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Lies, and the lying liars who so grudgingly correct them

Looks like the AP just had itself another Rather moment:

Clarification: Katrina-Video story


WASHINGTON (AP) _ In a March 1 story, The Associated Press reported that federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees in New Orleans, citing confidential video footage of an Aug. 28 briefing among U.S. officials.

The Army Corps of Engineers considers a breach a hole developing in a levee rather than an overrun (and so does the fucking dictionary — ed). The story should have made clear that Bush was warned about floodwaters overrunning the levees (which, of course, there’s not one damned thing Bush or any other President could have imaginably done anything about anyway, short of surrounding NOLA with a twenty-foot high and four-foot thick seawall, which I suppose the Bush-hatred-deranged would probably consider perfectly reasonable — ed), rather than the levees breaking.

The day before the storm hit, Bush was told there were grave concerns that the levees could be overrun. It wasn’t until the next morning, as the storm was hitting, that Michael Brown, then head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Bush had inquired about reports of breaches. Bush did not participate in that briefing.

In other words, we lied, we knew we were lying, and we waited as long as we possibly could to correct our lie so as to ensure we did as much PR damage as possible to a President we despise. This is what is known in MSM quarters as “reporting the news.” Or, put a kinder, gentler way:

So on a Friday night, the AP finally decides to issue this half-hearted retraction — after its clients have run what turned out to be an entirely false story for most of the week. The AP has, over time, drifted from its initial mission to report news and instead has embraced partisan cheapshotting. Any editor who actually reviewed the video or read the transcripts would have immediately realized that no one talked about levee breaches at all. This vaunted system of editors and fact-checking at Exempt Media outlets failed yet again, and yet again the hack job that emerged was intended to damage George Bush.

This pattern looks all too familiar.

Indeed it does: it looks perfectly typical of what passes for “journalism” these days, as practiced by the dishonest propagandizing hacks of the Loathsome-Left Media. On the Katrina story at least, they’ve done such a fine job of establishing abject falsehood as received wisdom in the minds of that gullible fraction of the public that still believes a word they say — a fraction that, thankfully, is getting smaller every day — that there’s scarcely any point in even attempting to discuss it anymore with those Loons who still believe in the Old-Media Easter Bunny.


21 thoughts on “Lies, and the lying liars who so grudgingly correct them

  1. Before Katrina Struck, Michael Brown Warned Bush ‘The Levees Could Actually Breach’

    On September 1, two days after the storm hit, President Bush said “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” Last night on CNN, former FEMA Director Michael Brown said he personally warned President Bush the levees could breach before the storm hit:

    MESERVE: In the transcripts of the 29th briefing, you talk about conversations you had that morning with the president. This is the day of landfall…How did the president know to ask about breaches of the levees? Did he have reports in hand at that time already that that had happened in New Orleans?

    BROWN: There’s no question in my mind he probably had those reports, because we were feeding in the Homeland Security Operations Center, into the White House sit room, all of the information that we were getting. So he had to have had that information. Plus, I think the president knew from our earlier conversations that that was one of my concerns, that the levees could actually breach.

  2. Even more reasons you cant trust these lying media reptiles they should face fines for printing and broadcasting fruadulent news

  3. Gee, do you think maybe Bush should have at least asked the question about even the potential of the levees being breached (or, y’know, any question whatsoever), instead of sitting there like a slackjawed idiot, breezily assuring everyone that we were “fully prepared” when he should’ve known that we were anything but?

  4. And then Bush should’ve done what, according to your masterful 20-20 hindsight — have his evil winged monkey legions fly down from DC, dive under the raging waters, and stand in front of the levee holding hands to keep it from breaking?

    A larger point: are you guys really sure you want to advocate for the position that the federal gummint is supposed to protect us all from….everything, up to and including one of the most powerful hurricanes in American history? Even when it’s been shown over and over again that both local and state authorities not only failed to follow their own stated procedures, but actually refused to? And that the federal response, as well as being well within its own clearly-stated 72-hour response time, was the only one in the end that actually did any good for anybody?

    But go right ahead, guys; all you’re really doing is proving my point for me. You’re so deranged by Bush-hatred you can’t even see the precipice you’re creeping slowly towards the edge of, and that suits me fine.

    Dems petitioning to get on the ballot by ’12, that’s my hope. And, observing the ever-deepening madness on the Bush-hating Left, almost my expectation.

