, would be dragging a key or a can opener down the side of a new car in order to get attention. She’s the Bad Girl of the Right. Am I saying she should shut up? Nope. Let her be who she is.

    I happen to be homosexual. Was I offended by what she said? Not really. In fact in the context she used it I could see the point she was aiming for. I even blogged about it, but my blog is so new I don’t have much traction yet.

    As for how I vote: I voted for GW Bush. Twice. I voted GOP for Senator. I only voted Dem for governor because he’s the devil we know; the opponent sounded like a raving lunatic that most of the GOP voters gave a wide berth to. Am I disappointed in Bush’s Presidency? Yes, and for many of the same reasons you are: he is a compromiser to a fault. But when I consider the alternatives, he was the best choice.

    Many of you make the same generalizations those on the left make. “All” homosexuals are liberals or raging leftists with an agenda in your eyes, just like “all” Christians are low-IQ trailer-dwelling pickup truck drivers with white sheets on hangers in theirs.

  9. Many of you make the same generalizations those on the left make. “All” homosexuals are liberals or raging leftists with an agenda in your eyes

    I don’t think so, Griz. The reaction of right v left over the outing of Cpl. Sanchez speaks volumes about who has the agenda. Our criticism is more that the raging leftists attack any homosexuals who don’t follow the left’s agenda – not quite the same thing.

    The GOP plays you like a Strad with “omahgawd! A faggot’s burning a flag in front of an ACLU office!”

    So true. But what we’re hearing is “burning a flag in front of an ACLU office!”, while what you’re hearing is “A faggot”. Know what I mean? We’re all a little more sensitized to those issues that matter most to us.

    I checked out your site, and really enjoyed your take on Ann’s little kerfluffle. I recommend it to our readers. Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

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