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Back to sleep, everyone

We’ve all said it, and some of them have denied it, but it’s the truth. Call them what you will — left, liberal, Democrat, antiwar, progressivist, cowards, fools, appeasers — but it all adds up to the same thing: they do not believe there should even be a war on Islamist terrorists, much less have any real concern for winning it, and they wish that 9/11 would just go away so we could all get back to our 9/10 state of soporific complacency…while the threat represented by Islamist terrorists and the states that sponsor and support them festers, suppurates, and metastasizes.

They are in truth — as I’ve said so many times — ostriches, so frightened by the realities of life on this planet as to be completely dysfunctioned by that fear, and their only response to it is to bury their heads deeper in the sand. They do not want to fight Islamism and jihadism; they think the only enemies we have are those we’ve created ourselves, the only attacks we’ll ever suffer are those we deserve, and there are no enemies out there who can’t be made friends through yet another round of UN-managed negotiations or more foreign-aid bribery. They do not understand absolutism or fanaticism, and the only religious fundamentalists they’re willing to firmly confront are those they know will never do them any real harm anyway.

If you want our national defense to be supervised by such people, vote Democrat. I know lots of people — Bill Quick and Al Maviva, two people whose opinions I deeply respect and almost always agree with, come immediately to mind, but there are others — who say they’re done with the Republicans. I sympathize greatly; I’m pretty pissed at them myself. Al and I have tossed some e-mails back and forth about all this, and I simply can’t say he’s wrong; I share his frustration, and I think it’s more than clear that the Repubs do indeed need a damned sharp reminder of what they’re supposed to be all about.

But every time I’m just about to the point of joining Al and Bill and tossing off a long goodbye-and-good-riddance letter to the Repubs here, I run across something like this. And the marrow-freezing thought of the Dems running our foreign-policy and national-security strategies stops me dead in my tracks.

And it’s no use to say that this guy only represents a fraction of the Democrats, or that the Kossacks don’t represent the mainstream. That’s crap, and we all know it. The Daily Kos, no matter what the small, beleaguered handful of Lieberman supporters out there may wishfully think, is the face of the Dems today. And even if it wasn’t, anyone who can raise that much money for the principle-bereft, poll-driven swine that the Dems have become is guaranteed to have a voice in their agenda. Sure, “forget 9/11” isn’t official policy for the Donks…yet. But once the inmates of the Kos asylum decide it should be, then the Dems will obligingly consider it. Taxi drivers don’t get to decide who rides and who doesn’t; they take on whoever pays ’em, and they go where they’re told. And so do whores.

And this is how their core supporters, whose voices will be heard, think. They, in their foreign-policy enlightenment, are “over” 9/11. They think we all should share their myopic “wisdom.” They want to take us back to 9/10. If allowed to, they will guarantee repeat performances of the most devastating attack perpetrated on American soil since Pearl Harbor, over and over again, until we either learn they’re not only incapable of defending our country but disinterested in it, or we submit to a dhimmitude they self-servingly refuse to admit the existence of, one small, Cartoon Jihad-like step at a time. Years from now, maybe these Dhimmi-crats will be smacking their lips over the delicious shit sandwich they’re being fed, but that won’t make the one they’re pressing to our lips any more palatable.

And they’re too damned blind and/or stupid to see that we already traveled the road they want to put us on, and its last mile is a gore-smeared stretch of concrete with American corpses strewn across it — crushed from having fallen over a hundred stories to a gruesome death that could have been avoided but for our own wishful thinking, our own blissful ignorance, our own fear of confronting the harsher realities of the war we’re in — a war we’ll either win or lose, but don’t have the luxury of opting out of, and never did. Apparently, the road they want us on runs in a circle, and the law requires that we travel it blindfolded.

Compare: the Islamists will never give in, and you can bet that they aren’t eager to forget their great triumph on 9/11; they’re in this for the long haul, for a thousand years if necessary, and anyone who doesn’t believe it is cordially invited to just ask them. Alternatively, you could consult the history books for a refutation of that untenable disbelief. On the other hand, the LLL/MSM/Dem Axis is exhausted, and ready to “move on” after less than five years. If we’re so foolish ourselves as to let them run the fight, guess who’s going to win it?

There must not be another Democrat President until this sort of delusional, irresponsible “thinking” is stamped out root and branch. The Democrats and their feckless policies are an indulgence, proffering a risk we can’t afford to take. There’s simply not much else to be said.


17 thoughts on “Back to sleep, everyone

  1. This blog rates right up there with “TRIBES” by Bill Whittle. It should be required reading by every American.

  2. Dems are not serious, not really serious in a well-rounded way, about national security or law enforcement.(Plenty of serious – and feckless – criticism, but not much positive to offer.) I know how they got there, but can’t imagine why they let it happen.

  3. I have voted Dem in the past, although I have always registered Republican. Until 2000 it depended upon the candidate.

    After 2000 I cannot vote Dem again without assurance that they won’t pull another stunt such as Al Gore did in Florida, disenfranchising military absentee ballots. Additionally, it’d be reassuring if the DNC could demonstrate to me that none of the absentee ballots I have filed in the past were dumped. Sadly, given their present leadership and behaviour, there is no way they could offer me such an assurrance that I could believe.