  5. But come on guys, let’s get back to the sort of serious, informed, and wise discussion we both know you really want to be having:

    Know how Bush is always smirking? Don’t you just HATE that? Why, it’s like he’s just some super-privileged rich kid who’s had everything handed to him his whole life! Doesn’t it just make your blood boil? Don’t you just hate rich people, the bastards? And he went to Yale, too — how about them apples? Doesn’t it fill you with impotent rage? He says he’s a damned Christian, too, and doesn’t even have the intelligence to seem embarrassed about it! GODDAMN HIM!! And here this blogger idiot is defending his smirking rich-kid Xtian chimp ass! EVERYBODY IN AMERICA WHO DOESN’T HATE BUSH IS AN IDIOT! YOU’RE ALL, ALL OF YOU, IDIOTS! IDIOTS!

    C’mon, fellas, let’s see that spittle fly! Froth up for us! Doesn’t it all just make you craaaazzzy?!? Give it to me, baby — hey, we’ve got another election to “steal” here!

  6. Since Mark from the Reality-Based Community can say it better than I::

    Imagine just as an exercise that we’d had an actual CEO running the country instead of an overgrown frat boy. He’s at a briefing, with Michael Brown present, at which Max Mayfield of the National Hurricane Center says that it’s likely that the levees in New Orleans will be “topped” by Katrina. Here’s a part of the dialogue that might follow:

    The President: “Topped”? What’s that?

    Mayfield: Water comes over the top of the levees.

    The President: Does that mean that the whole city floods?

    Mayfield: Not necessarily, sir. Not unless the levees are actually breached. The worst case is that the levees are so weakened by the water washing over them that they give way completely.

    The President: How likely is that?
    Mayfield: We’re not sure. Maybe the Corps of Engineers has some estimates, but we haven’t seen them.

    The President: Of course you aren’t sure. But give me a range. Is it less than 5%? Would you give me 20-to-1 against it?

    Mayfield: No, sir.

    The President: Right. Then we’d better be ready for it if it happens. (Turns to Brown.) Are we? How much of the city would be underwater if that happened? How many people would we have to evacuate? Do we have enough capacity to handle an evacuation that size? How fast can we acquire that capacity? Where do they stay while they’re waiting to be evacuated? Is there enough food and water in place? Where do we put the evacuees once we get them out? Who has the contingency plan, and who has the authority to order it into operation? How much warning would we have? What sort of monitoring is in place?

    Brown: (Mumbles incoherently as the President piles on the questions.)
    The President: Oh, for Chrissakes! You mean we’re don’t even have a plan for the worst case? You’re just sitting there and hoping it doesn’t happen? You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie! Now you’ve got six hours to get me answers to those questions, or I’m sending you back to measuring horse-cocks or whatever the hell it was you used to do. Capisce?

    At that point, of course, our hypothetical President gets and stays on top of the situation until he’s sure that there’s either a plan in place or someone in charge with the authority to improvise one. And he keeps asking people, as the storm news comes in, whether the levees are holding.

    The actual President, of course, stayed on vacation and accepted vague assurances that everything was being handled properly until he saw otherwise on television. And then he tried to alibi by saying that no one “anticipated” a levee breach. And now his spear-carriers are quibbling about the difference between Bush’s having been warned about levee- breaching during the meeting in the video or before the meeting in the video. Feh.

  7. C’mon, fellas, let’s see that spittle fly! Froth up for us! Doesn’t it all just make you craaaazzzy?!? Give it to me, baby — hey, we’ve got another election to “steal” here!

    Is this all you’ve got?

    We have a president that is obviously in over his head, in a word; incompetent. And all you can do is partisan cheerleading. When you see him screw-up call him on it. When he does the right thing, then you can cheer. Until then you are only preaching to the choir.

  8. And then Bush should’ve done what, according to your masterful 20-20 hindsight — have his evil winged monkey legions fly down from DC, dive under the raging waters, and stand in front of the levee holding hands to keep it from breaking?

    Far from it. All I would want from him, at the barest minimum, is that he put the slightest bit of intellectual effort into situations like this. At that point in time it was clear that this was going to be a huge and perhaps unprecedented natural disaster, and he doesn’t ask a single question? We’re “fully prepared”? WTF? Flying monkeys aside, had he been attuned to what was going on, he could’ve mobilized more federal resources than what was done to try to mitigate the consequences. No one expected him to stop Mother Nature from doing her thing. But he is the president, and as such he more than anyone can get things done (especially so, given the unitary executive powers his administration often claims he has).

