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Holy Freakin’ %#$&!

If this is true, it spells big trouble for Howie Dean, kinda repudiates just about everything the Democrats and the angry-angry-left have staked their campaign hopes on, and probably also spells the eventual end of Bashar Assad.

It’s okay though. I have a new campaign slogan for Howie Dean to use in ’06.

Bush didn’t lie. But we haaaaaaatttttteeeee himmmmmm anyyyyyhowwwwww! Aaaaaarrrraaiiiieieegggghhhaaaaa!


13 thoughts on “Holy Freakin’ %#$&!

  1. There is only one huge stumbling block. The left will never in a million years believe it. I smell a conspiracy theory being cooked up and it stinks like hell. They wouldn’t know the truth if it flew in their house and blew their asses to pieces.

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  3. Mark, that’s why we keep using words like “if” and “when”. Unlike the so-called “reality based community”, which likes to swallow whole whatever anti-Bush nonsense gets fed them.

  4. The first part of the proposed slogan is wrong, because Bush would still be accused of lying. About something.* Really.

    The hatred part is dead on, though. It doesn’t matter what, they’d hate him. If the man committed seppuku they scream that the knife should actually have been a dull and rusty spoon, and couldn’t you please linger in unbearable agony for at least another fifteen minutes, monkey man?
    Myself, I cannot wait until the end of January, 2009, when Mr. Bush exits, stage right, and the “Everybody Hates Chimpy McHallibushitler” show goes off the air.

    Just curious to see what the left will do with their lives when the one thing that defined their pathetic existence for over eight years isn’t there anymore. Do you think they’ll set up programs to deal with the withdrawal? Find a new hate to take the place of the lost hate?** Slip into a corner of their parents’ basement and rock back and forth, keening to themselves, “Deep we dessspised him, long we did malign him, but he isss gone, he isss gone. I can’tsss live without my hate, gollum! My preciousss hate! Chimpy! Chimpy We hatesss you forever!”? Or just a little of all three with one or two lucky ones actually waking up from the fever-dream?

    Oh, yeah, the actual point of the article, the WMD. Answer: Could be. Hard to tell unless you can actually look. I don’t know anything about the flights in civilian airliners sureptitiously turned into cargo aircraft, but it would be interesting and it could be looked into. I guess. Heck, I don’t know, I’m not James Bond. Some questions, though:

    Have any Iraqi airliners been found modified in this way?
    Could Iraqi civil flights leave Iraq in the time period?
    Where did the airliners land? Was it a civil or military airport?
    Did they roll up to the terminal or did they move off where one wouldn’t expect them to go? Was there any unusual truck traffic around these airports when Iraqi flights landed? Roads being shut down at unusual times?

    Just some thoughts I had and some details that need to be learned before we can actually pass this story on to the “probability” file.

    *Some TANG, anyone?
    **Of course, they’ll always have Paris – I mean, Israel. [Sorry, wrong movie.] Well, maybe. If Iran actually does the dirty and wipes Israel out and Chimpy leaves, then there’s gonna be a whole lotta hate with nowhere to go.

  5. Oh. I almost forgot.


    This scream brough to you by the Howard Dean Foundation for Primal Rage. Support is needed for primal rage is at an all-time low, with many in your community going without this election cycle. Give generously to help keep our rage supplies full. Call 1-800-DNC-YELL to pledge your support.

    Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled ranting, back-biting, irrelevancy, inanity, and general loopiness.


  6. Anybody remember the MIG 26 found in the Iraqi desert? NO, because the Left Wing Media didn’t show it. Anyone with any sense knows they had WMDs.

  7. First the WMD went to Baghdad! Then they went to Ramadi! Then they went to Fallujah! Then they went to Damascus! YEEEEARRRRGGGGH!

  8. “And the Howard Dean Foundation for Primal Rage would like to give Bob a complentary coffee mug for his pledge. Look at the tote board folks! we’re going up, but we really need for you, our loyal viewers, to call in with those pledges.

    1-800-DNC-YELL. Our volunteers are waiting for your call.

    Let’s go to our celebrity guest, Mr. Michael Moore, director and producer of Everybody Hates Chimpy McHallibushitler. Michael, good to have you here, and do you have any words for the people at home right now?”

    “Folks, we really depend on your support, not only to keep the lights on, but to reinforce the floor with hydraulic jacks when I make an appearance. Those things aren’t cheap, you know, especially the kind that support an aircraft carrier’s keel when its in dry-dock. Speaking of war-mongering deluded ChimPresidents, we’re working on a spin-off oF our show, West Wing Tire Swing, which should be a big hit with the Berkely demographics.”

    “You don’t say?”

  9. The way the liberals hate, reminds me of an old joke. A lawyer’s axiom: When the law is on your side, argue the law. When the facts are on your side, argue the facts. When the law and the facts are on your opponents’ side, call your opponent names.

  10. Veeeeeery interesting. Now the real magic trick will be getting the better part of the MSM to even deign to acknowledge this story. I saw a couple short blurbs about it on Foxnews yesterday, but nothing since then on any channel or in any newspaper I’ve found. Fancy that.

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