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Oh, grow up

Well, at least this dickhead is honest, or as honest as any Lying Left screechweasel can ever be:

When pressed, I sometimes reply: “I don’t hate America. In fact, think it’s one of the best countries anyone ever stole.” But, after the laughter dies down, I have a confession to make: If by “America” they mean the elected/appointed officials and the corporations that own them, well, I guess I do hate that America-with justification.

Among many reasons, I hate America for the near-extermination and subsequent oppression of its indigenous population. I hate it for its role in the African slave trade and for dropping atomic bombs on civilians. I hate its control of institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization. I hate it for propping up brutal dictators like Suharto, Pinochet, Duvalier, Hussein, Marcos, and the Shah of Iran. I hate America for its unconditional support for Israel. I hate its bogus two-party system, its one-size-fits-all culture, and its income gap. I could go on for pages but I’ll sum up with this: I hate America for being a hypocritical white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

We knew it all along, simp. I told you all about this warped idea week before last, in this post: Bright Boy here loves an America that has never existed and never will — an America that is and will remain a swamp-gas illusion born of EUrosocialist fever-dreaming. But get this:

After a paragraph like that, you know what comes next: If you hate America so much, why don’t you leave? Leave America? That would potentially put me on the other end of U.S. foreign policy. No thanks.

What a miserable, cowardly worm. He hates America — but he’s perfectly comfy where he is, thanks, and he’d just as soon not give up the perks of living here in order to put his money where his filthy yap is. He’d prefer to stay right here — reveling in his misguided hate, kvelling and kvetching about how awful it all is — and “work for change” by voting for commie morons, occasionally donning giant puppet heads in protest parades, getting naked in public and finger-painting his shriveled ballbag (if any) to save the environment, and…kvelling and kvetching about how awful it all is. Actually dare to act on his sad, twisted “principles”? No thanks. That would be….inconvenient.

Takes a special kind of courage to openly declare something that reflects so poorly on the deplorable cur behind it. Yep, I think we’ve found ourselves a true Lefty hero for once, instead of the frauds they keep tossing out there to buttress their angry arguments against heroism.

Y’know, one of these days pussies like these are going to get that police state here that they’re always wetting themselves over; it’ll arrive riding on the back of all that big-government largesse they’re all so perpetually enthusiastic about (from the very government they so fear and mistrust — but pay no attention to the Goliath of contradiction behind the curtain of shambolic “reasoning”). In fact, it’s doing so now, slowly and stealthily, and has been for years. Then they’re going to look back on all their childish, hysterical “Amerikkka!” yawping with the shame and regret its incandescent stupidity so richly merits.

(Via AP)

Update! And speaking of huge potential for later humiliation when/if the frothing lunatic ever matures, try this on for size, via LGF:

I don’t see how people who don’t agree politically can date. This became clear last summer when Israel killed 16 children in Qana, the U.S. refused to call for a cease-fire, and the boyfriend acted as if these were war games where Israel had a right to defend itself. So every time Israel did something abominable I’d increasingly begin to hold him personally responsible.

It must have been difficult to date me.

Of that, I have absolutely NO doubt. It’s the only thing in this jawdroppingly witless diatribe that bears even a passing resemblance to the truth. Nice to see that the liberal Hitlerjugend remain as open-minded and tolerant of other viewpoints as ever they were, though.

Well, okay; maybe “nice” is overstating it a wee mite.


2 thoughts on “Oh, grow up

  1. No, I think what that first guy in the Kos post was saying is that he lacks the courage of his convictions.

    That’s probably more accurate than his spin.

  2. Of course they didn’t mention that the Hezbollah types deliberately set up a base among Civilians, made up the death toll there, as came put later, and that hezbollah made no bones about deliberately targeting Israeli civiliians to provoke a response. These same people would probably complain about the RAF going after Peenemunde when the Nazis were bombing London with V-1 Buzz Bombs, too.

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