  9. So…tell me again whose responsibility it was to give the Feds permission to step in, as mandated by law? And who failed in his/her duty (hint for the wilfully obtuse or misled — it’s “her”) to the citizens of his/her state by refusing permission to the Feds to come in until it was too late? And whose responsibility it was to make sure that Ray Nagin and his corrupt minions weren’t too busy — blaming others for their own failures mostly — to load a few thousand folks on school buses and get ’em the hell out, as required by their own (wholly ignored and therefore useless) disaster planning?

    And you think it’s a President’s — any President’s — job to somehow scale the near-insurmountable wall of personal incompetence and corruption crippling the state and municipal disaster relief “effort” in Louisiana, stand astride it like a colossus, and personally see to it that by God things get done around here?

    I mean, wouldn’t having a chief executive come to a state and throw that sort of unconstitutional weight around, usurping or just running roughshod over the power of the elected officials closest to both the disaster and the relief effort, be sort of like having a…a…a…oh, God…a Chimperor?

    And if you do think so, you have some very fundamental misperceptions about how this nation is and ought to be governed — misperceptions that I hope and pray the Democrats at least have the honesty to run on in the fall, instead of pretending that they really aren’t the big-government nanny-staters they truly are.

  10. You’re still talking, but your not listening. Until you do, you won’t convince anyone but yourself.

  11. Steyn: “Bush is apparently no longer the citizen-president of a functioning republic, but a 21st century King Canute expected to go sit by the shore and repel the waters as they attempt to make landfall.”

    More drive-by journalism by The Usual Suspects. How novel. They even got their “low-approval rating!” poll to go along with it. Of course, they had to limit Republicans to 27% of those polled to get the desired result. Funny how with only 27% we keep winning elections–and even with all the dead people, housepets and imaginary friends who vote Democrat (*Oops; I forgot Rule #1: ‘All Corruption is Republican!’).

    Nevermind how the Enviro-nuts sued to stop any levee-building.

    Nevermind how the Levee Boards looted all the money that was sent to them (*sorry; forgot Rule #1 again). Although they did build some fine bike-paths and statues.

    Nevermind how the mayor commissioned an expensive emergency plan…and then promptly stuck it alongside the cold hard cash in Rep. Wm. Jefferson’s freezer, never to be seen again (* again, Rule #1–my bad).

    Nevermind that the Governor was paralyzed and panicked, unable to accept responsibility yet unwilling to delegate authority.

    Nevermind that it was the state, not the Feds who wouldn’t let relief flow into the Superdome.

    Nevermind that Bush would have had to declare Louisiana in a state of rebellion to do what his critics now demand in hindsight–and those same critics would have called him a dictator had he followed their advice.

    Nevermind that the Feddle Gummint doesn’t act like a well-oiled machine in ANY circumstance. And under rules written largely by Democrats. The military is the most responsive federal institution we’ve go–and it’s still cumbersome. Although if your one of Jack Abramoff’s Indian casino clients who gives $5 grand to Harry Reid, you can get a letter to the Dept. of Interior written on your behalf the very next day (*Damn that Rule #1!).

    And nevermind that the same folks who told us Michael Brown was a lying incompetent weasel now say he’s a victim, a courageous whistle-blower.

    No, nevermind all that. It’s All Bush’s Fault(tm.)

    In fact, let me agree; when the President said “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”, he was quite wrong. There was one group who worried about the levees for 40 years; the locals. So what did they do? Did they organize and vote accordingly? Did they hold candlelight vigils? Did they lobby incessantly until they got funding? No; they invented the Hurricane Party.

    Somehow, George Bush is supposed to know more, care more and do more in four days than the people who have lived there all their lives did for themselves in 40 years! On what planet does that happen?

    By the way, Bush doen’t have a bigoted bone in his body. And those who claim otherwise only prove how far we’ve come; if you think Bush is a racist, it only proves you don’t even know what racism is.

    But by all means, run with it. Surely this is the key that will return Democrats to their rightful place of power. Just like The Stolen Election of 2000, Plamegate, The Downing Street Memo, the NSA leaks, blah, blahblah, blahblahblah….

  12. “…you won’t convince anyone but yourself.”
    See, that’s the beauty of it, though — judging from the results of the last several elections (the only poll that counts, as lots of folks keep saying) I’m in the majority, and don’t really have to convince anyone of anything.

    Most people already have the good plain common sense to know that it’s not Bush’s job to save them from hurricanes, and no matter how hard you try to gin up outrage over each successive Scandal of the Century of the Week, they’re satisfied that it’s not the federal government’s job to watch over their every move like the Mommy Party insists. That’s why the Mommy Party has lost the last several elections, and why it will continue to do so. Most people don’t need or want Big Nanny sheltering them.

