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“Slow bleed” this

Bryan says it’s a new low for the Democrat scum, but really, it isn’t. What it is, is the same old cut and run, surrender and defeat, cut the rug out from under our troops while trying to lie your way out of the political consequences, bullshit cowardice it always was. They’re just trying out yet another new name for the same old political betrayal of our country and its soldiers.

These chickenshits aren’t worth the powder it’d take to blow ’em all to hell, and that’s the long and the short of it. And anyone who would support such a despicable, underhanded political ploy as this one is cut from the same filthy cloth. As Bryan says:

If they do what they’re apparently planning to do, “slow bleed” will be a very apt description. Those doing the bleeding, slowly, will be US troops.

This is the strategy of a corrupt, dishonorable man. Yes, I realize I’m talking about a former Marine. I’m also talking about the unindicted co-conspirator of Abscam. I’m talking about the coot who thinks we can fight a war in Iraq from Okinawa. I’m talking about a man who is a tool for various subversive anti-war groups.

If you oppose the war and truly want us out of Iraq, put your own name on the line and move to cut funding. Put your name on your policy. If, as Barack Obama said, you think we’re wasting lives in this war, then the honorable thing to do is to stop that waste immediately. Put your name on your policy as well as its outcome. Not conduct a “slow bleed” strategy that is the political equivalent of the strategy that the terrorists and insurgents have themselves deployed on the ground. We have truly reached a new low in this country when the Speaker of the House and her favorite henchman are running a strategy that will definitely get American troops killed for a war they lack the courage to stop in their own names.

It seems that Democrats like Murtha fear the surge in Iraq just as much as Mookie al-Sadr does, and for the same reason: It might work. And like Mookie, the Democrats will engage in sneak attacks designed to destroy the country’s warfighting capability. Words fail me in expressing my outrage at this Murtha-Pelosi strategy.

Not me, brother. I got plenty of words for ’em, and I’m gonna say ’em, right here, right now. Nothing against Michelle or anyone at HA, all of whose efforts I do certainly admire and respect. But I don’t work for anybody but myself, and I can say whatever I think meets the case, without pulling any punches whatever. I’m an ex-truck driver, an ex-loading dock worker, and an old-school biker first, last, and always. And I’ve got nobody to impress by restraining myself from talking like one. If that sort of thing offends you, well, I’m truly sorry for that. You’d better stop reading this right now.

Fuck the Democrats for this. Fuck every last one of them, in the heart. May each and every one of them, from the corrupt slimeball Murtha on down to the lowliest surrender-monkey staffer, rot in hell. I question their patriotism, I question their courage, I question their good sense, I question their very humanity. This is simply inexcusable.

You Democrats, with far too few exceptions, are a disgrace to the sacrifices made by our forefathers, and you have no business referring to yourselves as Americans. Since when is it the Congress’s mandate to run foreign policy, anyway? You bitch, piss, and moan all this time about Bush’s supposedly unscrupulous expansion of executive power, and here you are doing much, much worse — the difference being, he’s trying to win a war, and you’re trying to lose one, for partisan political purposes and nothing more. From anyone else, such behavior would be difficult to comprehend; for you dregs, it’s just another day at the office.

And how dare you craven shitsuckers try to hide behind the flag as you sell our men and women in uniform down the river to protect your election prospects? How dare you claim to “support the troops,” or to have their best interests at heart, at the same time you’re busy planning how to cut them off at the knees, and in such a way as to avoid taking any responsibility for your naked breach of trust and honor? Where do you yellowbellied milksop pieces of shit get the balls to even propose such a lowdown, calculating, plain-old dirty sellout as this?

If each and every one of you had your empty heads sawed off by some screeching Islamofascist tomorrow, it’d be no more than you merit for your appalling treachery. You should be deeply, mortally ashamed of your worthless selves.

How ya like them apples, you Quisling cocksuckers?

Update! Via Reynolds: the miserable tapeworms don’t even have the stones to let the truth about the bullshit they’re fronting stand on its own.

Lower than snakeshit, that’s what. America can do better than this by its soldiers and its commitments. America MUST do better than this. If we don’t, or won’t, or can’t, we are truly, deservedly, and irredeemably lost.


7 thoughts on ““Slow bleed” this

  1. Amen, Mike. I’ve been trying to be civil, but this gutless bullshit doesn’t merit a civil response. Listening to the so-called debate on these pull-the-rug-out resolutions this week has been sickening.

  2. Hell yes Mike! I wish someone would prosecute these swine for being the traitors that they are! I’m sure John Kerry is meeting with Al Sadr in Iran right now! What would it take to call these people on their actions?

  3. Determination, character, self-respect, and the resolve not to be cowed, shouted down, or bullshitted. That’d likely do it, I think.

  4. There’s the usual Democrat, garden variety, traitorous Bullshit and then there’s this new “Slow Bleed” type. This shit is unbelievable and more than a bit difficult to comprehend for me. How the hell can you hate enough and have a power lust so strong, that you’d put Our Troops in more danger than they already are?

    I know I can’t be the only one thinking serious criminal thoughts about the health and welfare of Mr Murtha and a few others in the Democrat leadership.

  5. Every decent person should heckle any Democrat that goes along with the slow bleeding of American troops.

    Show up at their events and ask them why they think small partisan advantage is worth the murder of American troops. They deserve to be embarrassed forever, at every opportunity.

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