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Ask Dr. Science!

Sweet leapin’ Jesus, can they really be this stupid? I mean, really?

Never mind. Don’t answer that.

(Via Beck, who says, “I guess we should start building skyscrapers from chicken-wire. There’s the proof.”)


10 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Science!

  1. That any thinking creature should suppose that the chicken wire structure and weakass fire shown are in any way equivalent to several thousand gallons of burning jet fuel trapped in a skyscraper is astonishing. That poster should be beaten within an inch of his life, as an object lesson to other idiots.

  2. On August 30, 1892, the brand-new steel steamer Western Reserve broke up and sank in a fierce storm on Lake Superior. The steel was the problem, it became brittle in the cold water.

    Steel is an alloy, it reacts to different temperatures depending on the chemical composition of the steel. There is no way this jerk’s little fire in chicken wire is going to compare to the oven that was the World Trade Center.

    He wants an experiment? Then he has to build a small steel frame mock-up of the WTC, a small model built out of steel and concrete exactly as the WTC was built, then mimic the stress of so many tons hitting the building at five hundred miles an hour, then the blow-torch effect of all of that fuel exploding – not igniting in Sparky’s water-bowl – exploding.

    He’s the kind of idiot that would make a Testor’s model of the Titanic, bounce it off an ice block, and show that as ‘proof’ the liner couldn’t have been sunk by ice but had to have been sunk in some nefarious Jesuit/Zionist plot.


  3. It’s a little more than fire.

    Most modern skyscrapers are hung around a rather slender core that runs straight upwards through the center of the building, either as a single core, or several cores that are tied together. Imagine a single pipe extending upwards, with a great amount of weight hung off of it, like a gigantic coat tree. The strength of the building can be fatally compromised if you manage to dent the core, much like the way a stout aluminum tube will not bend if you pull on the ends, but will bend and break quite easily if you manage to dent one side of it.

    Of course it’s possible that the towers were designed and built by Joooooooooos, too. Or rigged up to blow by government agents in thrall to the Zionist conspiracy, as some Frenchmen, many at DU and Ken might tell you. I mean, prove that isn’t what happened…

    Sorry, I’m just getting a bit tired of reading insane conspiracy theories this week.

  4. Anybody that believes that drivel will probably believe whatever the AlBore says about global weather trends, too.


    The Internet needs a pre-post I.Q. filter. Course, then we wouldn’t get to see the fine spectacle of Zorro, Ken, and NeoLogic.

  5. Good Christ. And these people call themselves “the reality based party”?

    Here’s something else this chucklehead forgot: on top of all that jet fuel the contents of the buildings were also on fire. What had to be tons of PVC, carpeting, furniture…all that shit was on fire too. I don’t know the exact temperature that PVC burns at, but I know it’s pretty fucking hot.

    But this jackass is in his backyard with kerosene and a rabbit cage, and he documented it, so I guess I’m convinced.

  6. Myself, I’m going to be out in my backyard this weekend with a hunk of steel and a box fan, proving that those planes couldn’t possibly have flown in the first place.

  7. That is the single most asinine display I’ve ever seen, trumped only by the motive behind it. I can’t believe that guy has access to sharp objects and flammable materials. Maybe next he’ll don a blue dress, kneel down in front of some motivated volunteers, and try to replicate the famous Monica Lewinski stains in an attempt to vindicate Clinton somehow.

  8. Great Scott.

    Y’know, Over July 4th, I took some lighter fluid, a fan, some paper mache, and my old physics textbook, and I was unable to make a jet engine.

    I guess flight isn’t possible, after all.

  9. What I always point the people to is this article in JOM (which name has a complicated explanation, but “Journal of Materials” suffices) which explains things very nicely.

    (Including why “melting” the steel is not even close to necessary to cause collapse…)

    Summary: “The additional problem was distortion of the steel in the fire. The temperature of the fire was not uniform everywhere, and the temperature on the outside of the box columns was clearly lower than on the side facing the fire. The temperature along the 18 m long joists was certainly not uniform. Given the thermal expansion of steel, a 150°C temperature difference from one location to another will produce yield-level residual stresses. This produced distortions in the slender structural steel, which resulted in buckling failures. Thus, the failure of the steel was due to two factors: loss of strength due to the temperature of the fire, and loss of structural integrity due to distortion of the steel from the non-uniform temperatures in the fire.”

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