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Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Words…

The Kostards are looking for some reconciliation:

They called us traitors and deluded and unhinged. But it looks like we were all right about Iraq, and “they” were all wrong. Not only about Iraq, but about us. We aren’t traitors. Or stupid. Or crazy.

So, to Bush and his enablers and supporters, I ask: where’s our damn apology?
And I’m being serious. This isn’t some sort of snarky diary — I want a damn apology. Not just for me, but for everyone who saw this coming in 2003. And for everyone who had the gall to criticize the spiraling disaster that was obviously unfolding along the way. For years you’ve been violating us with hate speech – it’s time for you to take some of that “responsibility” for your own actions that you right-wingers are always bragging about.

You want an apology? Ok..Here goes:

I’m Sorry…

…That you’re so retarded you actually think a report from a “study group” of arrogant, obtuse, myopic, generalizing appeasers actually vindicates your knee-jerk stance on Iraq.

I’m sorry…

That you’re so deluded you think just because a bunch of angry republicans, yellow-striped moderates, and gutless libertarians gave power to the leftists in this country, that this is the direction America really wants to go.

I’m sorry…

That your tolerance, understanding, and love motivates you to hate President Bush so much that you actually revel in the fact that creeps like Chavez, Kim Jong Il, and the Persian Hitler are making life more precarious for not just Americans, but the rest of the world.

But most of all, I’m sorry that you think anyone owes you malcontents anything. You HAVE spent the last three years crapping on this country and demanding that it grab both ass cheeks and spread wide in submission to people who want to destroy our way of life.

Iraq isn’t over yet. History is still in motion. Don’t beat your chest so arrogantly until the last page is written… 

When you leftists can give this country something other than your vitriol and disdain for the common American, then, and only then, do you have any business demanding consideration from anyone.


15 thoughts on “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Words…

  1. For years you’ve been violating us with hate speech

    Yeah, that was great. Now stifle it ya whiny little bitches and get me another beer!

  2. And they can have it, too…. when I can deliver it from the front steps of the Satan Ski Resort.

  3. Sandra Day O’connor was leading American boy’s throught the suck back when you were wearing diapers.

    No, wait, that wasn’t sandra day o’connor, that was patton, I always get those two confused.

  4. yes,It is rather underwhelming to hear the Dim/kossacks clamor for 3 or 4 years that Bush isn’t listening to the military. Now, when it’s pretty clear he was, they proceed to totally disregard what the Generals say. If I was them(the Generals) I’d be making up my “rapid redeployment” plans.

  5. Somehow I am thinking of Captain Sherida’s “Apology” from Babylon Five after he blew up an attacking alien ship and his gov’t told him he should apologise to that gov’t…

    “I’m sorry I waited as long as I did, before I blew it straight to hell.”

  6. Drawback to watching and reading a lot of sci-fi?

    It took me at least 30 seconds to register that “Captain Sherida” wasn’t some alien captain, or a neo-japanese spelling, but was actually a mispelling of one of the main characters.

    Which episode are you referencing? I’m trying to think of the precise episode, I loved that show.

  7. It’s been a while…but I want to say that episode is The Fall of Night…not sure…here’s the full quote:

    John Sheridan: I apologize. I’m… sorry. I’m sorry we had to defend ourselves against an unwarranted attack. I’m sorry that your crew was stupid enough to fire on a station filled with a quarter million civilians, including your own people. And I’m sorry I waited as long as I did before I blew them all straight to hell.

  8. Is that the one (the only one) where they had to raise the blast shields on the command level? I think I remember now, but I forget who he was shooting at.

  9. The liberals have a long way to go before arriving at a high road in which WE become the ones to have to apologize.

    I am still waiting for the Liberals to apologize for their treatment and continued treatment towards George Washington, our first president, whom they think is just a slave owner and nothing more.

    Until the liberals cease the kind of crap spewing malarky that this:

    stenches, they will never ever see the tops of their shoes much less the high road.

  10. I don’t remember the shields, but the basic premise of the story is that Sheridan gives sanctuary to a Narn that the Centauris want to destroy.

    The Centauri open fire on the B5 Escort ships, the Narn ship, and B5. Sheridan proceeds to open a keg of whoop ass on the Centauris…

    He is then forced to give an apology to the Centauris, but I can’t remember if he actually does…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that episode.

  11. “the basic premise of the story is that Sheridan gives sanctuary to a Narn that the Centauris want to destroy.”

    ? Chronicals of Narnia ? j/k:-)

  12. Okay, I was thinking of a different episode I know what you mean now. The one I was thinking of was when the narns led the vanguard of the alliance assault on B5 because sheridan seperated B5 from the teran alliance, and then the minbari showed up at the last minute to defend B5 and whatserface said “the only commander to defeat a mimbari is behind me”

    That was near the end of the second to last season, so Okay, yeah I think I get it now.

  13. Yes. The Centauri battlecruiser sequence. The CIC shields and the new defense grid were awesome. Great story, too. It comes to mind, because wanting an apology for going after tyrants, fighting terrorists and trying to help people be free is just ass.

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