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For those who served

For those who served and gave all, I offer a prayer of thanks. For those who served and gave some, I offer my gratitude. For those who still serve, I fly the flag and remind you that we support you, we commend the invaluable service that you are rendering to this nation, and we honor the sacrifices that you make on our behalf. I also remind you that today is not our day, a day of the living, but a day to remind ourselves of the selfless example set by those who fell in battle, preserving our way of life so that you and I could enjoy it today. It is to them we owe our principle gratitude. Still, many words of thanks are due to you, our fellow citizens, who are only human, but in answering the nation’s call rise above mere humanity and make a contribution of enduring value. The flag below isn’t waved out of hollow sentiment; I know what it symbolizes and what it means to you and to those who have served before, the lines straight and true, the stars bright and shining. Long may she wave, and may you ever keep the shoes of those who came before us well filled. We walk in the footsteps of giants, and in doing so can hope to emulate them. On behalf of myself, Mike, Joe, Mikey, Christiana and the rest of the CF crew, thanks for upholding her wherever you’ve gone, for bending every effort to bring only honor to her and to the nation, and thanks for doing the rest of us proud.



15 thoughts on “For those who served

  1. Thanks for saying it so well, Al.

    May God bless our fellow Americans who have served their nation so well, and especially those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

  2. The ones who realy served this country and defended freedom and ai dont mean these idiot politicians who are handing us over to the evil UN i mean the GIs who served this country from the revolutionay war to the presnt and that bunch of wretched to dishonor their names should go live somewhere else

  3. Back atcha Sean, but it ain’t our day for thanks, know what I mean? Besides, I honestly got more out of it than I put in. I’d wager you could say the same thing. Many got a lot out, but invested much, much more than they received in return. I led a funeral detail for a couple years. “On behalf of a grateful nation” always struck me as a pretty profound gesture, and not a thing said lightly by those who know. Seems to me that the Oath of Service should include a parallel, reciprocal phrase, along the lines of “I freely volunteer my service, on behalf of a grateful me.” Or words to that effect. Our position in history is so unique and so privileged, that I think most people are afraid to acknowledge it, for fear it might jinx us, or that the mere admission of the way we are favored by the Almighty, in and of itself, would incur a duty to defend our way of life, etc. Leaving the service and returning to civilian life – leaving a place where honor was a term used without sneer quotes – was a bit of a shock to the system.

  4. Both my husband and I entered the AF with a lot less than what we left with. We are successful today BECAUSE of the best damn Air Force in the world, not in spite of it. I still encourage my kids to join although they both lean away from it. I was disappointed at the low numbers of flags I saw yesterday. It really bothered me this year cause it seems like most people just chose to disremember that we’ve got Warriors living in tents in 113 degree heat, fighting an enemy with no sense of morality in Iraq, Afghanistan, and here (murtha the mouth).

  5. [Off point skidmark left by Rhiannon posting under a new handle removed by Al. I believe in free speech, but threadjacking is a heckler’s veto, and this post in particular is not the place for debate.]

  6. [Having failed to learn my lesson, I posted yet more silly claptrap here. Fortunately, Joe decided to quash my brave dissent in speaking truthiness to power, and removed this carpet stain from the comments.]


  7. To our shame we did get out of there, back in 1991, and let a monstrous tyranny continue to brutalize those people for another dozen years. You, of course, Barbiegurrl/Rhiannon/what-ever, would rather we left them under the boot, or turn away from them now and place them back under the boot.

    Your concern for the well-being of the Iraqis is truly unbelieveable and says a heck of a lot about your character.

  8. Thank you, Joe. Regarding the substance of the issues raised, I didn’t have the time or inclination to address it earlier. Should Rhiannon/Barbigurrl stop by again, our armed forces are built around an ethos of honor, moral and physical courage, and fighting to uphold a notion of justice as bequeathed to us by nature and nature’s creator. Honorable men and women do not support lawbreaking, veterans and those who still serve do not countenance dishonor, so let justice in all instances be done. But stop the hysteria, lest justice be lost among the piles of rent garments and pulled hair.

  9. Glad to see that the piles of dog droppings get scooped up here!;) Unfortunately, it seems that some people who believe in “Peace at any cost” still do and always will exist. I imagine she’d be posting supportive messages to Adolph if the internety had existed when the Nazi ovens and gas chambers were in use.

  10. But Al – rent garments and pulled hair let one feel, announce to the world that one is feeling, and feeling is what makes one authentic and real, not thinking or reason or other such artificial constructs. And if one feels hard enough and deep enough about something, then one must be right, no matter what “reality” or “facts” report.

  11. You shoulda seen the other one the scumbag Rhiannon left that got stuck in moderation, Al. I banned that creature a long time ago, but for some reason he/she/it likes to keep creepy-crawling around here implanting those rhetorical pus-bombs like the bizarrely virulent fungus he/she/it is. Satisfaction of some sort of persecution complex, I’m guessing, in addition to the rest of the doctor’s bag full of itchy-scratchy mental disorders afflicting he/she/it.

  12. If it’s who I think it is, she used to run a Witchcraft and New Age Philosophy blog and Blogspot deleted her blog for TOS Violations…..and that’s hard to have happen!

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