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They were for it before they were against it


Organizing the hijacking of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon took significant sums of money. The cost of these plots suggests that putting Osama bin Laden and other international terrorists out of business will require more than diplomatic coalitions and military action. Washington and its allies must also disable the financial networks used by terrorists.

The Bush administration is preparing new laws to help track terrorists through their money-laundering activity and is readying an executive order freezing the assets of known terrorists. Much more is needed, including stricter regulations, the recruitment of specialized investigators and greater cooperation with foreign banking authorities. There must also must be closer coordination among America’s law enforcement, national security and financial regulatory agencies.

Guess where that aftermath-of-9/11 op-ed came from. Go on, I dare you. Just guess.

“Must disable the financial networks used by terrorists.” But somehow they fail to mention that as soon as it looks like it’s, y’know, working, they themselves are going to burn the whole program down – can’t have Shrubco getting too much credit for any WoT successes, y’know. And the last line is priceless: “If America is going to wage a new kind of war against terrorism, it must act on all fronts, including the financial one.” Guess things looked a lot different to them when there were still fires burning and smoke rising no more than a couple of miles away, huh?

Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, what a bunch of ankle-biting liberal assholes. “Hypocritical” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’d scarcely even be able to believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

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10 thoughts on “They were for it before they were against it

  1. $9,000 to $9,900. That was the size of cash transfers made to Mohammad Atta to finance the 9/11 attacks. The transfers were made by Western Union. That mode, and that amount, was chosen because it was presumed that Dept. of Treasury’s FINCEN would not notice transfers below its jurisdictional amount of $10k, and outside of normal (bank) channels. The PATRIOT Act imposed a lower jurisdictional amount ($3k) and also authorized a rulemaking which imposed a “rule of reason” on financial institutions, to include savings & loans and cash transfer businesses. It means that if a reasonable person would find a pattern of transactions to be suspicious (i.e. five ~$2900 transactions in a couple days) then there is a duty to report the transactions as a regulated transaction. This domestic monitoring of currency transfers has been in place for years as part of our regulated free market, with no quibbles from the Times, except post-9/11 where something expanded, working with foreign countries, was called for. By the Times.

    This is galling.

  2. “Galling” doesn’t quite meet the case either, Al, at least for me. At this point, I’d consider it a privilege to serve on the firing squad if asked. It’s absolutely infuriating. There seems to be simply no limit to the depths to which these vile poltroons are willing to sink to Get Bush.

  3. And in getting Chimpy they seem to care not one whit about who may also have to be sacrificed.
    But then again, they haven’t ever quibbled about eggs and omelets, have they?

  4. Maybe if dear leader hadn’t diverted the fight to a cul de sac ,picking cherries his merry way he’d have kept the NYT and LA Times focussed and “duty-bound.”

  5. C’mon guys. You never really believed the shameless Grey Slut was calling for actual currency transaction surveillance of their good friends, did you? That was never anything more than a ploy to keep angry patriots from burning down the enemy’s new propaganda headquarters right after 9/11 – which would be a real shame, after the thieving whores went through all that trouble to steal the property using eminent domain.

    One of these days, those worthless journalists traitors are going to run into the wrong guy. Then we can all enjoy reading about their severe beating, and the resultant lengthy hospital stay – that’s one bird-cage liner I’d happily pay for. Hopefully we’ll get to follow the tear-jerking story of their slow, painful recovery from all those broken bones and skin grafts on CNN the terrorist’s network, or maybe Oprah.

  6. I expected, as I expect of all American news organs, that the Old Grey Whore be American first.

    Silly me.

  7. Ken, you ignoramous.

    Iraq was no diversion. Iraq had to be dealt with, one way or the other. The other way was petering out and wasn’t working, we TRIED it already.

    And, BTW, the Administration was doing EXACTLY what the NYT was calling for on SEP 24, 2001. Got it?


  8. “And, BTW, the Administration was doing EXACTLY what the NYT was calling for on SEP 24, 2001. Got it?”

    No…that’s what Rove’s plant at the Times, dear Judy was calling for. Got it?

  9. Rove’s plant at the Times,

    Sweet. Jesus.

    Every time I think I’ve seen you wind the tinfoil as tight as it can possibly get, you go and wind another layer even tighter!

    You’re the Energizer Bunny of Conspiracy Wackos Anonymous.

  10. Holy smokes!! Just when I think I’ve seen Ken make the wildest, stupidest, craziest comments I’ve ever seen. Back comes Zorro!!!

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