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Democrat ’08 Prez nominee; to run on the “Ripple of Peace” platform

Here you go, folks. The face of modern liberalism:

Go ahead and vote for this guy if you want to. Make sure you keep a good, tight hold on your ankles afterward, and get your wallets out too. After all, the Pelosicrats have big plans for you.


4 thoughts on “Democrat ’08 Prez nominee; to run on the “Ripple of Peace” platform

  1. I like him, Mike. He’s got an honest face and he really seems like he’s on the ball.

    C’mon, could he be worse than Howard Dean?

  2. I’d bet he can’t yell nearly as compellingly as Howie, though; most likely, all he could manage would be a sort of hoarse gurgle.

    It’s a cinch he’d be passionate about it, though, which is all that really matters to a lot of people.

  3. Y’know, it now occurs to me that you could run a caption contest with that picture.

    Here’s my entry: “Al Gore’s really let himself go!”

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