    I think it’s interesting how Democrats have managed to buffalo congressional Repubs into listening to them at all. The Dems continue to bluster as if they’re the majority party, and the Repubs seem content to govern as if they agreed. But as the MSM stranglehold on information continues to loosen and people educate themselves as to what Democrats really stand for — appeasement, one-world-ism, enlarging the welfare state, radical environmentalism, more government control of everydamnedthing– pressure will be applied, and that’ll change.

    As a practical matter, the onus of convincing people is on you; you no longer have a majority in either House of Congress and haven’t for a long time. You’re all but out of the decision-making loop, and until you can convince more Americans to vote for your candidates, you’ll need to do all the convincing you can. So far, your side ain’t doing much of a job.

    Maybe you ought to take a look around and realize that the Old-Media monopoly you socialist types used to rely on to control the flow of information has been broken.

  13. Mike, sometimes I wonder why you bother. I mean, it’s fun and all, giving the hopeless retards of the Left a forum with which to guarantee that they will never hold the Presidency and Congress again, but doesn’t it get old trying to talk sense into them?

    That the Left is utterly lacking in personnel with the leadership capability to get a Girl Scout troop to the ballpark is no longer debateable. That the Left is completely without anyone capable of reasoning their way through a basic word problem, much less the complex issues of today is also axiomatic. That the Left has terminally confused Patriotism with Treason, well, does anyone really need to go there?

    Hang em all.

  14. Er, in a rhetorical manner, of course. Actually hanging them all might overstress certain vital parts of the infrastructure, and Lord knows we don’t want that.

  15. That the Left is completely without anyone capable of reasoning their way through a basic word problem, much less the complex issues of today is also axiomatic.

    Actually, bumbling their way through the complex issues of the day is the Republican modus operandi, in case you’ve forgotten. When your basic outlook on the world is one of black and white, good and evil, us vs them, as the conservative mindset almost always is, it doesn’t really make you adept at solving complex issues. It does make for great PR moments though.

  16. JonR, I’m a registered Independent, not a Republican, although since you’re obviously a fucktard Democrat, I can see how you would get them confused.

    Furthermore, after the last 5 years especially, but the last 100 generally, the Left doesn’t get to lecture on Fundamentalist thinking. Hell, most of you room temperature I.Q. types can’t even define it.

  17. Holy pig, Zorro did not show up! But someone
    else replaced him pretty well, I must say.

    Yes, Bush is twice at fault: first, he caused Katrina with the Zionist-powered weather control satellites (why those aren’t used to, say, flood the Iranian nuke facilties is never explained) and then he refused to order the lizards from outer space to deploy in New Orleans and reinforce the levees with their matter-shaping mental powers. Bad, bad Bush.

  18. It is my understanding from this that the critics want the president to be intellectually curious and ask questions.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say that he is curious and asks questions during the briefing. Now what? What is to be done? The general police power to protect the health, safety, welfare, and morals of the citizens of the states belongs to the states, not the Federal government. The Feds have extremely limited police powers and can’t order state officials around. (N.B. – “police power” in this instance does not mean just criminal law, but the full range of state power regarding public health and safety.)

    The most he could do was place Federal agencies on alert (done – FEMA was mobilizing before the storm to help manage recovery – the Coast Guard was on alert – a navy task force with a helicopter carrier was tracking the storm and would be on scene when it was over – Federal funds were being made available).

    Should he warn Louisiana of the danger to the levees? First, lower level people would have that contact; and second, does anyone actually think that this is the first the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans have ever heard of this? I’m fairly certain that all responsible (and all irresponsible) parties in the local and state government knew of this problem.

    The question is – what did the people who are on the ground and ultimately responsible do?
    Answer: the state and locals were hampered by poor planning, inadequate training, and general paralysis in the apparatus of state and local government in Louisiana.

    They tolerated the famous, fabulous corruption in New Orleans and Louisiana; they got the government they wanted.

    BTW, anyone who thinks the president is on vacationwhen he is on vacation doesn’t know either diddly or squat about the presidency. FDR used to go down to the Carribean in the thirties. He would take a navy cruiser. Why? That’s some protection, and it has top-notch communication and encryption equipment.

    I mean really, let’s think about this a bit, shall we?

  19. No! NOOO! No thinking about Busheses! We hates them, precious, we hates them! Thieves and liars and sneaks — we hates them forever!

  20. “No! NOOO! No thinking about Busheses! We hates them, precious, we hates them! Thieves and liars and sneaks — we hates them forever!”

    Not to mention making us confront the our inability to cope with reality…

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