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The liberal media: caring, compassionate, patriotic, shameless

What a puling rat-bastard little shit this guy is:

From BOB LAURENCE, TV critic, San Diego Union-Tribune: I’d like to offer a couple of possible reasons for the lack of attention given to the kidnapping of the two guys from Fox:

One is that, sadly, they are far from the first to be kidnapped, injured or killed. They are, alas, only the most recent two of many. The kidnapping or targeting of journalists in Iraq isn’t the story it once was.

Second, Fox has deliberately set itself apart from other news media. Starting at the top with Roger Ailes, the Fox sales pitch has been to deride other media, to declare itself the one source of the real truth, the sole source of ‘fair and accurate’ news reporting. As a result, there’s not a reservoir of kinship or good will with Fox on the part of the rest of the news media. You can’t keep insulting people and then expect friendship when you need it.

They’ve made it a policy to keep a distance between themselves and the rest of the media, far beyond the usual competitive spirit, so that’s where they are: at a distance.

So: to quote a somewhat well-known mainstream Dem, screw ’em, eh? Okay, fair enough, you repulsive little shitweasel. So howzabout we make a little deal: since you and your liberal-media playmates find yourselves unable to muster enough patriotic spirit — or, for that matter, simple human decency — to bother concerning yourselves about the fate of a couple of fellow American journalists because their politics may not mesh with your own, from here on out, American soldiers (the overwhelming majority of whom violently disagree with your politics, which I think we can safely infer from your snide and heartless comment) will no longer be expected to go out and rescue your sorry, worthless asses when the terrorists you’re so busy propagandizing for get tired of putting up with your ass-kissing sycophancy and decide you’d be more useful as hostages instead.

In other words, if partisan politics means that much to you liberal-media jackholes, and you’re that closed-minded that you can’t even rise above your own petty liberal dogma to scrape up a plugged nickel’s worth of fellow-feeling for your American colleagues no matter who they work (or voted) for, then you have no right to expect any when you find yourself caught in a steel-jawed Islamist trap of your own devising.

God almighty, but what a revolting bunch of superficial, self-righteous cocksuckers these Old Media types are. Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom, they break out the heavy equipment and get to drilling.

(Via Malkin)

Update! Re: my guess on Laurence’s politics: naturally, Allahpundit’s got the goods on the greasy Dean-supporting twerp, saying:

The boss wants a blogburst but she’s already lapped the field by nailing San Diego Union-Tribune TV critic Bob Laurence on his noxious apologia for media silence on the kidnappings. It’s not a political thing, Laurence implies; it’s a reaction to Fox’s haughtiness, the immensity of which is such as to prevent solidarity with two poor bastards with knives at their throats.

Oh, the Subtlety! The Nuance! The Compassion! The Moral and Ethical Superiority! The Patriotism!

I simply must sit down before I’m underwhelmed by it all.

FLASH — BREAKING! Oops; sorry about that last. An e-mail from an alert reader who wishes to remain anonymous reminds me that I’m already sitting.


3 thoughts on “The liberal media: caring, compassionate, patriotic, shameless

  1. I seriously hope the rest of the media isn’t thinking that way.

    “When they came for the trade unionists, I said nothing, of I wasn’t a trade unionist….”

    But they are reporters, like any other in the media…. and the others in the media have to know that…

  2. Don’t feel too bad, Mike. Trust me- he isn’t worth a steaming pile of monkey shit as a TV critic, either.

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