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Another mask slip

Traitor John Kerry to US troops: you’re losers — stupid, pathetic, uneducated and/or uneducable dupes.

The pre-election Dem implosion is beginning. They can’t afford to let Americans hear them speak, but they’re so enamored of the sound of their own voices that they can’t shut up either. All we have to do now is sit back, point, and laugh at these America-hating dullards as they dig their own electoral graves for us once more.

Update! More here, natch.

Updated update! Whoops — didn’t see that Darth already mentioned this below. Ah well — you really can’t poke and prod these hapless blaggards often enough, in my opinion.

Update to the updated update! Tigerhawk asks:

Who says that the leadership of the Democratic Party has contempt for the military?

Their 2004 nominee for president of the United States, that’s who.

Well, yeah, but hey, as they themselves always bleat, it’s JUST NOT FAIR to say that he represents mainstream liberals, and you can’t tar all of them with this one little brush, and, uhhh…okay, never mind. Who am I kidding here? Liberals, with very few exceptions, despise the American military, and they have since Vietnam, and that’s the plain truth.

Their antiwar sentiment is a thinly-veiled manifestation of this old and well-established contempt, and their eagerness to jump all over supposed “torture” allegations is just another less-than-stellar example. They want us to lose in Iraq because they believe we deserve to, and because nothing gives them more pleasure than seeing the big, bad American hegemon and its knuckledragging, mouth-breathing, baby-killing thugs on the receiving end of a solid comeuppance. They cordially loathe this country and everything it stands for, and that mindless antipathy spills over onto those charged with defending it. They believe that those patriotic souls who disagree with their “enlightened” view are morons. Every American victory or success is a painful slap in the face to them.

And a vote for the Democrats is a vote for this mindset. Period. Don’t ever forget it.

In a way, I feel sorry for John Kerry. How difficult would it be to go through life knowing that at any moment a genuine thought could slip out and destroy all you’ve worked for?

Not me. No pity for the worthless gigolo oxygen thief. No way. The only quarter he’ll ever get from here is the kind that involves horses and some rope.


12 thoughts on “Another mask slip

  1. Just like murtha the mouth, he pisses on the military everytime he opens his trap. Fucking traitors the both of them.

  2. As I said below, Mike, I don’t think this was a deliberate slam against our troops, rather it was a very lame attempt to milk the “W is a dummy” theme once again. IOW, the person who didn’t study and got “stuck in Iraq” is the president.

    Not defending Kerry, mind you, but even Dennis “Space Cadet” Kucinich isn’t dumb enough to imply that American troops are lazy or stupid.

  3. Here’s a funny thing, though: Even though this is racing around the blogosphere at light speed, I just checked both Yahoo (my default email) and CNN and neither one of them featured Kerry’s gaffe on their front page. Anyone wanna guess what would have happened had Bush or a prominent Republican made a similarly outrageous statement aimed at Dems?

  4. I think you’re giving Kerry a little too much credit, Martin. Who’s the one with the MBA?

  5. Pofarmer:

    Believe me, I’m indulging in the schadenfreude of watching Kerry squirm just as much as anyone else, I just can’t believe any politician would actually say or imply that American troops are dumb dropout losers. Even if they think that (Bill Clinton), they would have to have the IQ of a stump to believe they’d get any traction from actually saying it. I mean, that kind of thing is so idiotic, it’s, like, Dixie Chicks dumb.

    No, I still contend this was a lame attempt to make a joke at the expense of the president.

    Now, what’s scary is to see all the lefty blogs that actually took it at face value and actually agree with it! But then again, we always knew that those pampered cretins look upon the US military as either pathetic victims or knuckle-dragging brutes, anyway.

    The third possibility is that Kerry is actually a robot controlled by none other than – dun dun duuunnnnn! – Karl Rove (key “Evil Empire” music from Star Wars.)

  6. Oh, to add one more point: The implication (whether deliberate or not) that people in the military are less educated than the population as a whole has been conclusively debunked elsewhere. I just wanted to add that if you subtract out the regular military from the Guard and Reserve, the discrepancy is even more dramatic.

    When I was on Active Duty in the 80’s-90’s, an enlisted soldier with a 4-year college degree was something of a rarity (commissioned officers are all required to have 4-year degrees, with very few exceptions.) It was rare, but not unheard of even in my field (intelligence.)

    But in the reserve components, enlisted soldiers and NCOs with 4-year degrees are quite common. In fact, it was common in most units I’ve been in for mid-level and senior NCOs (E6 – E9) to have more college education (and better paying jobs) than junior officers (which only makes sense because they’re typically older and have been in their careers longer.) In fact, enlisted soldiers with advanced degrees are not rare in the reserve components, and I knew at least 3 enlisted soldiers who were lawyers in their civilian jobs.

  7. Good thing you were able to sell out those dumb soldiers, accuse them of things you knew were lies, and turn that into a political career, huh, John? ‘Course, if soldiers are stupid, then how mentally challenged do the voters of Mass. have to be to vote for treasonous shitbags like you and Kennedy? And to think half the country was fooled by this worthless bag of pus. Man, are we ever screwed.

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