    Until the Democratic Party disassociates itself from the spittle flecked appeasers, cowards, and traitors of the hard left it has no legitimate place in national politics.

  4. How can we be celebratin’ diversity if we’re fightin’? I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke. Kumbaya.

    Less Diversity, More Unity!

  5. Mike, I think at this point the only real difference between the Dems and the Republicans is the Republicans would run us into the ground a little bit more slowly, whilst saying things that your or I or many of our readers would tend to agree with. The real question is whether we let events slap the Republicans in the face, and hope they wake up, or if we take the responsibility upon ourselves of slapping them and hope they wake up now.

    The war with Islamacism or radical violent Islam, whatever you want to call it, is for real. That means that the stakes of waiting for the Republicans to wake up are very high. If Iran has any sense, it won’t send a nuke our way. It will send 10 or 15 or 20 or 30, move them into our harbors off of freighters; or fly them in foreign air carriers. Yes, the Republicans may wake up at that point, having learned a lesson at terrible cost. It’s possible that they too, will be too far gone at that point and look to move the country into virtual dhimmitude. They’ve had 6 years basically in control of the entire fed gov, and other than appeasing various interest groups with narrow issues (legal & social activists, courts; christian right, occasional anti-abortion & borderline anti-gay nods; business – easy fiscal policy, etc). The big question of Islamacism isn’t being addressed in a serious long term manner, it’s being treated as a problem to be managed, rather than an enemy to be defeated. So are you ready to gamble the Republicans are going to wake up without shock therapy? I happen to think that is highly, highly unlikely, and a better course than “let’s wait and see if they figure it out” is “let’s stick it to them so they have to listen, now, while the cost is low.”

    It’s possible that tactical voting is a good solution. Keep the Senate in Republican hands if we can – too much foreign policy and defense policy and court policy is settled there, can’t let Howard Dean dictate that agenda. That and if you give both houses to the Dems, Bush and Cheney will be gone and we’ll face the specter of President Pelosi.

    But we could afford to give up the House for a couple years to teach the R’s a lesson.

    Not that it will happen. I’m sure that plenty of folks will eat the Fish Sandwich, and keep most of the R’s in office this fall, further reinforcing bad behavior.

    This is a worthwhile debate. We need to keep thinking it through. The People have to take charge of this GWOT thing, because none of our leaders seem inclined to.

  6. But we could afford to give up the House for a couple years to teach the R’s a lesson.

    That’s my plan too, Al. I’ll cast my ballot, but I’m just not voting for the House candidate in ’06. Let the Dems roll out their disgruntled masses and take the house – if they can. And if that still doesn’t wake the Republicans up … we’re pretty well screwed.

  7. The way our government is currently set up, the party in power cannot be all that focused. If it does focus on accomplishing any one thing, it stops being in power.

    So although the Reps annoy me too, they may well be the best we can hope for.

    (Why is our system that way? Television, basically. Short voter attention span. Neither of which is going away.)

  8. If the dems get the house back, they will change the locks.

  9. You’re very persuasive, Al, and especially given that I’m predisposed to agree with you because of the essential truth of this: “The big question of Islamacism isn’t being addressed in a serious long term manner, it’s being treated as a problem to be managed, rather than an enemy to be defeated.”

    That’s the problem, and everything else flows from it, I think. but consider this: isn’t giving the Dems the House rewarding them for even worse behavior, or tantamount to it? Should that matter?

    Is it finally time to seriously start working toward a third-party solution — a real, serious third party, and not just some fringe bunch of spoilers? To tell you the truth, all my adult life (ever since I jettisoned my college-boy liberalism and started thinking for myself) I’ve eagerly awaited the day when a large enough number of Americans would realize that the two parties we have are hopelessly, irredeemably corrupt, and not all that concerned about returning us to a Constitutional federal government. I’ve hoped for that epiphany without ever really expecting it; can it possibly be that the moment for it is finally at hand? And if it is, what’s our next move?

    And one other thought: it’s been remarked upon before, but I certainly believe it to be true: the intellectual vitality, the most interesting and relevant debate, is to be had only on one side of the political divide these days. Hint: it ain’t the Left side. Not to break our arms patting ourselves on the back, mind; just an observation.

  10. “Is it finally time to seriously start working toward a third-party solution — a real, serious third party, and not just some fringe bunch of spoilers?”

    No. The net result of conservatives doing this will be to hand the White House, Senate and HoR to the Democrats.

    The Dems did this to themselves with Nader, and may still with the Greens, and look at the results.

    The problem with “third-party” dreaming, Mike, is that it’s a “magic bullet” solution.

    There is no “magic bullet” solution in American politics (Lincoln, McKinley and Kennedy notwithstanding).

    Grassroots. We have to get involved in the process — locally, statewise, then nationally. It’s not easy, it’s a huge PITA, it’s going to take some time, but it’s the only way.

