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Laughing at ’em…all of ’em

Not a bad idea at all:

Osama bin Laden says he doesn’t fear dying. He says he fears being humiliated. So let’s give it to him.

Bin Laden and others have thrived on the almost obsessive American focus on them as personal rivals. We give them the coveted “Enemy of the Great Satan” brand whenever our national leaders single them out by name.

What would happen if we ridiculed the terrorists instead?

Well, I can tell you one thing that would certainly happen, and it’s really the only flaw in the plan: the barely-clandestine terrorist supporters at CAIR would scream to high heaven and then flop around on the floor like a gutted fish, and multi-culti liberals would form a protective circle around the amusing spectacle and wring their hands and moan over the cruelty of it all, and a thousand new “hate speech” laws would be passed in the wake of the whole PC vaudeville act, and we’d end up worse off than we are now.

The U.S. military may be developing its war-fighting skills to do just that. Recently it shattered the seemingly invincible persona of al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose beheadings and bombings have terrorized Iraq and the world, by pairing his latest video release with captured raw outtakes.

The outtakes showed al-Zarqawi not as a fearsome fighter but as a confused, bumbling fat boy in American sneakers and a black ninja costume who couldn’t figure out how to operate a simple machine gun. (And even if it wasn’t simple, there was no way to know that from the outtakes.) For the first time ever, the world saw al-Zarqawi’s weak side: a pudgy, vulnerable, even contemptible creature who can’t fight like a real warrior.

Yeah — and then, as Ace duly notes, the NYT and CNN immediately rushed to his defense and pointed out, for its stone-ignorant antigun-nut liberal reader/viewership, just what a perfectly superhuman task it is to yank a bolt or charging handle back, let go, and pull the fucking trigger. Not that these twits are on the other side or anything, oh heavens no. Don’t ever say that; liberals get highly annoyed by it, and will flap their arms about and puff and blow like the Big Bad Wolf or something.

Oh, and the NYT and CNN aren’t biased either. Just so’s you know.

Back in simpler times, Americans reflexively ridiculed their enemies. In a 1940 episode of The Three Stooges, Moe did a ridiculous impression of Hitler while Larry heiled as propaganda minister, and Curly dressed as Goering with his belly and buttocks festooned with medals.

When the United States entered World War II in 1941, the Army turned film studios into wartime propaganda mills. Humor about sacrifices at home and ridicule of the enemy were staples in Disney and Warner Bros. productions that starred Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny. (In fact, Donald Duck in Nutziland won an Academy Award in 1942.) To home audiences, the parody brought comfort and reassurance that, mighty as the enemy was, we could still defeat it.

In a January 2006 recorded message, bin Laden signed off by saying: “I swear not to die but a free man even if I taste the bitterness of death. I fear to be humiliated or betrayed.”

If he’s not afraid to die, let’s pour on the humiliation.

What the hell, let’s give him a heapin’ helpin’ of both.

As long as the terrorists can make themselves look like fearsome winners – and as long as we inadvertently help them – they will always recruit followers. But nobody likes to follow a loser.

Oh yeah? Tell that to all those people you see driving down the road who still haven’t taken off their Kerry/Edwards — or, God help ’em, their “Don’t blame me, I voted for Gore” — bumper stickers yet.

On second thought, maybe it ain’t such a hot idea after all, at least in terms of effectiveness at defeating the Islamofascists. But it would still be worth trying, just for the yocks — wherever we may find ’em.


3 thoughts on “Laughing at ’em…all of ’em

  1. Humiliation and ridicule are excellent counteragents to anything driven by overweening pride. “The Devil…the prowde spirite…cannot endure to be mocked.” (Thomas More) Nothing in this world is prouder than jihadist Islam and its followers. So by all means, let’s rev up the derision generators and divert some power to them!

  2. South Park has actually done a great job with this, depicting bin Laden as a camel-humping idiot and Saddam Hussein as Satan’s gay lover.

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