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Leopards can’t change their spots — and neither can hyenas

Tom Bevan is needlessly worried:

Six months ago Democrats were so excited about the potential damage to the Bush administration caused by the investigation into the leaking of Valerie Plame’s name, they began counting down the number of days until “Fitzmas” – the day special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald publicly announced his findings. As it turned out, “Fitzmas” was a total bust. But “Portsmas” – a moniker that describes the ongoing blow up over the Dubai Ports World controversy – is turning into the sort of extended political holiday that just keeps on giving to Democrats.

These are not the only two examples of the Dems latching onto some issue hoping it will finally be the one to neuter the Repubs. There have been several others, and all of them have ended disastrously for the Dems, which translates as “well” for the rest of us. Onwards:

After five years of being beaten silly by Republicans in general and the Bush administration in particular, Democrats have finally stumbled into the position of getting to the right of Bush on the issue of national security. Last Friday Rasmussen Reports released a poll – albeit conducted at the height of the initial, emotional frenzy of the port deal – showing only 17% of respondents in favor of Dubai Ports World acquiring operational rights to six major U.S. ports. Perhaps more importantly, Democrats in Congress outpolled President Bush (43%-41%) on the question of who voters trusted more on matters of national security.

This is no small event. The Democratic Party has been chasing its tail on national security and foreign policy since early 2002, lurching from one incoherent position to another trying simultaneously to project strength to the American public and to satisfy a virulently antiwar base. Needless to say, the Democrats’ act hasn’t been very convincing – until “Portsmas” arrived, that is, courtesy of an administration once again caught politically flat-footed and tone deaf.

One lesson of the last two weeks is that political opportunism knows no ideological boundaries. In the wake of “Portsmas,” Democrats have been quick to shed any inhibitions about ethnic profiling or concerns about our role in the “international community” to pounce on the political advantages presented by the DPW deal. As a result, some on the left are now sounding and acting an awful lot like Pat Buchanan and the reactionary right.

And that’s why it’s all going to end up with the Democrats sitting in the dirt, scratching their heads and wondering “wha’ hoppen…?” The key thing to remember, now and always, is this: Democrats are weak on defense. They have been since embracing their inner America-despising defeatist in the 60’s, when they blithely decided that Vietnam should be abandoned to suffer under the inhuman brutality of communism, and that embrace has never even slightly loosened. There are precisely two (2) hawks in the whole party, and one of those makes Democrats so mad they could spit. The other is simply ignored, when he isn’t being openly mocked.

Democrats believe, thanks to the incessant blandishments of their nutjob base, that in terms of geopolitics, America is the disease and the UN is the cure. This belief, while quite popular with the snobbish leaders of the fading Euro-elite, has painted them into a corner here at home, and the only means of escape they’ve so far been able to identify is to stand screaming at the wall in front of them, loudly denying its existence even as they bump their sunken chests against it.

And there’s absolutely no reason whatever to believe that a single thing has changed. The Dems are still grasping at any straw they can, while continuing to pander to a base that has no backbone, no physical courage, no meaningful experience in dealing with the implacable enemies of freedom — in fact, no apparent ability to grasp the very concept of “implacable enemies” at all — and no philosophy except an unsavory stew of Lefty collectivism and Dem powerlust. Their quick tilt to the right is going to be temporary quite simply because it is untenable, for them or for anybody: they’re calling for a more vigorous defense of a country their lunatic base doesn’t believe to be worth defending in the first place.

And it’s certain that they don’t believe America as it currently exists to be worth defending. Their sainted Holy (Grieving!™) Mother has said so many times, and so have plenty of others. Witness their readiness to declare the Great American Experiment over with, a failure, simply because they lost a few elections. Witness their historical eagerness to render the Constitution meaningless by declaring it a “living” document, as if stark phrases such as “shall not be abridged” meant one thing back then and something else entirely today. Witness their shameful “root causes” attempt to blame 9/11 on Reagan-era foreign policy, American imperialism, oil companies, or better yet, some vast shadowy Jew conspiracy.

They might consider some nebulous, future America worth defending, but not this one. And that future America would be worth defending only if it looked a whole lot more like the staggering socialist mendacracies of Eurabia than most Americans would care to contemplate.

The Democrats’ hard-Left base won’t allow this temporary lurch towards hawkishness to stand, and will insist on yanking the Dems back to their natural position of defeatism, hopeless appeasement, and “tolerance” for our enemies. And the Dems will quite simply have nowhere else to go; this creaky old house was forty years a-building, and even were they smart enough to see the need, it won’t be knocked down overnight. Sure, they’ll crow about the results of the latest MSM poll miraculously showing that Bush’s popularity has actually dipped into negative numbers, and they’ll pop up in blog comments to thump their chests over such nonsense — anybody remember back when a Kerry victory was all but assured? Remember the “shock” of ’02, when a Congressional stalemate seemed to be all Repubs could possibly hope for?

We should indulge them, and let them have their odd moment of unaccustomed national-security glory. Let them rhapsodize over their long-awaited Iraqi “civil war,” even as it fizzles out. Let them revel in their joyously hopeful vision of an America weakened and contrite in the wake of Republican blundering and missteps. Because just like always, this, too, shall pass, and it’s really the only joy they’ve had in a good, long while.

And until they figure out that the rest of us aren’t as hostile to (and fearful of) American strength, power, and resolve as they themselves are, such transitory pleasures are the only ones they’re likely to get.


3 thoughts on “Leopards can’t change their spots — and neither can hyenas

  1. I wonder how many seats they’ll lose in the House this year? 10? 25? And the Senate? After this mid-term, I don’t think ever be able to threaten a filibuster again.

    The only thing left to ask is: How long before they have to circulate petitions to even be on ballot?

  2. *applause from the peanut gallery*

    “… stand screaming at the wall in front of them, loudly denying its existence even as they bump their sunken chests against it.”

    Another well phrased entry, Mike. Beautimously done. 🙂


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