    Look, the tide is actually rolling in a conservative direction nowadays, and the Democrats/Socialists are aiding the process with their moonbattery. It’s far easier to effect change in the Republican Party now than it was when Goldwater tried it in the 1960s, and Reagan in the 1970s.

    Splintering the Republicans (a la Teddy’s Bull Moose Party) will just give the country another Woodrow Wilson or a new Hillary Clinton.

    Look: the Presidency is a popularity contest, the Senate a bunch of poltroons. The best determinant of the will of the people that we have is the House — and yet you and Al are prepared to “lose it for a couple of years”?

    You NEVER hand over the reins of power to the socialists, just “to make a point”. Never. Never. Never.

    And particularly at this point in our history.

    Socialists understand power, they love power, they hold onto power, and they use it ruthlessly to further their aims.

    Conservatives distrust power, use it gingerly, and try to avoid it wherever possible.

    Now… who would you prefer to wield that power?

  11. The Kos post in question simply reinforces my belief that the only “smart” think that Al Quaeda has done in the past 4 1/2 years is to refrain from attacking the US on our own soil. An attack would, of course, rally support against them, but the lack of an attack (here) simply allows them to take advantage of the notoriously short attention spans of most Americans. Even the Japanese believed in the 1940’s that we would quickly tire of an overseas war for no tangible gains and would eventually cut a deal with them. Their miscalculation was in assuming that most Americans did not regard Hawaii as American territory.

  12. Kim is absolutely right: “You NEVER hand over the reins of power to the socialists, just “to make a point”. Never. Never. Never.”

    A Democrat victory would be taken as proof that Republicans were too conservative, not as proof they were not conservative enough. It is a grown-up thing to realize that nobody ever gets all of what they want. And politics will never bring perfection anyway. It is often, especially for conservatives, a rear-guard action to preserve what is still worth preserving.

    I yeild to no man in my political loyalty to the Constitution; yet I would never vote a Constitutional Party ticket. Until such time as we adopt a parlimentary system, such a vote would constitute a vote for the Democrats, thus imperiling the Constitution to which I’ve given allegience.

    I spent my time in the wilderness and I never want to go back. I’ve seen the abyss, and Democrats were all standing around it with shovels, digging. I love my country too much to be a party to that again.

    Just look at the last few days events; a partisan Democrat rogue CIA coup-plotter is fired for endangering Americans lives, freedom and alliances. A partisan Democrat reporter receives a Pulitzer for the same. Diane Feinstein gives a speech to Hu, telling him, in her best April Glaspie, that it’s okay to invade Taiwan if they act up. And she’s supposedly one of the sane Democrats. No.

    Let me go further; if John McCain ends up being the nominee, I will send him money, put his bumper sticker on my car and support him. That’s right.

    For better or worse, we’ve got two teams. It’s a grown-up thing, but a man has to choose. I’ve chosen. I’m a Republican.

  13. Get Over It? How can I “get over” an event that I’m still in the middle of?

    9/11 was not an isolated event, it was one of an ongoing series of blows that began (for me) in 1968 when a Palestinian assasinated the U.S. Attorney General. 9/11 was not the catalyst of a Bush war, the muslim war has been in progress for decades. We’ve only just begun to fight back.

    Hell no, I’m not over it. The muslim monsters are not over it. Real Americans are not over it. The moonbats that want to be over it should be reminded (yet again) – approximately three THOUSAND Americans got over it that very day. Those 3K people aren’t worrying about this war one or the other. I cant help but wonder if on that day, how many of those 3K people became aware that a real war was in progress, and how many of those realized how little would be done to address the evil that had put them in their deadly situation? Those desperate souls that lept from the towers and fell for what must have been an eternity; did they realize that so many of their fellow Americans would poo-poo their deaths as unworthy of avengment, or worse, even remembrance?

    Spit in my face. Call my Mama bad names. Make fun of my bald spot. Shave my nuts with a weed-eater. But dont you dare suggest I get over it, and dont you dare believe I’ll ever vote for another democrat kisser of islamic butt.

  14. I agree with Kim. He’s better armed, but that makes no difference. I would agree with him anyway. 😉

  15. Y’know, my late uncle referred to the former governor of Arkansas as Slick Willie some 25 years ago.. how I wish we knew then what we know now (or at least had paid attention to what we knew then)…
    I am still seething over 9/11, especially after seeing the trial documents for Moussaoui’s. VERY graphic and disturbing pictures; made me run and post a furious, tearful entry on my own lil’ nothin’ blog about how in the bleeding hell Susan “Saranwrap” and her bestest buddy Charlie Sheen could bleat about a conspiracy.
    I also remember the ululating of the Pali’s as they watched and celebrated on TV, which makes the election of Hamas all the more amusing as we watch their state collapse upon itself. Neener. I’d love to track down the hijab-wearing fat chick whose picture was pasted all over the media (web and otherwise)at the time and ask her who’s ululating now..
    I will have to get back to you on who I will vote for; there are way too many RINO’s out there shilling for ’08. Trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will. However, I WILL NOT vote Democrat. After seeing what they have done to this country in the past 30-40 years, I just can’t.

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