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Antiwar liberals to troops: drop dead!

Ahh, but this is merely one isolated example, and shouldn’t be held against all of you, right, guys?

Okay, look, fellas, it’s time to stop playing silly semantic games and come clean. You fear, mistrust, and despise the US military. They make you feel like the sunken-chested, slope-shouldered, gutless commie weinerschnitzels you really are, and you’ve always resented them for that, and you always will. I mean, we’ve all known all along that your puling little “chickenhawk” whimper was nothing more than a classic case of projection, from the real cowards onto those Americans who are made of sterner stuff.

Hell, you dinks are terrified of second-hand smoke, all contact sports, dissenting opinion, and pellet guns; it only stands to reason you’d also be afraid of hulking, rugged, rough-hewn types trained to a finely-honed edge in all the various deadly arts you shudder to even contemplate from the comfort of your dorm room, cubicle, boho hipster hair salon, or internet café. You’ve always thought Patton was a dangerous psycho, Schwarzkopf ate his own young, and Eisenhower was a lot scarier than those jackets made him look. Plus, deep down, the 60’s retreads among you really believe that if it weren’t for soldiers, their blockhead campaign to Give Peace A Chance! would have succeeded in abolishing all war forever by now.

So you hate them. Get in touch with whatever tatterdemalion shreds of masculinity you still frantically try to keep hidden from the withering and pitiless gaze of your hairy-legged, patchouli-sodden wymryn, and just nut up for once, and admit it. We all know it’s true anyway; it’s not as if you’re fooling anybody here, least of all the soldiers themselves.

Just take a deep breath and admit it. You’ll feel a lot better, and the rest of us aren’t going to laugh at you for it any harder than we have been all along.

Update! As mentioned in the original story, it’s a Muslim of Pakistani descent who runs the place, thereby rendering my point above…well, still perfectly true, actually, if not necessarily applicable to the story that inspired the post. No word on the religious or ethnic background of the person responsible for the e-mail, or none that I know of. And apparently, the louse is now issuing threats to all who might find his employee’s cavalier insult to American soldiers offensive: is registered to a Faisal Khetani who is an American Muslim of Pakistani descent according to Fox News.

Khetani claims that the person responsible for this ignorant affront to a US soldier was fired. In a recent communication with Miss. Kirkland, Khetani said “As I told my local reporters, the individual who made those statements has been held responsible and liable and what they spoke of apo addresses is absolutely true, but the second half was their own personal opinion and not the opinions of the company.”

Khetani also confirmed, though, that he and the members of his company are also against the efforts in Iraq which seems to contradict his first claim that the fired employee’s email didn’t represent the company.

In that same letter, Khetani also threatened Kirkland with unleashing the wrath of “major muslim organizations” on her for her “insults”. He closed by telling Kirkland, “you can be sure that there are million of muslim activists as well that will do something about your foul statements….your statements against Muslims and your direct insults will not go unheard, I assure you.”

Liberals courageously rallying to the support of this poor innocent victim of hateful Islamophobia in 3…2…1…


9 thoughts on “Antiwar liberals to troops: drop dead!

  1. Reminds me of that e-mail Michelle Malkin received a couple of years back from some youngster working at a large multi-city law firm. It was the usual hate mail she receives, full of all the usual vulgarities. Except the dork sent it from his work.
    She received a letter and phone call from the firm’s managing partner apologizing and telling her that the dork was seeking different employment experiences.

    Why is the left still so full of hate that they cannot respond politely? They won the election, why the hate? Do they still perceive themselves as what they are – losers – and can’t let go of the one thing that gives their lives meaning? Why the hate?

  2. What a fucking asshole. Christ, you couldn’t pay me to be a lib. They are hate filled people. I see it in my own family.

  3. What I find baffling is the utter cluelessness of the person who sent this. Even if he hated the troops and all things military with every fiber of his being, how could he be so stupid as to send an email like this? Especially since he must have known it would get out beyond just his little company?

    I can only think of 3 possible reasons why he might have sent it:

    1. He has spent so much time in the liberal/antiwar/anti-everything-associated-with-Bush vacuum chamber that he simply believes that everyone else in the country agrees with him.

    2. He knew what would happen but was bored with his job and hated his company and figured getting fired would be a nice way to stick it to his bosses and collect unemployment for a few months (as well as giving him some “street cred” with the anti-war movement,) or

    3. He’s dumber than a bag of hammers.

    I’m voting for a combination of 1 and 3, since 2 seems to be ‘too clever by half.’ After all, there are easier ways to get fired.

    Actually, a fourth possibility just occurred to me: Maybe the internet sales guy was one of those people who often walked away from his computer without locking the desktop and one of his co-workers decided to do him in by replying to the email in this way.

  4. I’ll vote for dumber than a bag of hammers. The truly aren’t very smart people.

  5. The responder is an owner of said company and surprise, surprise a follower of the religion of piss. And, as usual, it didn’t take them long to play the islamophobia bullshit victim card. Its only free speech when muslims call for the extermination of the Jews and reeducation of the masses. Otherwise, its anti-muslim and hurts the refined and delicate sensibilities of the followers of mo (piss be upon him). I’m sure conyers and ellison will be submitting Bill 288(?) sooner than later to protect these innocent victims of hate and intolerance.

    “Anti-war and free speech advocates were equally offended, by the widespread criticism of the company and the individual who responded to the soldier.

    “This is a matter of free speech,” said Julie Enslow, an organizer with Peace Action Wisconsin in Milwaukee. “It is totally irresponsible for radio stations and bloggers to attack a person for his personal political views.”

    Othman Atta, president of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, said he would fault the worker for his lack of tact but defended his right to speak his mind.

    “If you look at the polls, his opinion is reflected by a majority of Americans now,” Atta said. “In the United States, everyone one is free to speak their opinion.”

    Atta appeared concerned that the controversy might fuel anti-Muslim and anti-Middle Eastern sentiment.

    “Some people will look for any excuse to target people from the Middle East,” he said…”

  6. “If you look at the polls, his opinion is reflected by a majority of Americans now,” Atta said. “In the United States, everyone one is free to speak their opinion.”

    You are so right, Othman, you terrorist coddling backstabbing copperheaded fascist enabling misogynistic homophobic bigoted pile of pig excrement. You are soooo right.

  7. Othman Atta, president of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, said he would fault the worker for his lack of tact but defended his right to speak his mind.

    Yeah, having read the rest of the story I’m going to have to stick with bag of hammers myself.

    I’m laughing my ass off. Othman ATTA? Is that a joke?

    What – they couldn’t find someone with the last name of Hussein, Bin Laden or Zarqawi?

    I’m just trying to project this kind of thing into an imaginary press release:

    “Not all Germans are maniacal mass murderers” said German-American Friendship League spokesman Tom Hitler on Monday.

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