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Kerry response to Americans’ outrage: SCREW YOU

Looks like Traitor John hopes to lie his way out of his self-created predicament:

Kerry aide David Wade: “When will John McCain ask his new Republican best friends George Bush and Dick Cheney to apologize for misleading America into war and giving us a Katrina foreign policy that has betrayed our ideals, killed and maimed our soldiers, and widened the terrorist threat instead of defeating it? John McCain’s neoconservative pals are afraid to debate veterans who live and breathe the concerns of our troops, not the empty slogans of an Administration that sent our brave troops to war without body armor.”

Why, sure, David, have it your way. Now, an overwhelming majority of those troops supported the President in the ’04 election, and not loser John Kerry. So does that mean those soldiers are all ignorant, bumbling dupes? That they’ve all had the wool pulled over their eyes by the evil, scheming Bushitler? Wow, those soldiers are even dumber than we thought! They’re not even smart enough to vote their own interest! Is that what you’re saying here, Dave? Speak up, man!

Oh, and as for widening the terrorist threat: I’d guess those 4000 dead al Qaeda in Iraq might argue that point. If Kerry hadn’t lost in ’04 and they were thus still alive and plotting against us, I mean.

And…Katrina foreign policy? WTF does that even mean, anyway?

The raw truth of the matter: Kerry knows he’s screwed the pooch badly here (slang term of military origin, Traitor John; ask a REAL soldier what it means, if you can find one anywhere near DNC HQ and get him or her to do anything but snarl and spit at you as he walks on by), and the price for Democrats is going to be appropriately heavy. They’re panicking, and in their panic and desperation they’re only making it worse.

And I LOVE it. Nothing harms Dems more than exposing their true colors for all to see, and that’s exactly what Traitor John has done here. Lurch is such a consummate loser that he’s managed to torpedo the libs even while not running for anything himself. To quote Charlie Sheen from Platoon, “IT’S BEAUTIFUL, MAAAN!”

Oh, and that no-body-armor crap? Another bald-faced lie, of course.

Update! Allah calls Lurch’s politically tone-deaf response a “meltdown,” and he’s right as usual. Go read the rest. Personally, I’d just like to thank Traitor John, the hapless Dems, and the Nutroots for providing the laugh track to this year’s election follies. And in the comments here, Mikey says his prayers have been answered. Speaking as a fairly crusty old agnostic, even I gotta, y’know, wonder at times like this…

Updated update! Ace nails the lie:

Talking about President Bush? So this was actually a warning that if kids didn’t get smart and educated, they would end up in the dead-end burger-flipping job of the President of the United States of America, and then, owing to the fact that they’re stupid and uneducated (but apparently smart and educated enough to be elected President, something only 40 or so men in our country’s history have managed) then get “stuck in Iraq” by unilaterally attacking a sovereign nation without the help of our “historic allies.”

So that’s what he’s claiming he meant — Kids, stay in school, or else you’ll just wind up being elected President, and you’ll then get us involved in a diificult war with insurgents.



Y’know, sometimes I get tired of doing this after all these years, and then a big fat meatball like this comes sailing along down the middle of the plate, and all of a sudden I’m reminded again of how much sheer fun swinging for the fences can be.

11 thoughts on “Kerry response to Americans’ outrage: SCREW YOU

  1. I like the succinct headlines of the past, when front page space was too valuable to waste on long headlines.

    This one would have read: KERRY TO TROOPS: YOU’RE STUPID

  2. Y’know, writing the headlines here is one of the most fun things about the whole thing.

    Well, sometimes, anyway. Like, say, on occasions like this one, where they just veritably write themselves.

  3. Attacking John McCain’s service, just as he did all those years ago.

    I am in awe. Truly I am in awe; I have never seen such a display of self-immolation/defenestration in my life.

    Truly, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

  4. Screw the Pooch?
    To FUBAR beyond all other FUBARs. A self-created SNAFU of Biblical proportions. A HUA is a walk in the park compared to this. Please see a JAG; you will be needing a will before sunset.

    Not quite the same as “f*** the dog” though.

  5. When is someone going to send Kerry the message “When in a hole, stop digging.”

    For entertainment’s sake, I hope it’s not anytime soon. Of course, Kerry has shown himself to be completely deaf to advice for years, so I don’t even know if such a message would be heard, much less heeded.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in DNC headquarters about now…

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  7. I have to admit that this own goal by Kerry is just amazing. I am sure that the tin-foil brigade on the left think Rove has a mind-control chip in Kerry’s head.

    I do hope that Kerry is lining up all kinds of press to explain himself. I need a good laugh.

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