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Illegal alien follies

Take a lesson from Sheriff Joe, George:

GILA BEND, Ariz. (AP) — Four Mexican men sit in the dirt with their wrists bound, shoulders hunched and eyes lowered to avoid the glare of the rising sun.

The immigrants had been on their way to build a dairy farm in this town about an hour southwest of Phoenix. But after a traffic stop for a faulty brake light, members of a sheriff’s task force targeting human and drug smugglers found they were not U.S. citizens. Now they were bound for federal custody.

From which they will be promptly released, then apologized to, then handed a voter registration card, no doubt.

Beginning Wednesday, more illegal immigrants coming through Maricopa County could meet the same fate as the sheriff’s department beefs up its efforts to find illegal immigrants.

A 250-member posse that will operate similarly to the anti-smuggler task force will patrol the area for illegal immigrants who pay smugglers to cross through Arizona, the busiest illegal entry point along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.

The posse will be made up of existing sheriff’s deputies and members of the department’s 3,000-member posse reserve of trained, unpaid volunteers.

The four illegal immigrants pulled over Monday will be turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and sent back to Mexico. But those that are captured by the posse may end up in jail, charged under a state law that has been used against more than 100 illegal immigrants in Maricopa County this year.

The law made human smuggling a state crime in Arizona – it was already a federal crime – allowing local law enforcement agencies to arrest suspected smugglers. It was meant to crack down on smugglers, but under a disputed interpretation, County Attorney Andrew Thomas argues the law can be applied to the smuggled immigrants themselves.

Thomas maintains illegal immigrants who pay smugglers to enter the United States are committing conspiracy to smuggle and can therefore be prosecuted under the state law.

The sheriff’s office began arresting illegal immigrants under that interpretation in March, and with the new posse, will continue doing so by patrolling desert areas and main roadways in the southwestern part of the county.

“I’m going to catch as many as I can and throw them in my jail,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “And the jails are not that nice.”

Nor should they be, the anxious bleats of crim-coddling liberals notwithstanding. Personally, I wish Sheriff Joe all the success in the world. Hell, I wish he was President. And…did you think I was kidding about that voter-registration business? Well, guess again, amigo:

NEW YORK — Trying to turn street protests into political power, immigrants rights groups say they are gearing up for a campaign to register 1 million new voters this spring and summer.

The groups, working together as the We Are America Alliance, plan a string of events around the country starting next week, including voter registration drives, citizenship workshops and street rallies.

“We need to take the energy and the passion of immigrants and their allies and hold elected officials accountable,” said Chris Wood, campaign manager for New American Opportunity Campaign, a leading organizer.

This, along with their drive to enfranchise felons and their traditional campaigns to get out the rotting-corpse vote, is what Dems have now been reduced to — vying for the illegal-alien demographic, in a desperate attempt to shore up and rebuild the base. But it does tell us several useful things about them: they have the same perseverance in pursuit of their left-wing socialist agenda as any other fanatic, and no matter what evidence of their moribund, defeated nature may be presented, we should never count them out until we’ve seen the whites of their eyes digested by maggots. It’s gonna have to be boots on heads with these zombies, folks. Also, the laws and the Constitution are nothing to them but minor obstacles to be trampled as they root around, trying to get their snouts back in the slop-trough. And the final lesson: there’s literally no sewer too rancid for the Democrats to refuse to crawl in and try to drum up a few more votes.

On a somewhat lighter note, Bill Quick said in his post on this yesterday that “illegal aliens can’t vote.” Whereupon wisenheimer “tom scott” riposted: “Yeah, that would be illegal.” What can one really say but…heh. Hey, it’s funny cuz it’s true!


8 thoughts on “Illegal alien follies

  1. With reporting Minutemen locations to the mexicans and the general apathy the President has shown so far to this INVASION, we are going to lose. As for the ILLEGALS not voting, they have managed to forge every other form of ID, why not voter registration. I’m sure sympathetic leftards working in county voter registration offices would be more than willing to ensure they get registered. After all, there is no penalty for fraud or breaking federal law as long as you’re a hardworking, downtrodden, poor ILLEGAL from mexico just looking for a better life. It only applies if your evil whitey who stole the land in the first place. I’ve truly lost all confidence in our federal government. They all suck, regardless of party affiliation.

  2. WaPo:

    “Nearly half of the nation’s children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census report released today.

    Hispanics are the nation’s largest and fastest-growing minority group. They accounted for 49 percent of the country’s growth from 2004 to 2005, the report shows. And the increase in young children is largely a Hispanic story, driving 70 percent of the growth in children younger than 5. Forty-five percent of U.S. children younger than 5 are minorities.

    The new numbers offer a preview of demographic shifts to come, with broad implications for the nation’s schools, workforce and Social Security.”

    …already lost.

  3. America was formed mainly by anglo-saxon and northern european stock for a series of historical coincidencies, but what kept the nation together is more a sense of cultural belonging than racial/ethnical identity.

    I don’t see a shift towards a Latino stock as necessarily dramatic, as long as the core values remain the same. Of course, if a large part of these newcomers consider America as the Paradise of Socialist Handouts and/or a territory to reconquer, there is a serious problem.

  4. The coming problem has 3 heads:

    one) Latinos tend to be quite socialist-minded.

    two) Latinos tend to be very class-oriented, with the concept of “patron” and “peon” being operational. (in theory goes against point one…but somehow in operation, it doesn’t)

    three) There’s a lot of good ol’ boys in this country who just don’t want them around, anyhow.

  5. Lou Dobbs:

    The problem in our lack of border security and illegal immigration is becoming increasingly obvious: two political parties that are beholden to corporate America, the largest employers of illegal aliens, and the leadership of both parties that are selling out American citizens in search of cheap labor and political advantage. How dumb do you all think we are? Again, that’s only a rhetorical question.

  6. 4. The people who want to come in and declare it either a part of Mexico or Mexico II, not the USA.

  7. In a sense that’s already happened: the “entrance” to one of the neighborhoods on Chicao’s near-west side sports two Puerto Rican flags, constructed of steel and weighing 45 tons apiece, reach 56 feet across, 59 feet high and 59 feet into the ground. This stretch of Division Street is known as “Paseo Boricua.”

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